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An Indy platformer.

Spelunky, an addictive, highly-polished roguelike platformer full of arcade challenge, high adventure in randomly generated stages, and heaps of ancient treasures gleaming in the dark, is available 10% off on That's only $13.49 for the first week!

EXTRA! Don't miss our Website Spelunking Challenge! Find golden idols on and win one of the cute Spelunky Minis!

A hat, a whip, an attitude, and hunger for adventure--that's all it takes to start your amazing journey into the ominous depths of the ancient temple. The legend has it, that the place holds--among its many secrets--the ultimate treasure of a lost civilization. Beware, though: the underground is swarming with strange monsters and it's full of traps that will end your adventure in the goriest, bloodiest possible ways. There's magic in these caverns and walls, though, that twists time and space. You'll be doomed to repeat your attempts at braving the trap-filled rooms again, and again--and each time they will look different. Such is the amazing power of this place. Will you dare to explore it?

Spelunky is a platformer that challenges you to beat a series of proceduraly-generated stages. Easy as it may seem at first, the task proves to be extremely challenging. Every step you take without dying is a success, and the exit seems to elude you in every level. Trying to grab as many riches on the way, rescue a girl or a boy trapped somewhere near, and make it to the end of the stage in a given time takes more than a little practice. With sleek 2D graphics, great gameplay diversity provided by many power-ups and special locations, and difficulty level that gets really extreme at times, this game will keep you entertained for many, many hours.

If you're the type of person who likes to laugh danger in the face, perform daring rescues, explore ancient ruins, and hunt for unimaginable riches, take on the life of a archaeologist/adventurer in Spelunky, for only $13.49! The 10% off discount offer will last until Thursday, August 15, at 9:59AM GMT.
Well done! Great release with bonuses.
Hmmm a week to decide.... btw game was (or still is.. havent checked last hour) top seller on Steam, so cant be too bad...)
Well i for once do understand having a drm free version and a steam version.
The drm free version for fun and the steam version for the "highscore" stuff..... since the gog version has nothing of it (and a lot of people like to have a competition in a game like this).

PS: if i had the money i would by both but i just got the gog one ;o
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Lodium: Your own website?
Is it some kind of gaming blog?
Migth be intrested to follow, unless its in Thai.
Bloodygoodgames: Hey, yep, gaming blog (hence my userid :)

It's not on the same level as Eurogamer, PCGamer etc (would love to have time to write incredibly in-depth articles about games, but I own 6 other websites as well that are my bread and butter (BloodyGoodGames is my hobby, fun site), so I don't have the time.

I love running the site, though, as it really helps me keep up on gaming news etc.

Oh and no, it's not in Thai. I speak Thai (I'm British)/American but have lived in Thailand for 10 years) but couldn't read it for love nor money. And there's no way I can write much more in Thai than the address of my apartment block, LOL.
Well, i poked around a little, seams fine to me.
Too many sites keep yapping about the games before they get to the point to be honest.
So your site is perfect in that sense
Not to short and not too long articles.
Oh, sorry just asumed you were organilly Thai but had your later education overseas :P

About the Open comment box on yogcast i generally agree.
The only solution i see to getting a stop on troll post or reducing it is having invites only tied together with paswords for each e-mail/youtube account tied again to IP but i think even that woudnt stop it alltogether.
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What about User Reviews and Ratings? Here on GoG, I have seen just one review posted on the gamecard page, and zero stars?
Mirkat: What about User Reviews and Ratings? Here on GoG, I have seen just one review posted on the gamecard page, and zero stars?
Everyone is too busy playing the game :)
It's a fun game, slick controls.
Mirkat: What about User Reviews and Ratings? Here on GoG, I have seen just one review posted on the gamecard page, and zero stars?
I've only had time to play about an hour of it so far (have an annoying client that is taking up waaaay too much of my time :), but what I've played is AWESOME.

I'm seeing why some critics have given this game a 10 out of 10 - it really is just about the perfect platformer and, btw, I don't normally like platformers that much but I'm loving this. Replayability is amazing too as the levels randomly generate, so they're always different.

Have to say, so far I think it's excellent and.....hoping to have more time to play it this weekend :)