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Changelog for Update 0.12.16 (added 16 July 2019):

- Fixed crash when using hotkey to go to next day
- Fixed crash that could happen when gaining an upgraded ability for a high level Disciple
- Fixed save games not showing up when certain characters were present in a username
- Fixed crash on startup with certain graphics cards on MacOS
- Fixed crash related to a specific event string in Chinese
- Fixed crash that could happen when Disciples grow old
- Fixed exploit where assignment conditions weren't checked when assigning through the ritual quick selection
- Fixed a crash in the animation system
- Fixed a crash that could happen with villager animations when flirting
- Fixed crash when displaying wrongly formatted Russian text
- Fixed crash that could occur when a button was pressed twice within one frame
- Fixed Cleanse in Sun Totem having wrong Element
- Fixed crash that could happen when two villagers are flirting
- Some animation fixes
- Lots of translation fixes

- Stun now lasts for two turns
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Changelog for Update 0.12.19 (added 23 July 2019):

- Fixed crash that could happen when game timer ran out
- Fixed some untranslated strings in multiple languages
- Fixed texture artifacts on MacOS on Intel Iris Pro graphics cards
- Fixed crash when no internet connection was available on MacOS
- Fixed floating nature assets on edge of village on MacOS
- Increased render performance
- Added display driver information to crash dump
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Major Update #1: The Will Of The People (0.13.16) (7 August 2019)

Hey young gods,

Today we launched the very first major update to Godhood in Early Access. Our goal for this update was to add more strategy & choices and increase the challenge of Godhood. In order to meet this goal, we're introducing a number of brand new features!

- Worshipper Enthusiasm: Keep your flock happy!
- Holy Tribute: Sanctify your resources!
- Updated Faith Mechanics: Manage your fickle flock!
- New Construction Mechanics: You choose what to build!
- 8 new support buildings: Expand your Holy Site!
- New final island: Challenge Quetzalcoatl!
- Difficulty Settings: How do you like to play?
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Changelog for Patch 2.1 (Build 0.13.19) (added 12 of August 2019):

- Crash when upgrading XP ritual
- Crash when upgrading a building with an extra slot when disciple was already assigned

- [Community Suggestion!] Temple Miracles can no longer be done multiple times by the same disciple
- You lose less resources from your Tribute when you lose a sacrament
- Ability element effectiveness nerfed a bit
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Update #2: 'The Old One Rising'. Out Now!
4. September 2019

If you update your game here on Steam, you'll have access to:

- You can now choose Madness as virtue at the start of the game.
- New Class: Cultist.
- New Building: Temple of Madness.
- New Building: Corrupting Grounds.
- New Dark Relic: Sacred Enfant
- New Dark Relic: Eye of the Darkbeast
- New Villager Style ‘Hooded’
- Harbinger Class, for all commandments to use
- New god customizations: 5 arms, 5 heads, 7 head accessories, 4 bodies
- 11 new Dedication statues

- The Weaver’s Mind Fog is limited to 3 stacks per target

- Fixed an issue where returning from a window would wrongly continue the next turn, skipping days unwanted.
- Addressed a number of performance issues, among which an issue that should reduce audio stuttering and memory issues.
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Update 0.15.4 The "Create Your Own Religion" Milestone Update (24 October 2019)

New System: Religious Development

Inspire your Worshippers to develop your religion by guiding them through Religious Developments in different 'Religion Trees'!
New System: Religious Tenets

Religious Tenets allow you to further define your religion in addition to Commandments. Each offers a unique Religion Tree, smaller than those of a Commandment, with it's own special benefits, buildings and religious choices!

New System: Crystal Skulls & World Map Challenge

Godhood will challenge you in a new way as you progress across the World Map! For each Sacrament, your Religion must ritually sacrifice a single crystal skull. They are a rare and limited resource. If your Religion ever runs out, they have to win the Sacrament!

New Sacrament Rules: More Tactics!

New rules serve the make the Sacrament more fair, interesting and give you more control over the Sacrament's outcome!

And lots, lots more!

Expanded Recruitment Mechanics: Recruiting new Disciples has been radically expanded!

- New Buildings: Several Religious Developments will unlock special buildings.
- New Relics: Several Religious Developments grants special Relics.
- Economy Overhaul: We've streamlined the ways resources are spent and rebalanced the whole economy, all so you have many more meaningful choices as you expand your religion!
- Expanded and Overhauled World Map: Lots of new encounters now populate the expanded World Map!
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Changelog for Update 0.16.2: Newfound Shores (28 February 2020):

- Islands: Go to differently themed island to convert the unenlightened. Each island has different challenges and rewards. Collect the sunstones to become the one Truth!
- Generosity: A new commandment for you to spread!
- Human Sacrifice: A new tenet to play with!

- Time & Turns: Pressure is removed from the game to make place for God Actions. You will now have a fixed (upgradeable) number of actions between Missions. Rituals either complete immediately or take a Mission to complete.
- Dreams: Appear in the dreams of your Disciples to prepare them for coming challenges!
- Rituals: You can now permanently improve your disciples with Rituals. They're not as effective as Miracles though.
- City Management: There is now one, central, convenient place to build structures, upgrade them, or unlock classes.
- Classes: Every commandment starts with 4 unlocked classes. You can unlock more with Materials.
- Developments & Followers: Followers unlock some buildings, and will be important for the end game and your high score. Developments slowly unlock as you complete Missions or when you collect Development Sparks.
- Crystal Skulls: You have much more Crystal Skulls, and more chances to upgrade and replenish them. The more crystal skulls you have when you complete a mission, the more rewards you can choose from!
- Sacrament Conversion: Instead of depleting an Awe bar, there are now two other ways of victory:
--> converting half or more of the crowd with your glory.
--> breaking all opponents. Violence works best here.
- When a Disciple is broken, that faction loses 30% of it's converts in the Sacrament.
- Broken: A broken character loses a bond. Once a characters loses all 3 bonds, they leave your religion.
- Ability Styles: Abilities now have a style of conversion, like Fear or Grace. Disciples have a preferred conversion style, and are more likely to learn these abilities. Some passives already work with it, but it will become more important in the future...
- Offerings: You can spend offerings to improve the effect of your actions!

- Tutorial: Game comes with an improved tutorial.
- Development Trees: Development trees are more balanced, and have more options.
- Big Miracles: The commandment miracles have special effects.
- Music: Some new music has been added.
- Adoption: Converting a whole island will give you the chance to adopt one of their tenets.
- Upgrades: There are many, many more and better upgrades. e.g. upgrade the amount of XP you get from a Sacrament, or what kind of dreams you can give to your Disciples.
- Many More: Many more smaller changes!

- So much that I don't know where to begin. The Mac/blocked text bug is still there though, unfortunately

Standalone installers updated: 0.15.13 ⇒ 0.16.2.
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Changelog for Update 0.16.9: Newfound Shores Hotfixes (3 March 2020):

- Added some nice clouds to the New Island animation.

- Changed HP bar to put up a divider each 50 hp instead of 10.

- Fixed save game issue with previous hotfix.
- Fixed tooltip of "Cannibalism" buff.
- Fixed the Marauder's Blade and its event
- Fixed HP showing wrongly when at 1 hp.
- Fixed a crash when you wanted to do a Madness Miracle but didn't have the required offerings.
- Fixed the Thorny Rose relic.
- Fixed the Food Kitchen "Community Elder" passive.
- Fixed the "Forbid Sorcery" special enemy passive (was working as intended, but the text was wrong.)
- Removed the option to switch to the city while selecting a new island, preventing crashes.
- Fixed that autosaves were created in between sacraments of the same mission, resulting in unusable/crashing autosaves.
- Fixed a crash when triggering Honor Duel or Fierce Duel from the War commandment developments.
- Fixed a crash when using the Sacrificial Temple.

Standalone installers updated (0.16.2 ⇒ 0.16.9): 05 March 2020.
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Changelog for Update 0.17.2: Righteous Rituals (24 March 2020):

- Ritual Customization: Help developing the rituals your Disciples choose to bring you glory, and them strength!
- Fervor: Disciple use Fervor to do missions. Carry-over HP is removed
- Martyrs: You can make your Disciples suffer for extra converts in Sacrament!
- All New Passives: A serious rehaul of the passives of ALL classes. More than 30 new passives, and countless new strategic options arise!
- Blessings: Gain one-time powers to trigger an event to change your Disciples with small stories
- Flow Improvements: We improved the way some UI changes were handled
- Assignment Faith Bonus: Every time you're in your Holy City, three random disciples will gain faith bonuses if assigned. They need to feel special!

- Miracle buildings now scale in cost and required followers to unlock. Choose wisely!
- It's now easier to train disciples in stats for which they have talent.. and harder for those who are challenged
- You can now send old Disciples to their last pilgrimage, giving you more control over how aging affects you
- All versions of the first two islands have received a good amount of love
- Nice little connecting lines have been added to the Island Map
- Executioner now scales on Health instead of Cunning
- Cultist now scales on Might instead of Cunning
- The Patron Saint Development's options are now more expensive
- Updated the Tutorial a bit
- Special battles trigger special music!
- Disciples' clothes are now colored by their elemental attunement
- You can now inspect disciples during stories where you need to choose among them
- UI in the Sacrament was changed to make it easier to read important information

- Altruism giving the Temple of Peace
- Cook's Nurse ability is now actually Divine
- Fixed the naming of some abilities
- Probably fixed a bug where miracles were not upgraded properly
- Fixed "Fasting" description
- Fixed issue where you couldn't pick an upgrade even when you had the resources for it
- Fixed some Passives and Totems
- Fixed many more UI issues
- You can delete incompatible Save Games again.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Changelog for Update 0.17.5 (25 March 2020):

- Fixed crash after Sacraments where the Guardian performed his Great Guardian passive (follower conversion through intercept)
- Fixed save game compatibility crashes for saves from version 16.
- Fixed issue where a disciple would leave your religion twice at the same time, once for being angry, and once for being dead.
- Fixed crash when closing the Sacrament tutorial after starting Sacrament preparation from the world map.

Standalone installers updated (0.16.9 ⇒ 0.17.5): 26 March 2020.
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Changelog for Update 0.18.13 Tenets & Traditions (24 June 2020):

We're happy to present our sixth update: Tenets & Traditions! This is a Milestone update with massive game-changing features. We're still in Early Access, so if you find any bugs or major imbalances, please let us know!

New Features
- Tenets: Removed the old Development trees. You can now more freely adopt tenets that boost your whole religion and changes the behavior of your followers.
- Traditions: Unlock Traditions through adopting Tenets. Traditions are game changers that give you new options and influence your society for generations!
- Happiness: Replaces the Crystal Skull mechanic. Keep your people happy, and good things will happen. Make them angry, and sin will spread!
- Consequences: Little stories will trigger in the Holy City based on your Tenets and Happiness.
- Crowds: Sacrament crowds now react to your Disciples' actions.
- Rituals: Disciples will perform upgradeable Rituals every day. Do a Ritual enough, and your Disciple becomes stronger. Miracles increase the effectiveness of Rituals.
- God Actions: Burn Offerings to do specific powers in your Holy City, like granting XP, boosting a Ritual, or something Tradition related, like arranging a Holy Marriage.
- Stat Ranking: Achieve stat thresholds with a Disciple to gain a powerful boost, giving you short term development goals.
- Blessings: Give out small blessings to improve your favorite disciple ever turn.
- Relic Choice: Instead of getting a random relic, you can now pick from a pool.
- Side Bosses: Optional Bosses that give a nice reward, but are hard to convert.
- Tribute Chests: Victory gives you Tribute Chests now, which you can influence and upgrade.
- New Temples: A new visual for Base Temples.
- Corruption: Disciple Power is now a strain on their faith.

New Content
- 40+ Tenets
- 20+ Traditions
- 90+ Consequence Happenings
- 30+ God Powers.
- 10+ Challenges
- 10+ Relics

Improvements & Balance
- A few tutorials have been added and improved.
- UI shows context for a lot of actions.
- Changed how Dreams work, flow wise. You can now assign all your dreams right before Sacrament.
- Changes some abilities of the lust priest to make some more sense.
- Passives that increase base damage (like the Weaver and Executioner) have been toned down a bit.
- All challenges have been adapted to the new balance
- Classes are now cheaper to unlock, but get more expensive the more you unlock.
- All old upgrades that targeted the whole religion have been removed in favor of standard unlocks or one of the new systems.
- Martyrdom now gives Tribute Chests, and goes up to 2. This is to avoid very wild gambles and snowball effects.
- Hp no longer scales of Devotion and Health. This was the main culprit of some pretty wack late game problems.

- Too many! We also changed so much that we probably introduced more than we fixed! Help us with the next update by reporting any bugs you find on one of our forums!

Standalone installers updated (0.17.5 ⇒ 0.18.13): 25 June 2020.
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Changelog for Update 0.18.16 Tenets & Traditions HOTFIX1 (25 June 2020):

- Fixed old fashioned Skull rewards in the fourth island.
- Fixed that unlocking a class did not pay the cost.
- Fixed Skull rewards in high level Miracles.
- Fixed Sneaky Dream unlocks happening.
- Fixed the spaces in the Challenge Heresy tooltip
- Fixed the spaces in the Carnival
- Fixed nothing happening at a marriage
- Added some missing icons
- Happenings at temples no longer spawn people at the wrong places
- Miracle choices are now grayed out when unavailable
- People will not build their districts on top of natural features, like the small pond
- Fixed a bug where selection outlines were not shown for certain districts
- Fixed a crash when inspecting 'Your Religions' with old records present.
- Fixed a crash when disciples evaluated abilities with no possible targets present.
- Fixed a crash when using the Holy Trial god action.
- Fixed a crash when inspecting slotted disciples during a follow-up Sacrament within the same trial.
- Fixed a crash when a Hermit returned from their pilgrimage.

- Songsmith Base ability now has no Bonus scaler. Ambassador's "Peace for All" passive now also implies the AoE Hit penalty.

- Added 4 new dreams; Extra initiative, Extra Crit, Extra Hit Chance and Extra Smarts.

Standalone installers updated (0.18.13 ⇒ 0.18.16): 26 June 2020.
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Changelog for Update 0.18.17 Tenets & Traditions HOTFIX2 (30 June 2020):

- Fixed some Destined (purple) Totems.
- Fixed negative consequences that were marked as positive consequences.
- Fixed the end game text
- Fixed Icon for Beauty of Art
- A Disciple who's afraid of never finding true love now feels down.
- Fixed a missing macro (tr_faithless)
- Fixed people actually feeling bad if they get robbed.
- Fixed crash when triggering abilities that couldn't be targeted (Chieftain's Leader - passive)
- Fixed tutorial crashing when clicking 'Back To Reference' in the Talent tutorial.
- Fixed crash when performing the Intense Passion miracle of a Lust religion.

Clearer effects for picking difficulties. This should allow you a bit more space:
- Easy Gives +2 Happiness per Island converted.
- Normal Gives +1 Happiness per Island converted.
- Impossible a little less impossible: from +50% stats to +25% stats.

Standalone installers updated: 0.18.16 ⇒ 0.18.17.
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Changelog for Update 0.18.20 Tenets & Traditions HOTFIX3 (03 July 2020 / added 07 July 2020):

- Fixed double Acolyte upgrade on the Chastity Island
- Ascetic abilities now scale on Health and Devotion, no more Charisma:
- Shame scales on Devotion (starting at basic)
- Purify scales on Devotion and Health (starting at minor)
- Purge has a higher chance to pick the weakest target instead of just the one in front.
- Fixed Baptism to do what it says.
- Fixed Hermit Pilgrimage to no interfer with Baptism and having the right requirements.
- Removed all Minus Happiness debuffs from happenings, since it could really mess your game up. Instead, there are other negative effects.
- Fixed flow of two later islands.
- Fixed the Burial Tradition to work properly
- Fixed Silence tree from the Cult of Silence tradition.
- Fixed all the Acolyte Sources to match the commandment better.
- Missing images now produce a placeholder sprite instead of crashing the game.

- Songsmith now uses the "Song of Life" ability instead of "Classic Song" has a high scaler on Charisma, but lowers armor for 2 rounds.
- Beastmaster's Claw ability now scales Minor of Cunning

Standalone installers updated (0.18.17 ⇒ 0.18.20): 07 July 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.0 (11 August 2020):

Major New
- 3 new Islands added! This makes for an exciting finish of the game, where the 6th island will face you against Quetzalcoatl's chosen!
- You can now Finish a run! Every commandment has a unique World Religion and a Truth ending!
- Greed is now playable with the Charlatan class!
- Added 3 Greed Traditions: Bribery, God of Thieves, and Trade Missions!
- At the start of the game, you will be asked to pick Major Relic fitting your commandment. There are 2 relics per commandment. They give religion wide bonuses for all generations.
- Animals are back! Cats, dogs and llamas can now be spotted throughout your city, if you adopt the appropriate tenets.
- Achievements! Time for you to see if you can rise up to all the challenges Godhood offers!

Other New
- You can plan your next Sacrament in the City by clicking on the Sacrament in the bottom right. The Disciple UI will remember who you assigned for your plan as a memory aid.
- All traditions now lead to followers building a nice extra building to make your city look more unique.
- Added 4 dedication tenets for you to adorn your city
- Miracle stories are now random, but you can choose the permanent effect. Building temples unlock better miracle stories.
- The Sacrament now has speed controls so it can be sped up.
- Rituals are now upgraded by building temples. Every Temple unlocks and upgrade point for Rituals. You have full control over the upgrades.
- A Match Log is added in The Sacrament which gives details about performed abilities.
- Disciples in the Sacrament can be selected to inspect their stats, abilities and buffs.
- Action hints during city gameplay.
- Newly Improved Tutorial to be less text-heavy.
- Easy and Medium difficulty have been revamped to, well, actually not hard. Sorry for that one.
- Added a few extra happenings, like on "Teamwork" and "Blood Offer".
- Option to draw disciple names from your Twitch channel chat. Watch, guide, and bring your viewers glory!
- A small Disciple Memorial screen pops up when your disciples die.
- You can now see which Traditions are revealed from a Tenet if you have adopted the Tenet before.
- Added option to increase and decrease text size for tooltips and stories.

- End turn button available when turn cannot be ended through inspiring a disciple.
- 'Favored Class' heuristic during class choice takes into account the character's Totem better.
- Fixed inability to rename dedications with long default names.
- Fixed elemental advantage not being calculated correctly for smart targeting.
- You can now more often easily access the Game Menu.
- Performance upgrades for the City phase.
- A bug where disciples would have too few or too many miracles available depending on Knowledge.
- Save game naming is more robust, disallowing certain characters and preventing loading of incompatible games.
- Fatigued effect now properly updates when updating Fervor.

- You can now keep the Sacrament details open while performing other actions.
- Missions are now started by a separate button, to always allow opening of trial details.
- Temple and temple upgrades are now global upgrades instead of miracle upgrades.
- An intercepting Disciple can never be broken due to interception - even on a crit.
- "When picking a smart target with Knowledge, Disciples prioritize:
1. Winning by conversion
2. Breaking an enemy
3. If killer, minimizing opponent HP. Else, maximing damage
- Similar buffs now stack in buff icon lists.
- The 'Manage City UI' better fronts ugrade availability.
- You can now close the acolyte selection window to make the decision at a later point before the next Sacrament.
- Power is now calculated differently, and much more accurate of actual power.
- Harbinger is now a Knowledge - Health class, instead of a Charisma - Health class.
- The totems of your first 2 acolytes can no longer be the same.
- Revamped Class selection UI. Players can now also delay this choice.
- Revamped 'Your Religions' overview UI.
- Revamped End Game UI to match the game's end.

- Changed the balance to play more with XP and scale offerings more easily.
- Assign Elder cooldown is now 3 missions instead of 10. All other assign cooldowns are down to 8.
- Area of Effect damage penalty is now checked after all boosts. Most area of effect abilities have gain higher scaling.
- Holy Judge now triggers on its own the Judge's Reason abilities instead of the trialed Disciple's fear abilities. Trialed Disciple gains 2 clouded thoughts for 2 Missions.
- Heaven's bad happening only gives -10 faith now.
- Moved the abilities of the Cultist around a little bit:
1. Corruption now is a strong morale ability that also scales with Might
2. Aberrant Growth now lowers Evasion.
3. Words of Madness now removes enemy conversions.
4. Perfect fodder applies to all allies now. Very strong.
- Might makes right now gives a +40 faith bonus to the strongest, and the Impose god action will give you 3 Tribute.
- Grand Aberration can now learn the Summoning ability, and chests increased from 1/2/3 to 1/2/4
- Human Sacrifice chests lowered from 1/3/5 to 1/2/4.
- Carnival does now only develop 1x charisma for 3 random disciples, instead of 1x charisma and 1x cunning for all disciples.
- Turn the other Cheek now replaces ability with devout, and scales with Devotion. + and ++ abilities are also replaced with Devout + and ++.
- Cannibalism development up from 0.5 to 1 for Might, Health and Cunning.
- "Doom" God Action now only gives 1 clouded thought, gives +100% Offerings for next Sacrament, and develops charisma and knowledge.
- Boosted Philosophy Tenet gains to +25 Offerings and Materials
- Harbinger's Demoralize now gives -8 Morale Armor.
- The "Rally Troops" God action boosts now physical armor instead of physical damage.

Standalone installers updated (0.18.20 ⇒ 1.0.4): 12 August 2020.
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Changelog for Update 1.0.5 (12 August 2020):

- Crash when using horizontal scrollbars, f.e. in the Disciple Customization UI when customizing voice pitch.
- Issue with Repeatable Mission in the first island not granting offering bonuses correctly.
- Rare crash after closing city events (x2)
- Fixed double negative in Cultist's Perfect Fodder passive.
- Fixed Elemental Balance achievement triggering too easily.
- Fixed crash when exiting the save menu, while game was still saving.
- Fixed a crash on GOG Galaxy when getting multiple achievements in quick succession.

Standalone installers updated (1.0.4 ⇒ 1.0.5): 13 August 2020.