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I've seen the future, brother: it's mass murder.

Syndicate Wars, a violent squad based real-time tactical game set in to the tone of grim cyberpunk future full of corporate wars and artificial body enhancements, is available on, for only $5.99

Only the strong will prevail, the weak have no place in the world. Maybe except for the slums. We need drones like you, after all. Understand this: money is everything, because it can buy power. The whole system works perfectly. The big gets bigger and consumes everything that's smaller in the process. This is the ultimate form of human civilization. A great return to the laws of nature. Eat or get eaten. Only predators prevail and prosper. Then, they set their own rules. What choice do we have, other than to become loyal soldiers to the corporation? What point is there to struggle? I understand that now. You? You soon will to.

You'll become a soldier in the Syndicate Wars. You'll do as I say, go when I tell you to go, pull the trigger on my command--and you'll enjoy every nanosecond of it. The only goal and pleasure of your existence will now be to obey. No, don't struggle. There's no point. The restraints are made from the hardest alloy our lab could produce. Don't worry--it's going to hurt only for a moment, and then the machine will just switch off the pain in your brain. It's such a pity you won't remember this moment and our little talk. After all, today is the most important day of your pitiful life. Welcome to the ranks of EuroCorp elite, recruit.

Forget pain. Forget worry. Forget responsibility. Open your mind to the calm and soothing voice of the Persuadertron. Become an agent fighting in the Syndicate Wars, for only $5.99 on!
You could add Bullfrog's Official Guide to Syndicate Wars mentioned in manual to the extras/bonus content for download in one scanned pdf file.