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This is kinda annoying having to go through the browser to download the games.
I even found a game that can't be downloaded through the browser now :D
Oh well, that I've reported to the support.
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black_phoenix77: Doesn't work for me either, Says 'Server problem'

In the log i can see :

'Cannot fetch installation data for product 1423049311: Error Message: Could not find GOG EULA for 1423049311'

product 1423049311 is Cyberpunk 2077
getch51508: have the same problem I got one game to download but the others wont
I"ve been getting the same error recently as well.
Suddenly, I got the "server problem" in GOG Galaxy. I can't uninstall or download games. Never happened before. Reinstalled GOG Galaxy, same issue. My internet connection is excellent. Help?
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I now have the "server problem" as well. GOG Galaxy won't install any games, and it can't show highlights or other offers from the GOG site either. And I can't re-install GOG Galaxy because the installer says it can't connect to the server.

I recently upgraded to a new internet plan (same provider, though), so maybe the new router/Wifi is causing problems? How do I fix it?
This is STILL an issue. Internet is excellent, I've used GOG for games previously, had no issue with downloading but all of a sudden today it stops working. can't update the GOG app, or download new games.
I wonder is this is related to GOG Galaxy no longer telling me games have updates. Only way it will update games now is if I validate the entire install after a patch comes out
Clownski_: We have now dealt with a couple of problematic IPs that the team suspects were causing the issue. Everything should be back to normal but please let me know if you're still experiencing problems!
I am currently experiencing this problem, cannot download games through Galaxy.
Same for a feckin month I haven't been able to download BG3 which I had to uninstall due to it not being able to update. Seriously, guy. What gives?
Can't download my Cyberpunk, "server error"
Sam Problem here with multiple games, internet is stable and fast. No extra firewall etc.
I am now trying to refund recendly bought games on gog and will never look back...
Same here. I cannot install games using Galaxy