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Russian language update and 50% off promo for a week to celebrate!

[url=]Etherlords and Etherlords 2, two challenging strategy titles with trading-card battle mechanics, RPG elements, and an beautiful fantasy world, as well as S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, a complex turn-based squad-command game set in an alternate history World War II, are getting a Russian language pack update today, on With that, we discount all three games by 50% for an entire week! That means you'll pay only $2.99 for either of Etherlords games, and only $4.99 for S2: Silent Storm until Monday, August 19, at 12:59PM GMT.

S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, which also includes the huge add-on--S3: Silent Storm Sentinels, brings complex turn-based tactical gameplay into the colorful setting of alternate World War II, to create a memorable gameplay experience. The 3D world, that becomes the theater of war, is full of destructible obstacles and objects, the characters support ragdoll mechanics, and even the flight of the projectiles is simulated using the Havok physics engine. With many missions ahead of you, and even more tactical options to choose from, this game will bring you hours and hours of multi-layered fun and challenge! Now, only $4.99!

[url=]Etherlords[/url] and Etherlords 2 combine the trading-card duel mechanics of games such as Magic: The Gathering with the world exploration and resource gathering of turn-based strategy classics as the Heroes of Might and Magic series. The player takes control over a champion of one of the game's four diverse races and embarks on a quest for ultimate power. The Kinets and Vitals, represent the light and prolific aspect of Ether (the self-aware energy that animates the world), the Chaots and Synthets, in turn, personify the dark and destructive facet of the omnipresent force. The choice of a race, greatly affects the gameplay, and all the campaigns offered across both games will provide you with countless hours of gameplay, so you can perfect your technique and tactics. Each game is now available for only $2.99!

Again, all three mentioned games--[url=]Etherlords[/url], Etherlords 2, and S2: Silent Storm Gold Edition, are now available in Russian language. You can get them all with 50% off discount until Monday, August 19, at 12:59PM GMT.
Silent Storm Gold Edition - is there russian speaking, not only the texts?
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