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A Bitmap Blast From the Past!

The Chaos Engine, a legendary top-down shooter straight from 1993 with tweaks and updates such as16-directional movement, is available for only $9.99 on

The infernal machine known as the Chaos Engine reaches through space and time and corrupts our world twisting humans into bloodthirsty, armored beasts. It is up to a small task force of top mercenaries to stop the menace and bring the balance back to the planet. There's only one way to achieve that goal, of course--shoot everything that stands in their path. The heroes of this story are almost as scary as the monsters they fight, but they know quite well that some places are too dangerous to go alone. Cooperation is the key to success--double the firepower, double the chances of survival--and success is crucial to humankind's continues existence.

The Chaos Engine, the legendary top-down shooter originally released by Bitmap Brothers in the magical Amiga era, is back and it's better then ever. This faithful remake brings around everything that made the original great--sleek graphics, badass characters, puzzles, and extreme gun combat. Once again (or maybe for the first time), you can play through all 16 classic levels in four exciting worlds, preferably in exciting multiplayer mode. For an exciting nostalgic trip with tons worth of bullets being shot on the way, you can't go wrong with a classic like The Chaos Engine!

Set out to save the world and kick some monster butt in one of the most memorable Amiga-era games, The Chaos Engine, for only $9.99 on

CORRECTION: We're sorry for the misleading original post, but the game does not support on-line multiplayer.
Bavarian: ...
But isn't this basically a remake? While it is based on a game from the early 90s, it isn't exactly that same game.
Bavarian: ...
timppu: But isn't this basically a remake? While it is based on a game from the early 90s, it isn't exactly that same game.
That's a matter of definition. The word 'remake' implies (at least to me) that something is recreated from scratch, explicitly intended to be a state of the art replication of the original work. Something like the new DuckTales or Castle of Illusion.

That's why I don't like the term 'HD Remake', because adding higher texture resolutions, surround sound and 3D support doesn't qualify as a remake IMHO. It's more like: pimp my original game. I would call that an enhanced edition. And yes, it's basically the same game.