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Came here again and posting again to confirm that it is still broken
I use Playnite now. Works great, even with Steam.
duxcorvan: I give up. Steam integration is always failing. And in my case, it also crashes the whole client after a while. I have reported this problem several times to no avail. I'm sick of it, and that's why I never launch GOG Galaxy anymore. In fact, I've stopped buying GOG games for this reason. Galaxy is a pain in the a**.
This has nothing to do with Galaxy. The Steam integration plugin is a community plugin, which is NOT maintained by CD Project, like the official Epic plugin.

Still ... you have all the right to be dissapointed, to not use Galaxy anymore, even to not buy from GOG any longer. I too use Playnite again, where the lonely developer managed to integrate Steam WITHOUT triggering Steam Guard protection to kick in and block all access to the client.
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Same here, every time it disconnects Steam, have to "Disconnect, connect again" to work. In the past it seems the integration worked better than now, as it keeps always disconnecting.
I'm giving up, steam integration is a total mess. Why GOG isn't fixing this is a total mystery to me, supporting the biggest and most popular PC gaming platform should be a priority in order to spread Galaxy adoption. Switching to Playnite, which I've been testing for a few weeks with no major issue.
It's such a cool feature it would be great if it was reliable!
For now, try disabling IPv6 as per:
Can confirm that this workaround does indeed work.
MugsyNJ: Can confirm that this workaround does indeed work.
I haven't tried this fix yet, but I just launched GoG program three times now and it has stayed connected to Steam (plugin) each time now.

Only thing different the first time I launched it tonight (first time launching in a awhile); when I went to the GoG integration settings it had said "lost connection" with the steam plugin. Instead of the usual "offline".

I'll keep an eye on this, and if it doesn't stay connected I'll try disabling IPv6.
It stayed logged in after I've manually updated to the latest version on Github (0.58), removed the data from the old Steam plugin and then restarted the client.
Well I have been having this issue the past 2 days. It just started for me. I then tried everything in this thread and none of it worked. Seems like after months of using GOG I might no longer use it. Shame because I added almost 800 games to it and now it won't work
just wanted to chime in on this thread as i constantly have to come back to it for over a year now to try and solve this issue. it's mind numbing how i have to reconnect steam over and over again.

I tested out PlayNite based on what others said above and it seems to do everything GOG can do if not more. It has native emulator integration for all kinds of emulators, namely ps1 and 2, and so far no issues. I recommend anyone who lands here from google to check it out - it's free and no steam disconnecting
Can confirm this actually works.
Crashware-Z: Can confirm this actually works.
Can confirm it doesn't. Actually, none of the "solutions" here worked. re-Installing, ipv6 on, off, wait a few days.. re-installed, changed connection from wifi to ethernet.. nothing :(

If it doesn't work would be better not to show it at all. Only Frustrates the users to know it "could" be possible IF only it would work...
After a year of having to manually "retry" launching the plugin every time Galaxy is started, now it's in a loop of being offline and/or unable to connect.

The Steam integration plugin is by far the least stable of the bunch and apparently no development is being done on it on Github in half a year. What a joke.