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64.. and gettin' better!
43 and female - was really into the old school games back in early 90s :)
29 here, Id say it was my love of Ultima Underworld that drew me to this game. The movement is very different though from UU as well as the whole party system but i find it more tactical, tons of fun
36 ... all the old adventurer heading for some treasure ;)
Enjoy it very much. Reminds me of 'Eye of the beholder'.
33 and loving LoG. Reminds me of this other dungeon crawler that never made past beta...
I'm 39..

I computed some values.. It's not exact.. There are some inaccurate values..

Just for fun :)

AVG : 35.15
MAX : 66 (wow)
MIN : 15

teenage : 2 (3.38%)
20s : 23 (38.98%)
30s : 13 (22.03%)
40s : 15 (25.42%)
50s : 1 (1.69%)
60s : 5 (8.47%)
At 20, I feel so young.

I bet I'll find this post in about 40 years, from some forgotten web-archive.
Crowned: At 20, I feel so young.
At 52, I feel so young. Glad to see many AARP-eligibles here :)

I am loving Grimrock, even though I haven't gotten far. I played some Bard's Tale back in the day, but never Dungeon Master. So really this is not a nostalgia trip for me, its just good gaming.

Now get off my lawn!
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51 going to be 52 soon
51 going on 30 ;)

Playing LoG on my PC and Eye of the Beholder on my old laptop!
46 here - although I wasn't playing video games when this style of game was popular. But love it anyway...
I'm 41 - The first computer RPG I played was The Bard's Tale on the C64. Still got the disks of Bard's Tale 2 and 3 here.
26. I've only played a few tile-based dungeon crawlers in the past, all being within the last 2 years, and yet I loved Grimrock. Now I'm interested in trying to find a few others like this (I have previously played Eye of the Beholder 1, Lands of Lore and Realms of Arkania 1, I also have Stonekeep on GOG).
Just turned 28. I played Dungeon Master 2 to death back in my childhood. Also Ultima Underwold 1 & 2 as a huge fan of the Ultima series.

Too bad I missed on Eye of the Beholder and others back in the day.
Just turned 34, aaargh.

My first ever PC game was Ultima 6 and the second was Eye Of The Beholder 2. Maybe I'm biased but we were lucky to become gamers back then :)