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Changelog for Patch 11 / GOG-13 (Windows) / GOG-11 (:Linux and Mac) (added 07 March 2017):

- started UI overhaul (not complete yet)
- added Junior Coaster
- added Skyfall
- added terrain generator to scenario editor
- added fountains
- added modern building sets
- added wooden paths and queues
- added smaller park entrance that is easier to theme
- added shadow fadeout distance setting
- added tilt shift intensity setting
- added running costs for shops and utility buildings
- added female staff outfits
- added auto-minimizing deco builder window
- added world markers for person thoughts
- minor balance adjustments
- small performance improvements
- preventing terrain from clipping through rides/shops/utility buildings when terraforming
- tweaked shadows
- improved camera behaviour near terrain bounds
- improved text crispness
- improved sign text readability
- improved height indicator when building deco objects
- improved some windows remember some of their state when closing/reopening
- improved quality of path textures when zooming out
- removed SSAO (for now)
- fixed newly added rides being unlocked in old scenarios
- fixed guests vandalizing objects that don't belong to the park
- fixed Go Karts could get stuck
- fixed Ferris Wheel was in wrong position after loading savegame
- fixed a case where ride entrance/exit could be placed at the wrong height
- fixed color filters not being applied anymore after rain
- fixed scenario autosave files being saved to the wrong folder
- fixed a case where some tracked rides could have unrealistically high intensity/nausea ratings

All previous and current changelog can be found here.
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Changelog for Patch 12 (added 04 April 2017):

** game updated to version Alpha 12 on all operating systems **

- added Inverted Double Swing
- added Robot entertainer
- added zoom to cursor
- changed raising terrain/rides/buildings to 0.5 units from 1 (for new parks/scenarios)
- improved terrain texturing
- improved overall performance in busy parks
- improved performance when hiding scenery
- continued UI overhaul
- terrain generator improvements
- balance adjustments
- fixed performance issues when selecting large amounts of terrain
- fixed error message when switching into underground mode when it's raining while there's water on screen
- fixed staff could sometimes take a long time to return to their assigned zone
- fixed setting car rotation for Ghost Mansion Ride/Inverted Dark Ride not working
- fixed a case where trains would not have the correct colors
- fixed goals sometimes already being completed in custom scenarios
- fixed not being able to click through hidden attractions
- fixed a case where track was properly aligned but still didn't connect
- fixed hydraulic launch section sometimes stopping trains abruptly, resulting in wrong ride stats
- fixed hydraulic launch section launching train while block isn't clear
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Changelog for patch 13 / (Windows) / (Mac) / GOG-13 (Linux) (added 04 May 2017):

- added Submarines ride
- added Calm River Ride
- added random events
- added brush tool for changing existing path types
- added guests stop and watch rides
- added bamboo path objects
- added terrain textures
- added closing shops
- added hold Alt to change terrain painting mode
- added hotkey for pipette tool ("P")
- added countdown timer for fulfilling scenario goals
- added objects can be marked as indestructible in scenario editor
- improved behaviour of water when terraforming near it
- improved performance when hiding scenery some more
- improved path dragging to better work on uneven terrain
- improved behaviour when quicksaving a new park
- improved how scenario goal rewards work
- improved balance of flat ride costs and capacities
- fixed issue with Inverted Double Swing seats
- fixed a case where Transformer was in wrong animation position after loading savegame
- fixed grasses showing across tunnels through vertical terrain cliffs
- fixed vandalism visualization not being applied properly to some objects
- fixed walls sometimes getting misplaced when building next to sloped terrain
- fixed a rare case where the camera would freak out when switching into top-down view ("M")
- fixed high wage costs when starting a new scenario
- fixed an error message when adjusting UI scale
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Changelog for Patch 14 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 23 May 2017):

- added Flying Coaster
- added glass walls, cacti, stone walls, fountain jet
- added wooden supports adapt to terrain changes
- added employee list to zone info window
- added sorting employees by zone
- added shops can get dirty
- added buttons for calling mechanics/janitors for unscheduled maintenance/cleaning
- added notifications for global problems of the park (tired guests, shops out of stock etc)
- added displaying some more information about a blueprints content
- added subtle texture to most things
- added recolorable ride entrance booths
- improved camera when building tracks
- improved balance of tracked ride costs
- improved performance when moving blueprint build preview over occupied locations
- improved finance overview
- fixed Ghost Mansion Ride having wrong intensity ratings
- fixed wrong orientation of Calm River Ride boats on slopes
- fixed cases where rides derailed when building them from a blueprint
- fixed object pipette hotkey not working properly while deco window is minimized
- fixed garbage not being cleaned up after loading savegame
- fixed a very rare case where guests could randomly drown
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Changelog for patch 15 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 05 July 2017):

- added Paddleboats
- added Bumper Boats
- added Western props, brazier, fire jet, jumping fountains, umbrellas, glass roofs
- added option for building ride blueprints without scenery
- added Eastern Highlands demo park
- added option for rides to wait for "any load, but not empty"
- added ride stats when sharing blueprint to Workshop and allowed editing description
- updated Steel Coaster cars
- improved lighting slightly
- improved water
- improved performance during rain
- significantly improved performance of Deco window (and others) opening/closing/minimizing/maximizing
- fixed vandalism state being saved into blueprints
- fixed not being able to lower Inverted Dark Ride velocity below 10km/h
- fixed missing supports on Miniature Railway
- fixed ride income graphs
- fixed not being able to build inside the scenario editor if money is set to 0
- fixed research cost not matching the allocated budget
- fixed tunnel rendering issues on Mac and Linux
- fixed edge scrolling not working properly on Linux
- fixes a case where terrain would be invisible on some systems
- fixed water not looking right in blueprint renders
- fixed fountain water flickering during rain
- fixed shop entries in overview window sometimes showing wrong information when changing sort order


Changelog for patch 15a / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 05 July 2017):

- additional minor fixes for all platforms
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Changelog for Patch 16b (added 31 July 2017):

- added Splash Battle ride
- added Boat Transport ride
- added Spooky and Fantasy props, buoys
- added shuttle mode for Monorail, Suspended Monorail transport rides
- added reordering custom color slots using drag & drop (hold Alt to replace instead)
- added tapping shift when building toggles between setting the object height to the last used one and ground level
- added more tooltips
- improved overall performance, especially with many objects on screen (up to ~40%)
- improved staff patrol behaviour
- improved janitors/mechanics to be more aware of nearby trash/vandalism
- improved behaviour when building entrance/exit between tracked ride stations with one tile distance
- improved camera pan speeds
- improved the look of metallic and glass objects
- improved research costs and duration balance
- fixed visualization views not working anymore
- fixed input field arrows misbehaving on Linux with a non-English locale
- fixed boats driving through coaster tunnels, stone paths, transport system tubes, wooden supports
- fixed errors when deleting a boat ride
- fixed sometimes not being able to open a boat ride even though it is placed in a valid location
- fixed some random error messages popping up occasionally when using any UI with a scroll list
- fixed wrong savegame entry being selected by default when saving game
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Changelog for Patch 17 (added 05 September 2017):

- added Orbiter
- added roof pieces, generic shapes
- added certain objects (like trees) stick to the terrain while terraforming
- added option to control settings for using the middle mouse button for rotating instead of panning the camera
disabled workers being allowed to help out in zones they aren't assigned to if there are -
- no tasks left to do in their assigned zone
- improved mouse controls
- improved guest performance
- improved staff management window performance
- improved balance of guest preferences for rides
- improved handling for box selection tool (used by bulldozer and for creating blueprints)
- improved bulldozer tool
- fixed not being able to place some objects underground anymore
- fixed guests not littering as intended
- fixed a case where the advertising tab wouldn't work properly
- fixed a case where janitors would not be able to clean trash
- fixed a case where the color picker window could be stuck open
- fixed a case where parts of a crashed train would continue to operate
- fixed a case where boats would drive around without passengers
- fixed mechanics not working properly while off-screen in big parks/on slow PCs
- fixed being able to scroll out of bounds if the game is paused
- fixed guests could walk through cash machines
- fixed speed input field spinner buttons not working properly on Linux with a non-english OS language
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Changelog for Patch 18 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 05 October 2017):

- added science fiction building pieces and props
- added build challenges
- improvements for connecting track pieces with different banking angles
- tweaked how guests decide which rides to use
- tweaked how guests decide when to leave the park
- adjusted flat ride balance
- fixed track banking transitions not being as smooth as they're supposed to in some situations
- fixed an error that could break the advertising UI
- fixed water tool not working as expected on vertical cliffs
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Changelog for patch 19 (added 02 November 2017):

- added scenery visibility and rating system
- added "Immersion" stat for guests showing how much they like the scenery
- added park and ride scenery ratings
- added scenery protects rides/paths from rain
- added Water Coaster
- added Gentle Monorail Ride
- added Scarecrow entertainer costume
- added skeletons, mausoleum, sculptures
- added scenario settings: can't change park entrance fee, free ride entrance, free shop products, disallow terraforming, build height restriction
- added all current guest thoughts to guest overview window
- added a bigger 45° curve option
- added right click to turn off all other theme buttons in deco builder window
- improved guest performance
- improved deco window search to search through all categories, not just the currently selected one
- fixed a case where trains could derail for no reason
- fixed haulers not being able to pick up crates from delivery pad if stack is too high
- fixed terrain sometimes not rendering at all on Linux
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Changelog for Patch Beta 1b (added 05 December 2017):

- complete overhaul of the audio implementation
- added hundreds of new sound effects
- added five new ride music songs
- added one new background music song
- added tool for easy creation of scenery mods
- added Powered Coaster
- added alternate trains for Monorail, Spinning Coaster, Bobsled
- added employees gain experience from working and get better at their job
- added Staff Training Room for training staff more quickly
- added more fine-grained options for sandbox parks (disable money, disable goals, disable research)
- added a bunch of new plants, crates, fences
- added option to define terrain with "support rights" in the scenario editor
- added option for disabling loans in scenarios
- added predefined palette of nice colors to color picker
- added left control key for putting an object to the same height as the one below the mouse cursor
- added LOD fading
- added disallow terraforming outside park bounds
- added placing entrance/exit in-line with wide tracked ride station platforms
- added visualization of all resource crates in transit to shop products tab
- improved park loading times by ~40%
- some overall performance improvements
- fixed that annoying freeze while loading parks
- fixed guests sometimes complaining about Haulers when they shouldn't
- fixed boats sometimes getting stuck
- fixed blueprints being able to build objects that haven't been researched
- fixed being able to build deco blueprints above/below terrain bounds
- fixed being able to build blueprints without having enough money
- fixed goals getting completed while playing in the scenario editor
- fixed park entrance path tiles not saving their style even though their style could be changed using the path style brush tool
- fixed not being able to "buy" land in sandbox mode
- fixed errors with some of the terrain tools
- fixed problems after changing terrain size in the scenario editor
- fixed a case where resources could not be delivered
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Changelog for Patch Beta 2a (added 29 December 2017):

- added Elevator transport ride
- added three new ride music tracks
- added custom ride music (loaded from My Documents/Parkitect/My Music)
- added Western props, window boxes
- added more ride descriptions
- added remaining guest needs to park rating
- added overview list of all current guest activities
- added fences adapt to stairs
- removed color limitations from trees and rocks
- improved performance significantly when zooming out in busy parks
- improved Bumper Boats movement
- improved Splash Battle target building (easier to attach to walls)
- fixed Submarines could unload guests before fully arriving inside the station
- fixed advanced color picker sometimes misbehaving
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Changelog for patch Beta 3 (added 07 February 2018):

- added Magic Carpet
- added First Aid Room
- added LSM launches for Steel Coaster, Giga Coaster, Wing Coaster
- added new track pieces for combinations of curves and slopes (e.g. going into a slope on a curve piece)
- added Fantasy props and building pieces, two trees, Spooky lamps, string lights, Giraffe statue, Turtle topiary
- added shopkeepers who aren't needed anymore get fired automatically
- added ghost trains keep running while the game is paused
- added tracked rides can crash when trains collide
- added ride breakdown types
- added ride crash consequences
- added tab to shop/attraction info windows showing tasks related to it
- added filters for certain thoughts to overall thoughts list
- added search to savegames list
- added more sound effects
- adjusted effects of rain and temperature on how interested guests are in rides/food
- improved shadow quality, especially on coaster tracks
- fixed Ferris Wheel animation
- fixed not being able to replace fences of raised flat rides
- fixed weird pathfinding if station entrance/exit is placed in-line with station platform
- fixed supports not adapting to terrain changes anymore
- fixed a crash in the track builder when going from an inverted section into a vertical segment
- fixed being able to place flat rides outside the park bounds since Beta 1
- fixed a case where boats could get misaligned inside the station/pushed outside the station after loading savegame
- fixed guests did not use transport rides if the park is closing
- fixed guest stat visualizations sometimes not working when zoomed out
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Changelog for Patch Beta 4 (added 07 March 2018):

- added Floorless Coaster
- added holding brakes to some coasters
- added Turkey Legs stall
- added Fruit Juices stall
- added generic shop counter
- added Maple Tree, Elephant Statue
- added demolishing objects that have been placed in the scenario editor no longer give a refund
- added graphics setting for adjusting LOD distance
- changed time to start in Year 1 instead of Year 0
- increased guest count by ~10%
- improved guest distribution over the park
- improved overall performance by up to 15%
- improved performance when hiding scenery
- improved performance when using custom camera mods
- improved tunnels on Water Coaster
- fixed some custom ride music mp3s not loading
- fixed a case where shuttle coaster trains could disappear after saving the game
- fixed a case where guests would enter Transformer ride while it's in the wrong position
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Changelog for patch Beta 5 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 04 April 2018):

- completely overhauled visuals
- added night mode and lights turn on during rain
- added animated lights to flat rides
- added graphics settings for Ambient Occlusion, Screen Space Reflections
- added higher quality Tilt Shift effect
- added decorative light objects
- added Monorail Coaster
- added Funnel Cakes stall
- added tool for taking screenshots of the entire park (default hotkey: F11)
- added small terraforming costs
- added more guest voices
- added rain protection visualization
- added legends to visualization views
- added block sections visualization to track builder
- added water sections on Water Coaster terminate block sections now
- added list of all shops/rides contained within assigned zone to hauler/mechanic info window
- improved zone visualization
- improved load times and memory use of custom ride music significantly (from many minutes to less than a second in some cases)
- improved overall performance by up to 25%
reduced time it takes to go from a loaded park back into the main menu or into a different park
- fixed market research results not being displayed correctly anymore since Beta 4
- fixed guests having trouble to find the park entrance if the path from spawn to entrance has many crossings
- fixed guests could accidentally leave the park if there are multiple park entrances next to each other
- fixed rain protection not working for flat rides as intended
- fixed Spinning Coaster cars rotating like crazy after loading savegame
- fixed UI problems with the balloon shop
- fixed tracked ride graphs being empty
- fixed suspended cars not swinging anymore
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Changelog for patch Beta 6 / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 04 May 2018):

- added Mini Monorail
- added pine trees
- added new background music
- added lights to more flat rides
- added option for changing flat ride light colors
- added options for Mechanic and Janitor for customizing the tasks they should work on
- added hovered object name as tooltip to object pipette tool
- added deco window remembers last opened category
- added revealing object in deco window when using object pipette tool
- added hotkeys for changing size of resizable objects (+/- by default)
- changed mod objects to be researchable in non-sandbox scenarios
- improved building of paths
- improved building of transport system pieces
- improved object pipette tool to start building at the same height and rotation as copied object
- improved camera rotation behaviour on very uneven terrain (especially with large vertical cliffs)
- improved terraformer behaviour when using smoothen option around vertical cliffs
- improved terraformer levelling tool performance (should fix a crash on systems with low RAM)
- improved performance when hiding scenery during rain/night mode
- improved hunger/thirst/tiredness park ratings
- fixed terraforming tools flickering
- fixed curves on vertical track segments not working properly anymore
- fixed lighting messing with the colors in visualization views, making it sometimes hard to see what values the visualization was showing
- fixed guests not actively heading for Customizable Shops when searching for food
- fixed entertainers could sometimes be displayed with the wrong costume
- fixed being able to train shopkeepers
- fixed closed shops being opened after loading savegame
- fixed error when placing fences on the terrain bounds
- fixed a case where people would walk over terrain when trying to get somewhere
- fixed objects placed in scenario editor giving refunds
- fixed objects from blueprints sometimes not giving refunds when destroyed
- fixed coasters not giving full refund when destroyed using the bulldozer tool
- fixed hue slider in color picker window sometimes not reacting to clicks
- fixed a crash on macOS when using the bulldozer tool