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41 y.o. fan of blobbers.
21 :D
drakton: Since this is an old school game I am curious about what is the age range of people playing LoG. My guess is the average would be around late 30s?
Well I'm about to raise that average: I'm 63 hehehe.
I'm 41.

Returned to this game today and gosh... I found it so damn boring.
The number of press-plate puzzles is so high that kill the peace of the game.

Also, small improvements from EOB era, like the all attack button, are gone.
The whole game is just damn slow and uninteresting.

The same skeleton all over.
Same flaying monsters all over.

if wasn't for lack of games like this, I would not bother playing it at all.
I have to try the second.
OldOldGamer: I have to try the second.
The second is a considerably different game than the first. It has a lot of the same mechanics, true, but there's a much wider scope presented in it than the first.

Not to say you won't possibly find yourself hit with the "why am I fighting the same enemy" deja vu blues all over again but there's definitely a wider variety of enemies (and other things) to be had in it in general.