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Martan: Can you help me out. I have a problem with ultrawide working correctly. In-game seems fine, but all the menus screens (inventory, map, etc.) also main menu is displayed only in what looks like 640x480 small screen :/

I followed the mods tutorial from original website. Guess I'll try to reinstall it once more if there isn't an exact solution, thx.
Hi there. My game is setup at 1920x1080, and everything is fine.

Make sure you download and install in order the different patch.

First install the widescreen mode, after that install Ghostdog UI. I personnaly set font at 40%.

Follow the guide at P1, you should be fine.

There is a guide here also
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Thx for reply. I'll try to reinstall it completely but currently I'm busy playing the new successor :)
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Martan: Thx for reply. I'll try to reinstall it completely but currently I'm busy playing the new successor :)
Did not try it yet, but I'm happy because I'm pretty sure my laptop can play it (Nvidia 750m), I'll probably wait for a sale, and start Planescape Torment 1st.....
So I was really struggling but finally I managed to get it working without any issues.

I'm on Windows 10 x64 and main issue was flickering when moving to edges of map.

1) Installed GOG version through Galaxy client
2) Run setup-ddrawfix.exe to remove forcing of ddraw rendering
3) Complete the whole MODs setup process (Widescreen, UI, fix, tweak, ub)
4) Added modified ddraw.dll from here (this helps also with not streching videos, keeping aspect ratio)
5) Removed intro videos following [url=]this[/url]
6) Compatibility on Torment.exe: Disable display scaling on high DPI settings
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After mod installation game was working, but loading save made game crush (new game save created after installation of widescreen) so i needed to use "verify/repair" so saves can work

Reinstalling UI mod made again loading saves crushing game.

So i play with "verify/repair" after installing mods.

Dont know if mods are applied because dont have comparison, but UI seems fine, dialogs aren't very small so at least some of the mods changes remained
Here's how to set the game up properly for a current OS (eg, Win10x64, etc.)
Hi, if I want to install the spanish translation fro PS:T, how do I install all the mods?
I mean, should I install the translation the last?
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