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Is there anywhere else to get the Bigg's Widescreen mod I've tried the site listed but they seem to have moved hosts which is making their DLs unavailable. Been a while and still can't dl the mod. Gotten the rest thankfully, just not the wide screen mod
"Seems like they're changing some things on their site, that's why the link redirects you to their forum main page.
Apparently this is the new download page:"

a guy helped me find it, that's the new download page where you'll find Bigg's Widescreen mod.

also there's this:
I'm a bit confused. During the installation of widescreen it asks if I want it to support multiple resolutions, to which I said yes but then I don't see any option to change the res in-game and going through the comments here, I gather I need to uninstall and reinstall the mod to choose a different one.

Should I ignore the multiple res support question?

I already installed Ghostdog's mod. Do I need to reinstall that too?
I re-installed the new version (with french and widescreen) and didn't install the mods yet . Do I have to do so ? (Win 7).
parabox: Can we get an updated version for GOG's Linux release?
Although I'm replying to a reply that's now a year old...

C'mon. Someone throw me a bone, here.

I think the way most are approaching it is simply to stick with the base Windows version (since the Linux package is dependent on Wine anyways, I believe) and then modding it from there.

I really wish there was an EE version of PS:T, though. This is the IE game that has grabbed me the most- I just couldn't jive with the BG series or IWD in terms of the storyline. Yes, there's gemRB- and the Gibberlings want playtesters- but getting gemRB to work is just too much of a headache for me.

I do wonder, especially since Pillars of Eternity has been out for a while now... but I don't think my system can handle it.