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mmarci: Gothic 1

3. Install System Pack

Gothic 2

5. Install SystemPack
fujiJuice: Great instructions, thank you. I am just wondering exactly which system packs I install, since there are several listed on that page.

For Gothic1 I don't know if it should be 'G1Classic-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'SystemPack_mdb.7z' or both.

For Gothic2 I don't know if it should be 'G2Classic-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2NoTR-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2Odyssey-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2Returning-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'SystemPack_mdb.7z', or all of them.

Note my copies of both games are the GoG editions.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
I'm not sure it matters anyway - when you try to install it at the correct location in Galaxy, "OK" will be greyed out. Player kit is supposed to be prior to it but it will be greyed out too.
Hi All

I think this is a better website to get recent versions of both playerkit and systempack

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fujiJuice: For Gothic2 I don't know if it should be 'G2Classic-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2NoTR-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2Odyssey-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'G2Returning-SystemPack-1.7.exe', 'SystemPack_mdb.7z', or all of them.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

I'm not sure what SystemPack_mdb.7z is used for.

Classic: Vanilla Gothic 2 (not Gold or Nights of the Raven)
NoTR: Gold or Nights of the Raven
Odyssey: Non-English User mod
Returning: User mod
My install has Gothic2 fix 2.6.0 from a few years ago. Has this been obsoleted by System pack? I'm thinking of restarting Gothic2 but I'm a little confused about the latest state of fixes.
Hey guys, I installed a few mods for Gothic I (systempack, playerkit, texture packs and the D11 renderer) but I'm not sure which executable I should be using to play.

GothicStarter_mod.exe, GothicMod.exe or Gothic.exe ?

mmarci: Gothic 1

1. Install the game
2. Install Player Kit
3. Install System Pack
4. Install Textures_Patch_Freddy-0.8.exe
5. Install ThielHater's texture patch
I notice no ironkeep unofficial patch. Is this already included in the gog version or any of these listed patches, or...?


Also, what does the system pack do exactly that GoG's version of Gothic doesn't already do?

I wouldn't care, but the system pack seems to cause a problem for me, or at least makes it much more frequent:

I press Action+Forward to attack once, and my character attacks. Then I switch to Action+Back, to block - but instead of blocking, my character keeps attacking like a maniac. So this gets me killed easily.

I tested this with gog's version and the retail version and in both cases, after installing systempack I have this problem a LOT more often.
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Followed mmarci's guide for Gothic 1 and the game plays well for a time but after a while it freezes and alt-tabs me out and sometimes crashes, don't have a single idea whats the cause. I'm starting the game outside of gog via the gogstarter.exe with admin privilege.

Any tips would be appreciated!