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Changelog for Patch Beta 7 (added 06 June 2018):

- significantly improved guest performance
- significantly improved performance when running game at x2/x3 speed
- significantly improved park loading times
- increased overall guest count (some parks might see less guests; depends on what the park contains)
- added Gyro Drop Tower
- added Calm ride music track
- added sound effects for recently added props and rides
- added scenario goal requiring a certain amount of coasters with a certain rating
- changed coasters to attract significantly more guests to the park than other types of rides
- changed how park rating is calculated
- adjusted money balance to account for higher guest numbers (might need further tweaks)
- improved guest flow to attractions
- improved some more building pieces to be recolorable (walls, pillars)
- improved performance when zooming in/out of crowded areas of the park
- fixed guests being able to see bad decoration below paths
- fixed raised paths not blocking rain on paths below
- fixed some pavillions not blocking rain
- fixed guests sometimes exiting boats immediately instead of riding them
- fixed not being able to build some track pieces after curved slope-to-flat transitions
- fixed exit gates not waiting for all guests to leave the ride
- fixed a case where trains could get stuck when leaving the station and cause lag
- fixed a case where the finance overview could get stuck
- fixed an error when using object pipette on modded objects
- fixed path supports not appearing until game is unpaused
- fixed red build preview when dragging fences even though fence can be built
- fixed duplicate resolution entries in graphics settings
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Changelog for Patch Beta 7a (added 14 June 2018):

- added highlighting trash as source of bad scenery ratings in scenery rating visualization view
- added clicking on a thought marker opens the info window of the person belonging to this thought
- improved behaviour when placing a queue tile next to a ride entrance that is already connected to a path that isn’t a queue
- should fix some severe performance issues on macOS
- fixed prices in deco UI not updating when scaling deco objects using hotkeys
- fixed ride light color button being shown even if ride has no custom light colors
- fixed a case where people would sometimes not know how to get somewhere even though there’s a path
- fixed a problem with color palettes where colors would be invisible
- fixed rare case where staff couldn’t leave staff room
- fixed weirdness with wooden supports when placing rotated blueprints
- fixed edge scrolling being active while game isn’t focused
- fixed weather not getting saved/loaded properly
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Changelog for Patch Beta 8 (added 04 July 2018):

- added Hyper Coaster
- added Plane Carousel
- added some new fences
- added deco score graph to market research
- added deco score scenario goal
- added inner glass roof corners
- added new sound effects
- added lowest transparency setting when hiding objects hides them completely
- changed research so you can research calm rides/thrill rides etc. instead of flat rides/coasters
- improved queue building to not remove path attachments when dragging in parallel to paths
- improved wooden supports
- improved decision making for when to enable underground view when placing ride blueprints
- made it easier to see which parts of an object are below/above ground when building
- some UI improvements
- lots of small game balance improvements, most notably:
- improved popularity of calm rides
- increased overall guest count again
- changed guest spawn speed
- changed advertisement effectiveness
- reduced park advertisement cost
- increased toilet capacity
- guests get annoyed by trash less quickly
- slightly reduced vandalism
- adjusted research times
- slightly increased guest money
- adjusted how long guests stay at the park
- guests leave earlier if they run out of money
- adjusted flat ride intensity ratings
- increased tracked ride maintenance costs
- fixed guests not using newly bought umbrellas
- fixed parts of concrete walls not being recolorable
- fixed camera not following guests when they are on rides
- fixed a case where Twister wouldn't stop when it should
- fixed guests disappearing when deleting benches/rides
- fixed path builder switching into underground mode on sloped terrain
- fixed remove button in path builder sometimes not working as intended
- fixed a case where guests could immediately leave the park instead of staying for a while
- fixed a case where trash could get stuck on trash bins and never disappear
- fixed research unlock rewards for completing scenario goals sometimes not getting awarded
- fixed goal rewards being awarded a second time after completing all goals
- fixed an error when subscribing to mods
- fixed objects built below wooden supports being hard to click
- fixed a case where scenario editor UI would stop working
- fixed a case where guests could not despawn
- fixed guests naming the wrong intensity when complaining about no rides of a certain intensity being around
- (hopefully) fixed not being able to build track segments sometimes due to location being occupied
high rated
Changelog for Patch Beta 9 (added 30 July 2018):

- added Top Scan
- added some more default sandbox scenario terrains
- added guests can puke into trash bins
- added guests are annoyed by employees resting on benches
- added tunnel frames for shops and ride entrances built into vertical terrain
- reduced game load time when having many blueprints installed by ~10-60 seconds
- reduced how much park entrance fee guests are willing to pay if rides have high entrance fees as well
- reduced congestion near the station ends of boat rides
- improved loan balance
- fixed objects having wrong prices when placed on half-unit high terrain
- fixed being able to build path attachments without having enough money
- fixed being able to remove trees that have been marked as indestructible in the scenario editor by building paths through them
- fixed cases where shops would not receive shopkeepers
- fixed being able to build underwater friction wheels on splashdown sections
- fixed terraformer going crazy when used from a top-down view
- fixed tower rides using wrong light colors
- fixed Janitors cleaning paths despite being too tired to work
- fixed guests could get stuck when trying to sit on a removed bench
- fixed guests complaining about long ride times of boat rides
- fixed guests playing walking animation while riding elevator
- fixed shopkeepers spawning in wrong locations when closing and reopening shops
high rated
Changelog for Patch Beta 10 (added 04 September 2018):

- added bankruptcy
- added smoke, fog and spark effects
- added Metal support for Mac (improved visual quality and performance)
- added option for hiring a second research team
- added option for running at 30 FPS (useful for increasing battery life on laptops)
- improved calculation of deco scores in enclosed spaces
- updated LSM/hyraulic launch speeds to be more in line with real coasters
- updated German translation
- fixed puke appearing black during night/rain
- fixed a case where Gyro Drop Tower could get stuck
high rated
Changelog for Patch Beta 11 (added 02 October 2018):

- added Stand-up Coaster
- added Trash Chute utility building
- added more animal statues
- added operating profit scenario goal
- added fences around purchasable land
- added guests can take photos
- added utility building door animations
- changed how loans work
- improved build previews
- improved all build windows to minimize while building
- improved grid snapping to snap to grid center + corners at once
- fixed a case where deco objects could remain stuck to the mouse after building
- fixed a case where ghost train would be missing when editing a tracked ride
- fixed a case where wrong stats would be reported while editing a tracked ride
- fixed a case where guests could buy something from a closed shop
- fixed a case where guests would face the wrong direction while watching a ride
- fixed not being able to change car rotation/train speed on helix pieces
- fixed not being able to select fog effect in blueprints/bulldozer tool
high rated
Changelog for Patch Beta 12 (added 30 October 2018):

- big audio overhaul added stereo sound added crowd sounds added music volume slider to ride settings fixed a bunch of audio pops and sounds not playing
- added new path styles
- added custom colors to some normal paths
- added new building pieces (spires, dormers, windows, door, clocks, stepped walls)
- added lights to Power Surge, Top Scan, Plane Carousel, Gyro Drop Tower, Star Shape
- added new ride music song (Coffee Pirates)
- added up helix to Go-Karts
- reduced RAM use
- improved performance in parks with many tracked rides
- improved TV images
- fixed guests disappearing when closing tracked ride
- fixed not being able to replace queue handrails on stairs
- fixed some path attachments missing in blueprints (only for new blueprints)
- fixed some fences not adapting to sloped paths when built from blueprints (only for new blueprints)
- fixed a case where huge parks would not receive as many guests as they should
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.0 (added 29 November 2018):

- added campaign mode! Can YOU become the ultimate Parkitect?
- added tutorial
- added French translation
- added Traditional Chinese translation
- added Russian translation
- added time challenge goals (= finish the scenario within a certain time)
- added ride profit goals
- added shop profit goals
- added a bunch of basic coaster blueprints
- added flags
- added tree type selection to terrain generator
- added helix to Inverted Coaster
- added UI audio volume setting
- improved preview trains to keep running when building coasters during thunderstorms
- improved behaviour when hovering shop/flat ride/utility building over uneven terrain
- improved performance when terraforming below wooden supports
- improved performance if there are many people on screen
- improved performance when disabling Temporal Anti-Aliasing
- changed profit display on main menu to show operating profit
- hundreds of tiny balance adjustments and fixes
- fixed trains going crazy when derailing
- fixed a case where trains could play lift sounds while not being on a lift
- fixed shop prices not being properly synchronized if shop is built from a blueprint
- fixed brush tool not working on smoke/fog effects
- fixed holding brakes counting towards air time
- fixed a problem where hitting keyboard keys could trigger unintended actions
- fixed a case where too many shopkeepers were hired
- fixed a case where queue entrance signs would show the wrong text
- fixed a case where the deco window could become unresponsive
- fixed camera moving when holding left alt
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.1 (added 04 December 2018):

- added a proper time countdown display for scenarios that require holding the goals at 100% completion for a while
- added number showing the current progress to goals list
- added hovering on the date display on the main menu shows the remaining time until the end of the month
- added land cost per tile display to land purchase tab
- added confirmation dialog for hiring second research team
- added more generic deco shapes
- added tooltips to finance sheet lines
- updated Chanute Airfield to make deliveries building more noticeable; made it more clear that the runway is just a ground texture, not a path; reduced terrain cost
- updated Coral Caldera to start with prebuilt transport system tubes into the main build area
- made area highlights in tutorial more noticeable
- reduced research durations by 10%
- reduced guests preferred ride intensities in Maple Meadows and Chanute Airfield slightly
- fixed some cases where the campaign map unlock animation would not run properly
- fixed a case where the token for completing the optional goals would not unlock
- fixed a case where the token unlock animation for optional goals would play when it had already been played before
- fixed black screen when running the game on some Macs
- fixed performance issues on iMac/retina resolution Macs
- fixed missing sound effects when building coaster segments
- fixed tutorial getting softlocked when not building the Carousel flat on the ground
- fixed tutorial getting softlocked when destroying the Carousel
- fixed music not playing at intended volume after restarting game
- fixed Steel Coaster default blueprints not displaying prices and showing outdated stats
- fixed a case where the lines in the finance spreadsheet were misaligned
- fixed Build Challenge map missing some decorations
- fixed a case where the mouse could stop working after hitting the Escape key
- fixed flickering black lines on the terrain in certain camera positions/when playing at high resolutions
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.2 (added 17 December 2018):

- added automatically snapping track ends to each other if they are close enough
- added three new ride music options: Street Organ, Winter Funderland, Barollerquoster
- added research and goals to the default sandbox parks (you can still disable them if you want)
- added research menu button reflects the current research progress
- added hats for the winter season
- added park rating tab to Park Info window
- added attractions visited + products bought stats to guest info windows
- added tooltips explaining guest stats/park ratings a bit
- added option for bigger UI scale
- added support for GOG Galaxy Achievements
- opening a guest/ride/shop info window automatically closes all other unpinned guest/ride/shop info windows now
- made sure ESC key can still be used for cancelling actions, even if a different alternate key has been defined in the control settings
- improved loan payment UI to be less confusing
- improved pipette tool for picking an attraction to advertise to also work on queue paths
- updated graphics settings to offer FPS rates depending on refresh rates supported by screen
- updated French/Russian/Simplified Chinese/German translations
- fixed Trash Chute sometimes not connecting to paths
- fixed a case where queue sign could appear in an odd orientation
- fixed a case where scenario descriptions on campaign map could be cut off
- fixed a case where guests could float through the air when using an Elevator
- fixed a case where guest thoughts would not show up in ride/shop/park thought overview lists
- fixed Spiral Slide not working anymore when picking up a sliding guest
- fixed Fruit Juice being less popular than intended
Korean + Dutch, Soundtrack Download
25. Dezember 2018 - Sebioff

Changelog (Version 1.2a)

- added Korean translation
- updated Dutch translation
- added stripe pattern to sources of bad decoration rating to make them easier to distinguish from undecorated areas
- small campaign adjustments
- made info pips (no resources, no path connection etc) click-through while building something
- improved ghost train visibility when a visualization view is enabled
- fixed a case where water could disappear in unexpected places when terraforming
- fixed very short rides being more exciting than they should be and 1-2 other small exploits
- fixed a memory leak
high rated
Changelog for Patch 1.3 (added 04 February 2019):

- added new Build Challenge voting system
- added a highlight to the transport system connectors of the Deliveries Building/Depot/Trash Chute when in transport system build mode
- added lower camera sensitivity options
- some campaign balance adjustments
- updated Korean translation
- improved which shop gets researched if scenario starts without a food/drink shop
- improved default window spawn locations to obstruct the view less (for newly installed game)
- improved Korean font support
- fixed guests sometimes ignoring certain food/drink shops when hungry/thirsty
- fixed being able to delete things in the tutorial when you're not supposed to
- fixed clicking notification for drowned guests moving the camera way off-screen
- fixed rides that were pretty much fully covered still stopping during thunderstorms
- fixed some sounds not playing while game is paused
- fixed a case where background music could play twice
- fixed being able to delete prebuilt scenery on land with support rights (e.g. road in Highway Hijinks scenario)
- fixed market research ride intensity preferences graph being quite inaccurate
- fixed being unable to delete/select particle effects after reloading a park
- fixed rides with a queue length of 1 tile being unpopular
- fixed "hold to win" countdown resetting when reloading savegame
- fixed mods not being loaded when creating a new scenario
- fixed bad starting loans in default sandbox scenarios
high rated
Changelog for Update 1.3a (added 02 April 2019):

- added basic ride stats to build challenge voting UI
- fixed boats could get stuck forever when building multiple boat rides on the same body of water
- fixed boats sometimes returning to station much later than they should
- fixed visualization view legend blocking clicks
- fixed collision issue with steel support tower deco
- fixed a case where some parks could take much longer to load than they are supposed to, in extreme cases up to ~10 times as long
- fixed a case where transport rides could have wrong stats before completing a full test run
- fixed a case where setting a large amount of money in the scenario editor wouldn't get saved properly
- fixed a case where Monorail could be operated with only one car per train
- fixed a case where G-force calculation could be wrong
high rated
Update 1.4 (29 May 2019)

- Knight costume for Entertainer: A fitting costume for the medieval deco theme
- Photo Spots: Encourage your guests with these new path objects to marvel at your scenery and take a photo of especially beautiful places
- Boat Dark Ride: A pretty high-capacity gentle water ride where guests ride in boats through nicely themed scenery. The boats have no restraints so this ride is only capable of very small drops.
- Flat ride modding support: Thanks to contributions by Michael P the Parkitect Asset Editor allows modders to create completely custom flat rides now, such as this Barrel Dance ride by p.marcell
high rated
Update 1.4b (31 July 2019)

- added guests can be unhappy or demand park entrance fee back if they didn't have a lot of time to spend due to park closing
- improved performance in parks with many balloon shops
- improved performance when placing huge blueprints
- improved walls so they can be built on the park border in either rotation
- improved look of crowds slightly if many people are heading into the same direction
- uncursed the sadness factory (updated ferris wheel loading procedure for shorter cycle duration)
- changed experiences and price satisfaction ratings to update a bit more frequently
- changed it so that there is always a research team hired by default when starting a new park
- changed Janitors to only walk into queues if they have the task to clean paths
- fixed path tunnels not getting completely removed when removing water above an underwater path
- fixed an error that could occur when multiple guests where buying a product from a shop that was running out of resources at the exact same time
- fixed guests could leave and re-enter the park when heading somewhere under very specific circumstances
- fixed changing colors of balloons in balloon shop affecting all balloons