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Yeay! Hail GrayFace!!!
GrayFace MM7 Patch v2.1
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Any idea why my sound crackles with the patch installed? It changes the sound format perhaps?
Hal900x: Any idea why my sound crackles with the patch installed?
My sound is good. Maybe install the last K-Lite Codec Pack or/and sound driver.
YES! Finally, in 2.1 dragons can attack rats, and the goblin guards in the north village won't be hostile if you join the side of dark in MM7.
For me the sound crackles when it is loading in might and magic 8 only, I presume that it is due to the new scaled screen. Now the game can be ran in borderless screen with the desktop resolution and that can be a bit demanding. The rest of the game is fluid though, and no sign of sound glitches or stutters.

Apart of this, one of the new features is that now the games are able to play a wav soundtrack. the advantage is that it will loop as intended.

Anyone owns the gog tracks in wav format?

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Ok, I've converted the MP3 tracks in WAV and I can confirm that the Tracks Loop correctly in game.
But now the Music folder is around 445 Megas in size, but It is worthy. The behaviour of the tracks playng only once was annoying to me.
A heads-up for anyone having problems installing v2.1, I had to add the line SupportTrueColor=0 to the mm7.ini file before the patch would run with Hardware Acceleration on an Nvidia card and Win7x64. The error was Init - Failed to create D3D Device.
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So there is a crash bug in Tatalia when you try to get to the ship to travel somewhere the game crashes on the pier or after you travel to another map with the ship