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Changelog for Patch multiplayer-4f / GOG-26024 (Windows) / GOG-26026 (Mac) / GOG-26027 (Linux) (added 20 December 2018):

- After several months of testing and improving, we have released multiplayer to everyone - no need to opt in to the beta. Everything you can do in a single player sandbox game can now be done in Multiplayer. We've worked hard to reduce the bandwidth requirements and to increase the reliability - please let us know if you keep having problems!
- Worth mentioning that these game modes are not supported in multiplayer yet: Escape Mode, Warded Mode, and any prisons that require Mods.
- Thanks to everyone who supported us over the years - have a great xmas, and we will see you all in the new year!
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Changelog for The Clink Update (added 27 June 2019):

- 4 new floor tiles and 4 new wall types added
- Increased the number of foremen that can be hired for larger prisons where foremen also teach programs.
- Looking to provide existing objects in the game with their full set of rotations by creating and adding new sprites for missing orientations.
- Added “Guard Response” button that allows players to immediately send existing nearby guards to a location, instead of needing to hire additional guards to deal with incidents.
- New “Tunnel Search” button that allows the player to have guards search all toilets only, for hidden escape tunnels.
- Additional Quick Rooms added to the Quick Build menu, for quicker and easier room construction.
- Following prisoners and staff has been made easier, you can now double-click on them.

Changelog for The Clink Hotfix 1.01 (added 28 June 2019):

- Fixed an issue that resulted in a lot of crashes on startup for some people
- Fixed an issue that bloated the visual size of water boilers
It's about time we be able to just search toilets!

Jesus that took forever the old way.
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Changelog for The Clink Hotfix 1.02 (added 03 July 2019):

We put out another hotfix so your prisoners no longer are making telephone calls from containers of bleach! Also, they are sitting properly at tables!

Standalone installers updated: 03 July 2019.
HypersomniacLive: Changelog for The Clink Hotfix 1.02 (added 03 July 2019):

We put out another hotfix so your prisoners no longer are making telephone calls from containers of bleach! Also, they are sitting properly at tables!

Standalone installers updated: 03 July 2019.

I call people from containers of bleach all the time!
When you try to change the language, the game crashes. The language can be changed in the configuration file, it works with the German language, but it does not work with the Russian language. See the screenshot. The problem is reproduced on Ubuntu 18.04 and Fedora 30. Latest version Prison Architect 1.02 (30664)

It would be great if the distribution of the game was delivered with the library, These libraries are only available in ubuntu. This is a rare library, and it is not in Fedora and some other Linux distributions.
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The Slammer Update (17 September 2019

- Keyboard hot-keys added for cycling through options in in-game item menus ([Z] and [X]), and for closing menus ([C]).
- Rotations for more of the existing objects and furniture that didn't have them (Workshop Saw, Press, Roadgate, Ironing Board, Altar, Bench).
- New Moving/Relocating Objects feature. Just double-click an object, re-position, and a Worker will do the rest.
- Staff and Dog names added.
- New Bureaucracy researched option. When starting a new game, you can begin with everything researched.
- Additional x10 game speed button.
- Filters and sort-by options added to the Objects menu.
- Metal detector searches now search both the inmate and the box they’re carrying.
- New context-sensitive quick “Add Doors” function, to any wall. Just double-click on a solid wall.
- Prison cleanliness mutator option "Reduce Dirt Build Up".
- Security Camera artwork now indicate the direction they're pointing.
- New Walls & Doors: Yutani Wall (Sci Fi), Visitor's Door, Secure Door (with a flap to deliver food trays to prisoners inside a cell), coloured Fence Gates.
- New Floors: Mud, Grate, and Solaco (Sci Fi - goes great with the Yutani Wall).
- New Objects: Table (Small) Bench (Small), Bleachers, Bush, Trees (Snowy Conifer, Palm), Lights (Flood Light, Street Light, Wall Light), Shower Pillar, Ironing Board (Small), Office Chair, Door Mat.
- New quick menu links from the top HUD bar. Clicking on 'Danger', 'Days', 'Balance', Guards, etc. all launch various UIs.
- Deployment Overhaul: o Deployment context presentation and visuals improved. Now you can see your prison! o You can now assign Armed Guards and Dog Handlers to patrols and zones. o You can now have 2 different intersecting patrol routes. o Patrol routes and zones can now be prioritized, to ensure your most important areas are manned first."
- Clone tool region increased in size.
- Added code that will allow modders to specify menu sprites for any of their objects, enabling modders to attach any image to an object.
- The Mutators (menu) can now be accessed and adjusted mid-game. This is handy for players who wish to turn off/on Mutators in other player's prisons.
- Added Hedge rounded end pieces, and improved all hedges to look better with shadows and when doors are built on them.
- Ability to search for Objects via a specific room, in the Objects menu text box. E.g. type "Yard" to filter and show all Yard objects.
- "New!" yellow star icons now display for any newly added features.
- Prisoners & Staff can now be seen by CCTV cameras in Warden Mode.
- Logistics context presentation and visuals improved. Now you can see your prison.
- Fixed an issue where the Water Boiler was not connecting to water pipes (due it being damaged or moved).
- If you fire staff while the game is paused, only the first staff member that was clicked on will now be fired.
- Guards/Snipers in Guard Towers are now protected from the weather/rain (as if they were indoors).
- At shower time prisoners will now correctly prioritize communal shower rooms, before cuing to use another prisoner’s cell shower.
- The tooltip instruction for the Room Clearing functioning has been added to the Rooms Tooltip.
- When building Quick Rooms, Cell doors are now kept open until the room is completed, to allow workers to enter and finish the room.
- Doors are moved from the Objects menu and into the "Walls & Doors" menu.
- Fix: Moving electrical utility items will now spawn new wires.
- Fix: The correct Warden sprite shows in the staff reports screen.
- Fix: Certain advanced items are now counted in a Grant's requirements (e.g. Visitor booths instead of Tables).
- New furniture such as new chairs, short benches, short tables will fulfill room requirements.
- New Jungle plot and Snowbound plot options added, to start a new prison on.
- Snipers now carry Jail Keys, enabling them to get around the prison and into the Armory easier.
- The Bookshelf now caters to the prisoner's "Literacy" Need a bit. A green zone displays its area-of-effect.
- Guards operating certain stations will not participate (leave their station) in prison searches or Shakedowns.
- Guards will now open doors for separated dogs. If for example the dog's handler is killed.
- New Guard Pavillion towers are unlocked for players who sign up for a Paradox account.
- Added support for PDX Launcher on startup
- Added a Borderless Fullscreen Mode option, which is also changeable via the PDX Launcher.
- The Main Menu now included a page system for our dev updates. Allowing us to keep previous/older updates, and tell you all about the latest additions and improvements.
- Added a Screen Display option for players with multiple monitors, which is also hooked into the PDX Launcher.
- New screenshot mode available as a game option, in the Options Menu. Toggle On/Off by holding [H] and pressing [Enter].
- Fixed an issue where sprinklers were showing healing animation when triggered.
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The Slammer Hotfix 1.01 (18 September 2019)

- ESC & C keys will now close Graphs & Grading window
- Made graphical changes to the Guard Pavilion, so NPCs can't clip through parts of it
- Guards now look in the direction they're walking while in the Guard Pavilion
- Fixed an issue that could cause EOL Errors, when using certain mods
- Fixed a Protective Custody issue affecting the Snitch Sorter mod
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The Slammer Hotfix 1.02 (24 September 2019)

- Wall Lights and Street Lamps now auto-connect to power, like standard lights.
- New menu filters (e.g., A-Z) will now save the filter settings used, per menu.
- Need levels for Supermax prisoners will now show correctly in the Needs menu.
- Supermax prisoners will no longer steal a large number of keys.
- Snipers will no longer fire in fully automatic mode after firing warning shots in Escape Mode.
- Pavilions and Sniper towers now provide Warmth.
- Guards posted to Pavilions now go to staff room/staff canteen when on their break.
- When patrolling the Pavilions, Guard speed is now slightly faster than Patrolling Guards.
- Fixed an issue that caused guards getting stuck when unassigned from a Guard Pavilion.
- Armed Guards will no longer leave their pavillions when loading a save file.
- Pavillions are now displaying properly for both the Host and the Client in Multiplayer.
- Guards will not attempt to enter an already assigned Pavilion.
- Dead guards in a Pavilion will no longer patrol.
- Guards stationed on Pavilion can no longer be reached, damaged or killed by inmates on the ground. Additionally, if the guard goes after the attacking prisoner, they exit the Pavilion and return when the attacker is subdued
- Fixed an issue where inmates had stopped taking books from the Library, preventing them from fulfilling their Literacy need.
- Requiring unsupported libraries will no longer crash the game on Linux.
- Fixed an issue that caused parts of the player's plans to disappear when the foundations were being built.
- Windowed Borderless option is now corrected to same output as Monitor full-screen resolution.
- Fixed an issue that caused guards getting stuck when going on a break to a staff room or a staff canteen.
- Fixed an issue that caused some items to stretch when moved.
- Road Barriers can no longer be rotated vertically.
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The Slammer Hotfix 1.03 Changelog (10 October 2019)

- Fixed an issue that prevented Linux players from starting the launcher because of graphical settings.
- Installation failure messages should now provide more meaningful information than a single error code.