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Late 30s, Curse of the Azure Bonds
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48. First crawler Dungeon Master on Amiga. Then Eye of the beholder followed by EOB2
34. First time I've played this type of dungeon crawler. Generally I've been more the Dungeon Siege / Diablo / Torchlight type of player.
Late 30's. First dungeon crawler was rogue-like called Sword of Fargoal on the Vic-20. Dungeon Master is one of my favourite dungeon crawlers, so the purchase of Legend of Grimrock was a no-brainer for me.

I've only played it for an hour so far, but it's great. A real trip down memory lane with modern graphics. Turning a corner and running into a group of skeletal knights who immediately spear your players gives me that familiar surprise scare that DM used to. Relying on audio cues to determine what's going on is another key component that they included.
I'm 56. I've been playing computer games since the old Infocom games on 51/2 inch floppies. I don't normally play dungeon crawls, but I am enjoying it. Finding it a bit difficult, but next time around I'll know how to build a better party, one that doesn't always have to resort to cheese.
RetroVortex: 21 here! :D
Thank God. I was starting to think I was the youngest person here.
I'm 22. I actually haven't played a game like this before, but it seems really cool. I've always loved RPGs, but the grid based gameplay is odd and new to me. I've notice the older I get the more I like older things.
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20 here so another young'un.

Can't remember if this was the first dungeon crawler I ever played but I know that the Shin Megami Tensei games were the first I was ever interested in. Pretty sure the first game was release in the same year I was born and the second a year or two later. Either way, it wasn't until I was at least ten that I ever played the first one. Can't say I understood it at the time but I did revisit and complete it when I was in high school as well as read the book which I found translated (roughly) online.

The Persona games of the Shin Megami Tensei series are 3rd person dungeon crawlers in a way but they're not on a fixed grid like the original games. The most recent continuation of the main series was Strange Journey which is a stellar game.

There was actually several great dungeon crawlers on the DS. The platform's kind of ideal for it since most of them made you draw the game's map with the stylus as you played. My favourite was The Dark Spire as that had the option to play in a stylish art style or very old school one which I thought was a brilliant idea. Was a difficult game though.

So, yes, I suppose I've always had an interest in this genre. I actually study Computer Games Developement at University and this is one of many games I hope to make some day.
30, played a good bit of Dungeon master, EOTB and The Bards Tale but my favourite crawler was Black Crypt :)
I'm 21.

I haven't really played a dungeon crawler before. Although I've played the shin megami tensei series which have a similar vibe to them (tile based movement, level up, dungeon crawling) although they usually throw you into a jrpg style battle when you meet an enemy.

I'm not sure if those games count.

I've really enjoyed my play of the game so far. There was one point early in the game where I had to battle three of those skeleton knights at once. It was really intense, somehow I got through it in one piece.
I'm 27. My first dungeon crawler was Dungeon Master on the Amiga. This is the most fun I've had with one since Eye of The Beholder II. Great game! :)
26 here. This game reminds me about Stonekeep. Thanks for that!
56. Bard's Tale and Dungeon Master on my good ole Amiga 500! Mostly a wargamer back then, but enjoy all types.
26, and this is my first dungeon crawler.
49 Here and this game brings back so many fond memories.

Update = 50 ;-)
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Man, except for a couple guys, I'm starting to feel like a kid here
It's my first dungeon crawler