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Mount & Blade Warband: Warband

Changelog for update 1.167 /GOG-12 (added 15.07.2015):

- We have updated the main installer for Mount & Blade: Warband as well as added a path that fixes issues with the Turkish and Hungarian languages not displaying properly.
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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for update 1.168 / GOG-13 (added 27.07.2015):

- This update updates the Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest DLC to the Reforged Edition,
- For a full list of features and changes that come with the Reforged Edition, please visit the following link:,332049.0.h
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Mount & Blade: Warband

Changelog for patch 1.168 hotfix / GOG-14 (added 04.08.2015):

- Minor fixes for Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition DLC
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Mount and Blade: Warband

Changelog for patch 1.168 / GOG-15 (Windows) / GOG-20 (Mac) (added 27.08.2015):

- Compatibility patch for Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest Reforged Edition DLC
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Viking Conquest Patch 2.005 (27 August 2015)

- Fixed some scene problems.
- Fixed enemies wounded in battle before fighting.
- Fixed banners problem.
- Fixed minimap issue with flags in battlefield.
- Training peasant quest fixed.
- Fleet split issue.
- Fixed headless Vikings and berserkers.
- Fixed the holmgang loop.
- Fixed slave markets auto rebuild.
- Fixed tutorial ship in storyline.
- Game pausing bug fixed.
- Fixed King Horik's conversation in storyline.
- Fixed Flag-shield symbol mismatch.
- Fixed quicksavegames issue in Morrigan's Lair.
- Fixed inifinity money exploit in bandit lairs.
- Fixed marriage quest never ends issue.
- Fixed some scene problems.
- Fixed snowy battlefield in Scotland.
- Fixed diplomatic alliance issue with Minister.
- Fixed Refuge port issue.
- Other minor fixes.

- Ajusted special smiths' prices.
- MP: Added cooldown to polls to avoid abuse.
- MP: Added crosbows for Picts.
- MP: Some ajustments to balance multiplayer.
- MP: Removed horses from Thor's Champion mode.
- Lord conversion dialog.
- Adjusted the aim of throwing spears.
- Altered adultery ratios.
- Tweaked villages loot, burn and enslave actions.
- Modified Royal Sandbox relations with vassals.
- Changed probability of Berserkrs and Ulfheddin becoming uncontrollable.
- MP Raid: Re-balance teams.
- Ajusted stamina penalty for AI.
- Adjusted center production prices.

New / Changes
- Added levy feature in villages.
- Demolish slave market option added.
- Exanded dog feature information in your in-game notes.
- New gear to adventurers (NPCs going solo).
- Revoked recruitment rights if relations go less than -20 with village or lord.
- Weapon break now is optional.
- Extra information for "find lyre" quest.
- Redid Fjord scene for Multiplayer.
- Improved Spanish translation.
- Accesible Morgant and Donnchadh while player plays storyline.
- Abbot no longer accessible during monastery pillages.
- Other minor balancing.
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Viking Conquest Patch 2.012 (21 September 2015)

- Fixed some scene problems.
- Fixed script errors.
- Fixed levy issue with map banner.
- Fixed feast quest issue.
- Fixed maps getting frozen during coastal assaults.
- Fixed issues in Spanish translation.
- Fixed Picts not using crossbows.
- Battle of Aescesdum loop fixed.
- Fixed Ambush not being an option when player is wounded.
- Chain mail visual issue fixed.
- Banner visual issues fixed.
- No Trigger dialogue fixed.
- Ath Mor scene fixed.
- Fixed Douar fleet being accessible from land.
- Fixed Companions being nerfed.
- Fixed some minor siege issues.
- Fixed Solveig losing all her clothes.
- Other minor fixes.

- Chests added to a lot of hall scenes.
- Changed bandit leader to sea captain for viking parties.
- Colne Ceaster scene.

- Adjusted amount of money from bandit lairs.
- Prosperity recovery.
- Gore probability adjusted.
- No player kingdom possible during storyline.
- Improved performance on world map.
- No permanent death in Farmland and Troll's Bridge.
- Reduce minimum number of troops required to raid (now 20).
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Viking Conquest Patch 2.021 (22 December 2015)

- Fixed some scene problems.
- Cancel all quests related to destroyed faction.
- Fixed access to the storage chest of any castle or town.
- Fixed eternal pilgrims.
- Fixed getting married issue.
- Fixed berserker shield size.
- Fixed kingdom relation drops and undocumented wars.
- Fixed ancient troop name mistakes.
- Fixed wrong text for Readingum.
- Fixed the ages of faces for some NPCs.
- Fixed player doppelgangers
- Set troop classes properly in sieges so archers defend walls.
- Return Irish troop tree to original scheme to avoid early top level troops.
- Properly initialize variable critical to town menu functioning.
- Update lair factions.
- Ensure no troop equipment is added after it is validated (hood problems).
- Other minor fixes.

- By player petition, dog is immortal now.
- Rewrite nearby parties join attack and document refusals to join.
- Apply "do_not_stall" to sieges, sea battles, formations.
- Avoid reporting morale modifiers for troops not in party.
- Prohibit mercenary player from becoming marshal.

- Bandits parties.
- Factions relations.
- Cirren Caester siege.
- Siege simulation kill ratios.
- Custom battles armies.
- Rewrite and standardize religion malus.
- Kludge formation bonus.
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Viking Conquest Patch 2.023 / GOG-18 (Windows) / GOG-22 (Mac) / GOG-11 (Linux) (05 April 2016)

- Fix rescue slave from village scene
- Fix port attack stutter
- Remove testing trigger
- Fix duplicate ship getting renamed
- Add more landing points for faster Norse invasions
- Rearrange adventurers' AI trigger to avoid unnecessary AI interruptions (bouncing around at sea)
- Change all ti_on_hit to FIRST test if inflicted agent is active (battle red text)
- Return to "update all notes" for faction relation changes
- Fix suspected critical constant for alliance system
- Add check for bad party to script_party_set_ai_state (red text)
- Fix wrong dialog option for Trainer in player's refuge.
- Fix and document missing prisoners.
- Fix refuge dialogs.
- Fix refuge training. Limit it to produce only up to L3 troops and have it stop automatically.
- Allow refuge items to be refreshed. Have them be from the player culture.
- Include attachments when inflicting damage to party from siege event.
- Avoid problems by prohibiting companions from being captured by player.
- Fix quest dialogs, results.
- Update game notes regarding shield taunt.
- Take dead player's troops out of scripted mode (frozen skirmishers).
- Show when player is mercenary on character report.
- Track and test for last town to pay siege tribute (to avoid paying again).
- Avoid spawning recruitable dog during village quests.
- Move troops and ships from demolished camp.
- Alter price adjustment formulas to avoid player from making money just by buying/selling a single item over and over again.
- Add script_encounter_calculate_fit to "Charge Villagers" so player gets full party.
- Restructure torture dialogs.
- Except bandit lairs from icon changes.
- Routed parties get ship icons.
- Marchoc's polearm skill fixed.
- Siege tributes posibilities balanced.
- Now you can named only 7 ships, the rest will be random names.
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05 April 2016? WTF?
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Changelog for Viking Conquest Patch (added 05 September 2016):

- have player refuge always be in player supporters' faction
- apply player kingdom color to refuge, landed ships, quarters
- add player kingdom color change function to camp menu
- ensure NPC in party does not become adventurer
- overhaul duel system, mainly to set opponent properly
- deactivate player kingdom properly, using the script for that (NPCs on mission and prime minister now return)
- fix mission trigger time and make mission reports the priority
- have npc_mission_seek_recognition embassy_results include the other three logical outcomes
- drop missions that have no dialog in case a companion somehow ends up with one
- override prisoner escape chance properly
- rewrite auto-defect trigger
- add cultural considerations to new faction pick
- prevent random event losses for raiding villages during siege when not actually doing so
- remove lovers' system that was making all ladies adulteresses
- use correct title strings for Scots/Irish and fix other inconsistencies and omissions
- fix ask peace dialog
- fix ambiguity in player/faction relations (removes ability to threaten own kingdom's caravans)
- add Mod ID string
- place sound controls in mission templates to make sure loop tracks are killed
- add ambiance to lair interiors
- fix refuge chest
- fix logic of child count dialogs
- fix bard improve relations with lady
- fix behavior of rescued lords
- fix behavior of ambiance neutrals during jailbreak
- fix "hole" in recruit permission dialog when already have it
- move recruit permission update from triggers to script
- player loses permission to recruit in center that gets new owner
- fix fiefs string for lord select for fief
- remove player picture from refuge menu
- fix troop training management
- unset g_encountered_party when it is removed (invalid party bug)
- add proper conditions to Hadrian Wall dialog and kill experience reward exploit
- fix tutorial message for Roman Baths ruins
- adjust pricing formulas (attempt to prevent changes from buying/selling same article)
- disable some monastery options when learning to read (early exit exploit)
- disable scouts (and their loss) at sea
- shut down random events at sea
- exclude non-normal villages from lute search (quest was blocked when village inaccessible)
- allow slaughter of non-quest cattle after cattle delivered
- correct standard bearer report on Camp Menu
- allow only one town recruiting run from whatever menu (recruit picking exploit)
- clean up event_triggered dialogs, particularly for returning party members
- check spiral death cam is finished before attempting to leave scene
- attempt to eliminate sometime corruption of refuge text
- make immersive default ship names
- reinitialize item info (wiped out in someone's save game by unknown cause)
- fix craftsmen names
- test slot_faction_political_issue properly (has two default values, which rendered the system inoperative half the time)
- fix debug message producing false commander mismatches
- fix and improve mutiny duel trigger
- add backstop at automenu trigger to ensure campaign death after mutiny duel loss


- process just one faction at a time
- adjust rate of restorations to about 1/month at end of game
- produce no more than one "Possible Rebellion" message (if no rebellion), and have it escalate with number of walled centers
- remove player-based all-or-nothing phaseout
- make lord defection dependent on current king relation
- make sure faction leader joins resurgent faction
- avoid giving money to undefined troop
- fix the growth of the rebellion, include adventurers
- bring in supporting lords if rebellion threatened (to avoid stranding them if faction is destroyed AGAIN)
- avoid auto-war with player


- fix dog interference with army orders (order ALL bug)
- fix hire refuge armorer
- allow visit village leader at night from menu
- prohibit battle panel by down player (leading to crazy camera)


- Viking banner textures (fix some white backgrounds)
- scn_caravanatacada.sco
- scn_castle_37_exterior.sco
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Viking Conquest

Changelog for Viking Conquest 2.025 Hotfix 20160907 (added 08 September 2016):

- Hotfix for game-breaking issue
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Mount & Blade: Warband - Warband & Viking Conquest

Changelog for patch 2.028 / Warband: GOG-16 (Windows) / GOG-31 (Mac) / GOG-13 (Linux) // Viking Conquest: GOG-14 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Mac) / GOG-14 (Linux) (added 22 December 2016):


- update and fix various texts
- update Spanish localization
- fix duplicate husband bug
- fix documentation for siege restrictions
- prevent player from gaining kingdom in story mode
- fix battle presentation for dog exclusion, player team (unrecognized troops bug)
- limit items in lords' halls (no more "sneaking" visible weapons with second outfit)
- initialize hunt globals correctly
- add looted hofs to recovery trigger
- refine faction identification for dialogs
- apply quest generation shutoff to "no tasks"
- apply seax exclusion to all rob prisoner dialogs
- add default to torturer dialog
- fix farmstead cattle
- allow Ashdown battle restart from mid-quest save
- bind bottom of relation boost in case somehow goes negative
- clean up post-quest locales (Sven's Hideout, Ashdown destroyed, and Boar Grove)
- avoid operations on null item or to null inventory
- fix scope, div-by-zero problems in script_battle_political_consequence
- fix capture of ships problem with autoresolve
- prohibit unusable landing points at map border
- disable companion political complaints, which are completely wrong
- attach Tref Meguaidd East to Caer Meguaidd
- fix misnamed variable (MP)
- strip practice weapons on ESC from Doccinga tutorial
- remove stray dog dialog from Doccinga tutorial
- remove dead code


- 40 odd fixed scenes


- Added new multiplayer game mode "Invasion" to Native
- New Multiplayer Mode: "INVASION"
- Co-op mode that lets you fight waves of AI opponents with your friends!
- Notable characters from single player feature and fight alongside as both friends and foes
- Choose your companions and assign them classes to survive the waves of enemies
- Enemies drop random items with special features, including armour that restores your health and a bow that fires javelins!
- Defeat multiple waves and work your way past enemy lords to kill the king at multiple difficulty levels!


- minor fixes


- minor fixes
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So today i updated Warband and for some reason, it still shows 1.170 as the version number.

Can somebody help me please?
Kaesemeister: So today i updated Warband and for some reason, it still shows 1.170 as the version number.

Can somebody help me please?
The current version of Mount&Blade Warband is 1.170.
The current version of Viking Conquest Reforged Edition is 2.028 (and requires at least M&B:WB version 1.168)
You can see this at TaleWorlds' download sections for respective game.

Currently it seems GoG's distribution system claims to give people that bought M&B:WB (only) a version 2.028, which implies giving us VC, but after installation it does turn out to be M&B:WB 1.170 (which it should have been) and this is also visible from the installer sizes (1.1GB for VC versus 622MB for M&B:WB).