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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for Patch 1.173 (added 18 January 2018):

- Stability improvements
- Anti-Cheat measures

Mount & Blade: Warband - Napoleonic Wars

Changelog for Patch 2.1 (added 18 January 2018):

- Napoleonic Wars has just received its largest update to date, bringing with it a host of bug fixes, game improvements, balance changes and a brand new faction: Rheinbund!
- Server admins and modders can access the latest files over on our Napoleonic Wars download page.

New Features
- Welcome message will be displayed when joining a server. The default message will display the id of the user.
- Commander battle now has musicians that play music and flag bearers.
- The server now logs when someone was teamwounded or their horse was teamwounded or teamkilled.
- A revive and respawn option was added for server admins.
- God mode was added. It makes you invincible and run faster.
- There is now a 2 second long restriction on how fast players can construct sapper props.
- A suicide button was added to the ESC menu.
- Added a a group fight mode.
- Added option to disable damage when player is to far away from squad in commander battle.
- Custom maps are now selectable in the admin panel. Server owners can choose how many maps people can vote on or amdins can select.
- The # of custom maps available is now 100 instead of 20!
- Admins can now limit how many people can play as artillery train.
- Admins can now limit line infantry from spreading in commander battles. They can only close in or spread back to the starting spacing.
- The server now logs when the map or round was changed.
- Artillery Guards were added. They have the same stats as a ranker, but only spawn with a bayonet, ammo, and sword.
- Added the ability for admins to have custom polls.
- Added a few new scene props like a pyramid and coconuts, palm trees, lilys and cattail.
- Added new usable sceneprops for spawning items/horses or cannons.
- For server owners added a lot more options: Custom buttons, custom chat, also custom usable scene props which server owners can make visible to clients.
- Added the ability for servers to define their own map names (in strings.txt) and it gets synced with players and admins.
- Added the ability to add custom flag names for your own conquest maps.
- Added teleporting door props for mappers to use.
- Added that server owners can add the CD Key Id's of their admins to their server console or server config file
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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for Hotfix 2.036 (1.173) (added 03 August 2018):

- Updates the Chinese localization of Viking Conquest
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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for Patch 2.044 (added 04 October 2018):

Viking Conquest
- exclude horses from courage calculations
- mayor test for bad quest party
- fix released prisoners returning to defeated factions
- reverse strength test for besieged, add consideration for player allies
- add consideration of player party strength to surrender decision
- initialize s49 in script_update_troop_political_notes
- change Hersir Guthrum to avoid confusion with story character of the same name
- correct math for bard's feast comment
- fix loss of extended shield taunts
- add restock for farmstead recruits
- fix leave/surrender bug
- remove Hardcore Budget option, which was doing nothing, and have easier center relations by options_camp, not easy_wage and easy_levelling
- fix logic of bad quest exception
- prevent banished lord from returning to player
- fix reset feast bug
- rewrite center conversion
- fix rebalance the work mini games
- add checks for no lord of town
- clean up notes list of factions
- consolidate center transfer functionality somewhat
- fix $players_kingdom that is somehow 0
- restore encounter recount after party joins
- report battle sizes with joined parties correctly
- add missing try_end to restore faction trigger
- correct Hubbi's name
- fix Christian ladies in Northumberland (new game)
- remove inconsistent religious considerations from script_troop_get_player_relation
- make target bandits never friendly
- fix item typos
- use correct recruit costs for player faction lord decisions
- exempt ports from releasing prisoners when inactive
- lords give locations of NPCs in their faction when at another faction center
- fix successful rebellion notifications
- properly set Caio to Pagan
- remove Ragnar's Seax as condition for continuing quest
- fix political quests and following logic in script_abort_quest
- replace bad dog_ruff sound
- correct pagan town note
- remove redundant title strings

- Added support for newer keys
- Fixed issue with server names for multiplayer workshop mods
- Edited game credits

Napoleonic Wars
- Fixed issue with beards in character creation
- Fixed issue with icons related to pistols and ammo
high rated
Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for 64-bit Update for Mac and Linux (added07 November 2018):

- Adds 64-bit version of Mount & Blade: Warband for macOS and Linux distributions to replace existing 32-bit version.
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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for Update 2.049 (added 15 April 2019)

Viking Conquest
- fix Odin cave logic and make it more informative
- balance Odin cave to player level, skills
- make Douar narrative less confusing
- clean up ghost parties
- complete allowing Marshal to demand prisoner releases
- fix slot_party_home_center failures: ports, refugees, change center faction, defeated faction trigger
- fix work dialogs
- prohibit player indictment by pretender
- reset last story battle when its state is somehow corrupted
- redo battle immersion to avoid sound overload and improve shield taunt
- fix AI by initializing $teams_last_fighting properly
- German localization added
high rated
Mount & Blade: Warband & Viking Conquest

Patch 2.054 (09 October 2019)

Viking Conquest
- release village elders from captivity
- give adventurers clothes
- fix skill modifiers from second outfit
- remove empty parties of player's ships
- correct lair descriptions in dialogs
- fix strings so they can all be localized (merci Daneel53!)
- update Spanish and German localizations
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Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword

Changelog for Update (29 July 2020):

- Fixed an issue with Traditional and Simplified Chinese support. The text in those languages no longer displays missing or placeholder text.

Standalone installer updated: 1.143 logo ⇒ 1.143 fix.
Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for Patch 2.059 / GOG-47190 (Windows) / GOG-47144 (Mac) / GOG-47146 (Linux) (19 May 2021):

Viking Conquest
- revised surrender dialog logic so town lords don't autosurrender above minimum to consider
- fixed probable string bug pillage monastery quest
- made mnu_castle_taken_native exit like the other options
- made player's stronghold follow his/her faction changes
- added warning about breaking the story game to cheat
- fixed camera on allied troops at Doccinga
- gave Pict females access to speed bonus in multiplayer
- fixed tournament spawning and initialization
- completed second outfit at tournaments
- now using actual fighters for tournament display