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The Bucket 1.01 (25 May 2020)

- Staff strikes are now playing out correctly. The prison will no longer go into permanent lockdown.
- Freefire SFX now plays correctly.
- New bed types (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed) now work in padded cells.
- Clean laundry is now brought to inmates that have a new type of Bed in their Cell (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed).
- Comfy beds are no longer behaving as low-quality beds. They are now properly tagged as high-quality beds.
- Comfy beds will now fulfill the Sleep need.
- Cooks now produce meals according to the quality setting correctly.
- Food Quantity and Variety for in-game Events are now met.
- Inmates are now fed correctly. They no longer end up without food when they arrive on time.
- Numerous UI fixes for 4k+ resolution.
- The logistic menu no longer closes when selecting a grading option.
- Janitors and Gardeners’ work can be prioritized.
- The game will no longer crash when placing a soft pillow without a bed.
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Update "The Rock" 3458 (23 June 2020)

Landscaping options
- Placing Water over land tiles
- Placing land tiles over water tiles
- Placing utilities over water
- Visual Water Blend
- Cliff Edge

Dynamic Reputations
When prisoners perform certain actions/behavior or spend time in certain areas, they will gain a rising % chance to earn or lose a Reputation trait. With the available reputations being as follows:
- Deadly
- Fearless
- Quick
- Skilled Fighter
- Stoical
- Strong
- Tough
- Volatile
- Expert Fighter
- Extremely Deadly
- Extremely Quick
- Extremely Strong
- Extremely Tough
- Extremely Volatile
- Legendary
- Escape Artist
- Workaholic
- Addiction

Bugfixes and Improvements
- Fixed an issue that caused Snipers to go to occupied Guard towers.
- Fixed an issue that caused Cooks to operate CCTV Monitors, Phone Taps and Door Controls.
- Fixed an issue that could prevent teachers from arriving at the prison.
- Setting custom security sectors will no longer block some programs.
- Fixed an issue that prevented the use of “Free Fire” in Unlocked or Staff Only security sectors.
- The Appeal Tooltip for Death Row has been improved.
- Fixed a visual issue with new wall types in Utility view.
- New walls are no longer transparent for Gunfire/Taser line of sight.
- Fixed an issue with inmates stuttering their way to the Yard.
- The “Force Riot” function is now working properly.
- Custom security sectors do not block Escape Mode cell assignments anymore.
- Fixed an issue that prevented armed guards from shooting on GABOS.
- Fixed an issue that prevented external staff from walking through Visitor Doors.
- Fixed some crashing issues.
- Implemented some quality of life improvements for clients in a multiplayer game.

Known Issues
- The Warden can go beyond the map boundaries in Warden mode.
- Dismissing the helicopters of the new Air Emergency Services can lead to some visual and gameplay
- issues.
- The unit will remain on the map (Air Paramedics).
- When dismissing the Air Firefighter unit, a fire truck will drive past the map (potentially on water).
- MAC: Setting build priority does not work as indicated to the player (Alt+Click).
- Air Paramedics can't leave the map after dismissing their helicopter on Island Plot map.


New Delivery and Transport systems
- Docks: use 4 new boat vehicles to replace the standard road services.
- Civilian Ferry, Inmate Ferry and Supply Boat.
- Helipads: use 3 new helicopters to replace the standard road services.
- Supply Helicopter and Prisoner Intake Helicopter.
- Contraband is available for prisoners at both Docks & Helipads.

New Helicopter Emergency Services
- Air Fire Fighters: the Air Firefighter Helicopter transports a squad of firefighters and is able to fight fires itself from the sky, Firefighters connect their hoses to the Helipad they land at instead of the road-based hydrants.
- Elite Ops: the Elite Ops Helicopter transports a squad of the new “Elite Ops” units. They are a level higher than the usual Riot Guards. The helicopter is able to deploy these units wherever the player chooses.
- Air Paramedics: the Air Paramedics Helicopter transports a squad of paramedics.

New Logistics options
- Deliveries: manage the linking of Helipads, Docks, or the road to their designated locations (Delivery, Garbage, Export, Storage, or Reception rooms).
- Transport: Allows users to toggle the specific services available to Docks, Helipads, or the Road (Deliveries, Intake, Civilians, and Exports), each service is then split further to allow users to toggle either the entire services or parts of it.
- Deliveries - Building Materials, Food, Mail, and Workshop Materials.
- Intake - Minimum Security, Medium Security, Maximum Security, SuperMax, Death Row, and the Criminally Insane.
- Civilians - Visitors, and Teachers.
- Exports - Garbage, and Exports (logs and workshop items)

New “Crate Scanner” Machine & Monitor
- The crate scanner allows for crates to be scanned (for contraband) before being brought within the prison’s walls.
- A monitor must be placed and manned by a guard for the scanner to operate.
- The monitor must be wired to the scanner in the same way as CCTV monitors.
- Multiple scanners can be wired to the same monitor object.

New Checkpoint Object
- This object works similarly to the metal detector object, prisoners will move through the checkpoint and be searched by guards.
- This object will also be manned by guards. Otherwise, prisoners will ignore it.
- This object can be used to enforce inmate searches at certain key points within the prison.

2 new Prison Plots:
- The Island Plot: An island plot surrounded with water, with no road at all, but an auto- generated boat dock.
- The Connected Island: An island plot surrounded with water, but connected to the road still via an auto-generated bridge.

Landscaping options
- Shallow Water (Flooring item)
- Placing certain objects on water (Stepping Stones, Buoy, Fountain)

New water tiles
- Visual Water Blend
- Shallow Water
- Deep Water
- Standard Water

Item Overview
- Water (Shallow)
- Dock (Wooden)
- Water
- Water (Large)

- Wind Sock
- Deck Chair
- Stepping Stones (Ice)
- Fountain
- Helipad
- Checkpoint
- Scanner Machine
- Scanner Monitor
- Stepping Stones (Lily Pad)
- Boat Dock
- Ferry Dock
- Buoy
- Life Ring
- Light (Green)
- Light (Red)
- Metal Barrel
- Mooring Bollard
- Stepping Stones
- Stepping Stones (Pallet)
- Stone Water Spout
- Wooden Barre
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated:
- Windows & Linux: the_bucket_3197_1.01 ⇒ the_rock_3458;
- Mac: the_bucket_3121_1.0 ⇒ the_rock_3458.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Update EDIT (25 June 2020):
- Mac: the_rock_3458 ⇒ the_rock_1.01_3510;
- Windows & Linux not updated yet.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Updated EDIT (30 June 2020):

Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: the_rock_3458 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3542.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Updated EDIT (02 July 2020):
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: the_rock_1.02_3542 ⇒ the_rock_1.02_3593.
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The Rock Hotfix 3542 (29 June 2020)

- New Feature: When expanding an Island Map, new islands will be generated, rather than empty sea.
- The game will leave an empty area for existing shipping lanes.
- All the Island Bound assets are now showing in the Cheat/Debug mode.
- Solved pathfinding issues caused by Security Checkpoints.
- Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when deploying a modded room.
- The game will no longer crash if you intake a corrupted Name In the Game Prisoner.
- Tyre Apparatus can now be rotated properly.
- Air Paramedics will now be able to leave the map if their Helicopter is dismissed.
- Criminally Insane prisoners will now properly attack trees when they acquire a weapon if they really have strong feelings against that tree.
- Fixed several localization issues for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.
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The_rock_1.02_3593 Patch (July 2, 2020)

- NEW FEATURE - When expanding a Island map, a pop-up will give the choice to have only water or generated Islands.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Staff will again respond to player directions now.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Forestry Prisoner Labour assignments not being saved.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Players can assign a cell to a prisoner again by selecting the prisoner and right-clicking on an empty cell.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Spiritual guidance and Parole programs not occurring after the first day of implementation.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Eating animations are working again.
- FIXED [COMMUNITY REPORTED] - Health Bureaucracy text mentions guards instead of Doctors.
- FIXED - Janitors use ironing boards from a distance.
- IMPROVED - Chef now cooks more meals in the kitchen. (We are still investigating the supply issue).
- FIXED - Firefighter’s truck rides on the water after dismissing a helicopter on Island Plot map.
- FIXED - Capacitor and Power Switch stop conducting electricity after changing their rotation without moving them.
- FIXED - Missing french loc strings.
- FIXED - Warden can go beyond the map in Warden mode.
- FIXED [PSYCH WARD] - Sedation sometimes doesn't work.
- IMPROVED - Generated islands when expanding the map look more natural and varied. We will improve this even further in the coming week.
- IMPROVED - Laundry and janitor cleaning jobs have been changed to make them more effective.

We are also investigating the following issues as a priority for next week’s update

- NEW FEATURE [IN PROGRESS] - Island ‘Quick Builds’ to stamp down various island shapes in open water.
- NEW FEATURE [IN PROGRESS] - “Island generator”, similar to a building construction that will generate an island where you want it to.
- IMPROVEMENT - Some jobs are being reworked to improve their efficiency and general stability of the game.
- PERFORMANCE - A round of optimisation and performance testing.
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Update The Rock 1.3 (14 July 2020)

Hello Wardens,

We just published a new update for the PC, Mac, and Linux version of Prison Architect containing more fixes to issues and bugs you reported, overall improvements based on both players’ and internal feedback… and some cool new features for Island Bound!

First of all, we are happy to announce that the new Island Generation tool is now available! This tool will allow you to draw a box on open water, and it will randomly generate a new Island in the selected area.

We’ve also spent some time implementing several community suggestions to other core areas of the Prison Architect game experience.

We hope you enjoy the new features and fixes to Island Bound and other legacy issues, and we’ll continue as always to monitor your feedback and suggestions.

The Prison Architect Team

- NEW FEATURE - Island Generator: Players can use this tool to create a random island in the selected area.
- You can find this new tool in the “Landscape & Islands” menu.
- NEW FEATURE - Expanded Map start option: On new games, you can choose to start with an already expanded map, with all the adjacent land or sea purchased.
- Added newer, improved versions of the Premade The Rock and Alcatraz Island maps.

Implemented suggestions from the Prison Architect Community:
- Elite Ops Team is not included in Danger Level factors.
- Guard dogs are invisible whilst in kennels.
- During lockdowns, doors cannot be opened manually.
- Each checkpoint search counts as an unnecessary search, which can increase a prison temperature.
- Checkpoints can now be placed outdoors as well.
- Criminally Insane inmates will no longer arrive in your prison while Intake is set to closed.
- Improved efficiency of deliveries for the Forestry
- The player prisoner in Escape Mode can now board ferries with a new contextual right-click action that appears when standing near or on the ferry boat.
- Implemented quality of life changes to services and deliveries connections
- The Food supply system and food delivery have been improved.

Implemented fixes to issues reported by the Prison Architect Community:
- Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented Laundries from working correctly.
- Checkpoints will no longer cause issues with prisoner pathing.
- Fixed an issue where Fill to Capacity Intake was closed despite players having spare cells.
- Enclosed Yards will no longer cause warnings about the need to be enclosed.
- The game will no longer pause while building foundations on Mac.
- Snipers will now be correctly assigned when moving Guard Towers.
- Guard deployments to Pavilions are now saved.
- Players will be now able to complete the Canteen sprinkler task in the Palermo Chapter of the Campaign.
- Purchasing additional land no longer causes a performance drop.
- Solved an issue that caused prisoner corpses to accumulate in one corner of the map after an Intake round.
- The Fast Delivery Mutator is now working properly.
- Food is now delivered to prisoners in Solitary or Lockdown.
- Fixed an issue that caused the game to display pathing fail notifications during big constructions.
- Implemented a change to visitation booths to address the reports of prisoners and visitors swapping.
- If you are experiencing this bug, you can remove and replace the booths in your prison - this will fix the issue.

Other Improvements:
- Implemented improvements to the overall intake system and events, and a couple of fixes to related issues.
- Generated Islands look more varied and interesting on Island Bound.
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (17 July 2020): the_rock_1.02_3593 ⇒ the_rock_3711.
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Update The Rock 1.04 (July 20, 2020) [=the_rock_3748]

Hello, Wardens!

We just deployed a new update addressing several reports we saw reported from players and modders.

Thank you for all your feedback. We are grateful for our extremely passionate community!
The Prison Architect Team

- Reduced the Prisoners’ clothing and Hygiene needs.
- Fixed an issue that caused supply items to come by batches of one.
- Planned Objects and Flooring now work outside of Planned Foundation.
- Cloning a room will no longer double object cost.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Prison Story “Gabos” to start with missing prisoners.
- Solved a Mod functionality positioning issue.
- Fixed an issue that caused occasional crashes when loading a modded save file.
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: the_rock_3711 ⇒ the_rock_3748.
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Update The Rock 1.05: [=the_rock_3904]

Hello wardens,

We have just deployed a new patch addressing some of the issues that were reported by the community.

Thank you for all your feedback. We are grateful for our extremely passionate community!

The Prison Architect Team

● Added a tooltip to explain why some construction work is blocked.
● The Island Generator will no longer charge the player when only water is generated.
● We have improved janitors and the cleaning systems.
● We have improved the laundry system.
● Fixed an issue were the prisoner swapped places with a visitor when using the visitor booths.
● Fixed an issue with laundry machine not working correctly when dirty clothes are added.
● Fixed an issue where punching bag could cause the game to crash.
● Fixed the clipping issues in Escape mode.
● Fixed various issues causing the game to crash.

Known Issues:
● [Escape Mode] Players getting stuck in a corner of the map when starting a new game on a map that does not meet the minimum requirements (one empty cell + canteen).
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Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (27 August 2020): the_rock_3748 ⇒ the_rock_3904.