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Never Deal with a Dragon!

Shadowrun Returns, a classy turn-based RPG set in one of the most iconic Sci-Fi worlds where cyberpunk meets fantasy, sporting excellent character development mechanics and a sleek visual style drawing you right into the dark and dangerous Seattle metroplex, is available 40% off on, for Windows and Mac OS X. That's $11.99 for the first 48 hours.

People will tell you about the word "Shadowrun". They'll explain that it describes the act of falling off the grid to perform some shady doings for a power that prefers to stay anonymous. Like one corporation trying to silently eliminate some key "assets" of another. Or a high-profile magician in need of some fresh virgin blood. Or the law going after someone that would normally be out of their reach, because of that whole corpo-extraterritoriality thing. Get it? That kind of stuff. But I'll tell you this man, I think that's not where the word originates. I've been around for a long time, and I've seen some things no one was ever supposed to see. I know things that you generally wouldn't want to know. Dangerous, that kind of knowledge, a health hazard if you catch my drift. So, believe me when I tell you: it's not actually "shadowrun". It's "shadow-run". A word describing the true hierarchy of power in our good old sixth world. This whole planet is now being run by shadows whose motivation and goals guys like you and me won't ever understand. I don't even mean the dragons. There's something else out there. Something… different.

Shadowrun Returns, a single player, turn-based tactical RPG taking place in a fan-favorite cyberpunk slash fantasy setting. Enter the amazingly depicted futuristic Seattle metroplex, and embark on your mission to uncover the mystery of a series of gruesome killings. Who knows what you'll discover? In the world of Shadowrun nothing is what it seems at first glance. With deep and involving storyline, top-notch turn-based tactical combat mechanics, and deep skill-based character development system, this vibrant imaginative role-playing game just keeps on giving!

Whether you are a die-hard fan of the pen&paper predecessor, or you're just looking for an extensive computer RPG experience, you can't go wrong with Shadowrun Returns, for only 11.99 on The 40% off release discount offer last for 48 hours only, that's until Thursday, December 12, at 10:59AM GMT.
I really would like to give this a shot, but I've bought so much to support my own gaming habits, as well as supporting, I'm spent for the year :(

Though I can only bet it will be even better come the Berlin expansion, and perhaps another one after that.
Elmofongo: Well great bring in Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, Marathon or whatever good classic PC game thats published by Microsoft.
mkell_226: MechWarriors
Well if they don't release it, I am so lucky that I have recent found my Old Mechwarrior 3 CD :)

Also Microsoft owns Mechwarrior?
Wow, the system requirements aren't that high for a 2013 game, I can actually run this.

The only experience I have with Shadowrun was the SNES game which I owned and loved. Definitely interested in this but I have such a huge backlog, I'll wait until the expansion comes out.

Crosmando: The SNES version was very linear as I understand (haven't played it yet), and it was turn-based, but very simplistic, perhaps that's where they got the inspiration for this game.
FYI - its real-time, not turn-based.
mkell_226: MechWarriors
Elmofongo: Well if they don't release it, I am so lucky that I have recent found my Old Mechwarrior 3 CD :)

Also Microsoft owns Mechwarrior?
Microsoft owns FASA ... well, FASA Interactive (which was the video game division) so they own the video game rights to FASA's PnP products.

But since MS shut down FASA interactive, one of the original founders licensed the rights back and then sub licensed them out to various developers.

In other words; it is a cluster fuck.
Aah, so I would have to pay another $15 for the expansion (which is free for people who kickstarted), being a total of $27...

I think I will wait then.

I am not keen to pay $27 for something which I had purchased for $15, before the DRM debacle.

Plenty of other stuff to play in the meantime.
Well, I was to back it up, but then came the "DRM scandal" thing (check their Kickstarter forums' archive).
I do not support DRM shit, so I passed this game.
Now I bought it, because it's DRM-free & it's turn-based & it's Shadowrun - the right combination for me.
Elmofongo: Well if they don't release it, I am so lucky that I have recent found my Old Mechwarrior 3 CD :)
I've still got mine too (best damn one of the series, but I lost my Pirate's Moon disc!!) but it needs to be GOGgified and have some of the bugs fixed.

Sogi-Ya: In other words; it is a cluster fuck.
Well good for them to provide backers with the GOG key, I've already emailed them for the GOG key.
Like many others, my first exposure to the franchise was via the SNES game. It was a linear story, and while you could revisit some areas you already went to, once you progressed the main story past them there was no reason to really go back to them.

I did not get to play the Genesis version, but I have read enough on it at the time that I wished I could have at least tried it. I know the open-world part of that game appealed to me, but it seemed that was done at the expense of the story.

If Bethesda could do another open-world franchise, I would pick this one (to those that would give me flak about this, I would ask them to name a developer that does open-world RPGs better and I will promote them over BethSoft). This game world is one that is ripe for this style of game.
So i bought it and played it....not enough to make up my mind.
Only if you played the old games, well you will be disappointed (i was).
My hope lies with the content provided by gamers.
Especially the remakes of the old SNES and Sega games i've read about.
So I have to choose between Linux and DRM-free again?

MERYL! Somebody find me Meryl.
Woot! Glad this finally made it to GOG! Also yes, as Backer I emailed them and did in fact receive a GOG key. Happy they are honouring that promise.
gooberking: So I have to choose between Linux and DRM-free again?

MERYL! Somebody find me Meryl.
It will also be provided through the Humble Store soon. You're one stop shop for DRM free and Linux.
Currently having a blast (Strike Suit Zero Heroes DLC beat my brows a crazy amount so I had to take a break from getting my arse beat) with this. Should I wait for the Dragonforce or whatever it's called DLC before installing mods and whatnot, because of the supposedly to be improved savegame system?
Mages are extremely overpowered in this once they get access to high-level spells, but then again this seems to happens with most RPG's. If you can lure some mobs into an enclosed space where their all close together, AOE spells really just destroy everything.