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Update 1.0.6 (13 August 2020)

- Crash when closing happenings from loading a savegame.
- Fixed rare crash when loading into an arena.
- Fixed crash when trying to close a window in two ways at once (Escape, right-click, press close button).
- Made the Tenet selection screen flow better with large amounts of tenets.
- Fixed a bug where the "Perfected Mind" achievement would trigger for non-player disciples.
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- Windows & Mac standalone installers updated (14 August 2020): 1.0.5 ⇒ 1.0.6;
- Linux not updated yet.

EDIT: Linux standalone installer updated (1.0.5 ⇒ 1.0.6): 19 August 2020.
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Update 1.1: Freedom of Religion
by Godhood, 09 oct

Hello young gods!
Today we bring you a new update packed with some requested features, fixes and some community ideas!

Free Mode
When you select the difficulty for your run of Godhood, you can now also enable Free Mode. This will unlock all Tenets and Traditions without meeting their prerequisites! This will allow you to create truly incoherent religions easily, or finally try out that killer combo you had in mind. If you wish, you can even mix-up starting commandments like Pleasure and Madness to gain access to an extra starting relic and their class! Go crazy!

New Traditions
With Freedom of Religion, we introduce 4 new Traditions! They are all Community Ideas!
. Revelations: Age your Disciples quicker, and give them one final revelation before their death. This will give you more Development Sparks and control over your roster!
. Brain Washing: Warn coming generations about the dangers of knowledge. This tradition focuses on Overpower abilities, and trades future Knowledge for Faith.
. Reincarnation: Your first Prophet doesn't die, but simply reincarnates in a new body! A powerful tradition that focuses on one Disciple to do the heavy lifting.
. Alchemy: Use the wonders of your science to turn Offerings into Materials, and assign an Alchemist that can give random buffs to your allies. A flexible and physical tradition!

Added a feature for Kickstarter backers to select their preferred holy site.
Added a way to inspect traditions while picking tenets. Community Idea
Added a small happening to celebrate the adoption of a new Tradition! Community Idea
Extra information in the Sacrament Log about crits, interception, breaking and victory type.

XP requirements down to 6/12/20/28/30 Community Idea
Made easy easier.
Removed "Any" style from the game. You now always will have some degree of control over the abilities someone learns. Community Idea
Lowered HP of final boss encounter.
You now get better totems faster for your Disciple.
Divine Recipe now stacks "only" up to +100 faith.
Holy Judge now gives a base of +1 tribute, and no longer has a faith penalty. However, it doesn't develop Devotion anymore.
Made numerous balance changes to some sacraments.
Medium difficulty no longer gives enemies a 10% penalty. This was a remnant of an old system.

Fixed some spelling/naming errors
Fixed cooldowns of certain Rituals resetting on game load or other actions. (e.g. XP Gain Ritual).
The city turn timer is now placed above the Destined Trial preview when the latter contains multiple Sacraments to make more space for ritual and action buttons.
Fixed rare crash when developing Rituals in the late-game.
Fixed 'Perfectionist' achievement never triggering. Should also work for existing sessions.
Fixed 'Explorer' achievement never triggering. Requires defeating all bosses with patch 1.1 or higher. Sorry :
Fixed a missing text for some higher level miracles.

The Artbook with juicy development secrets and charming concept art is now also available! Those who got the Supporter edition should have it already. Interested in behind the scenes look into the world of Godhood?

What's next?
For you who have been following us for a long time - thank you immensely for your support! With the increase in quality of Godhood, we've seen a good increase in the number of players! We're happy to say Abbey Games has survived with your help, and we're preparing ourselves for the next challenge!
That doesn't mean we're done with Godhood at all! There are still some cool community ideas we would love to implement. So expect more from Godhood in the future!

Greetings from the Abbey
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Update 1.1 - Hotfix (game version 1.1.5)
by Godhood, 12 oct.

- Fixed Greed miracles that gave wrong pictures
- Fixed issues with higher level Alchemy and Revelations
- Fixed multiple Holy War miracles being possible
- Fixed issue with Free mode not properly unlocking chosen Traditions, and not all Traditions being registered for your collection
- Fixed Communicative Joy
- Fixed a crash with the Shark Totem
- brainwash tribute thresholds up to 3/8 instead of 2/6
- Fixed missing texts for some Traditions at end game.
- Fixed some missing texts for miracles
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Update 1.1 Hotfix 2 (game version 1.1.8)
by Godhood, 20 oct.

- Fixed Reincarnation not having the correct effect.
- Fixed some text issues.
- Made the "Third Wheel" a little bit less tanky on the first Lust island.
- Fixed Massive Block from the Whale Totem
- Fixed Leviathan and Great Owl Totem
- Maximum Tenet cost is now 10 instead of 12
- Dev Sparks choice on first island up to 4 from 2
- Fixed Merciless to have unique passive
- Fixed slowdown for some Legendary talents in the late game
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Update 1.2: Monastery Life, full patch notes:
9th feb.

Full Simplified Chinese translations
Added the Excommunicate God Action, which allows you to boot Disciples after building the Sun Stone. It costs happiness and permanent faith though.
NEW TRADITION: Monastery of Miracles. Enchant your enemies with miracles, and boost your young prospects!
NEW TRADITION: Martial Arts. Control your initiative and Overpower abilities to perform devastating combos!
NEW TENETS: Reclusion and Pain is Gain.
Classes can now improve and penalize a variety of stats. For example, the Lust Priest will gain extra physical accuracy and target smarter, but will have -1 Fervor.

Order of Monks gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Hermit Pilgrimage.
Promote Virginity gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Holy Marriage.
Secret Society gives Monastery of Miracles instead of Burial.
School of Philosophy gives Reclusion instead of Order of Monks
Hermit Pilgrimage gives Reclusion instead of Holy Cats
Revelations gives Reclusion
Doom gives reclusion instead of Ritual Cleaning
Madness starts with Reclusion
Order of Paladins gives Martial Arts instead of burial
Blood Sport gives Martial Arts instead of Might Makes Right
The Holy Banana is back my dudes!
Smite now has a different effect, since the last one was broken.

Fixed missing Dedication (Aristocrat, Kickstarter)
Fixed missing celebratory buildings for some Traditions
Fixed Dream-exploit where a single dream assignment could be executed any number of times by abusing the button.
No longer need to pick a tenet or tradition when you have enough points, but no available options.
Fixed some content in enemy Sacraments
Fixed a bug in which some characters would get less experience
Fixed the Cultist passive "God of Magic"
Fixed issue where leveling a disciple quickly would skip a passive tier
Fixed some text issues.
Fixed floating freckles and chest-hair in disciple portraits
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Hotfix 1.2.1 (1.2.3 for GOG)
11 feb

Fixed a bug where the language setting was not always saved.
Improved various smaller text errors.

Chinese Version:
Added a workaround for entering Chinese names by using the clipboard. You can now give your religion, followers and disciples a name using Chinese characters.
Improved a bug in text parsing that caused the introduction texts to be wrong.
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23rd april 21
Minor patch 1.2.2, 1.2.4 at GOG
Fixed an unspecified bug.
Fixed a few lines of text.
Fixed a situation where the game would take a very long time to load for some network configurations.
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