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12 days on the fringe.

Pathologic, a weird horror tale of major reality malfunction in a secluded Russian town, told by means of first-person perspective action and adventure game with RPG elements, is available on, for only $9.99

People are used to thinking of space and time as if they were solid. They're not. The thing we call reality is just a function of how the human brain perceives them, in its very limited capability. There's but a thin veil separating the world of men and the dimensions that were never meant for us to see. Sometimes those parallel universes will push against the veil, testing the integrity of its fabric. Sometimes the fabric will tear. When it does, insanity pours through the holes into our world. The rules cease to apply, everything shifts and twists. Most of the times we don't notice. The fail-safe mechanisms in our brains go off and filter out whatever seems off and unfitting. But once in a while the tear is too large and the worlds collide with such force, that there's no way to ignore the madness and horror. This is a story of such an event.

Pathologic aims to scare you, but not in the usual "monsters jump at you all of a sudden"-way. Everything in the Russian town that serves as the game setting seems off. Even the rules of geometry seem to have taken a day off in some parts of the landscape. The barrier between life and death isn't working as it should. A strange plague is attacking the townsfolk. Nightmarish creatures roam the streets taunting you with appearance so alien, that you simply cannot accept their existence. You have only 12 days to discover the towns secrets and find means of saving it from falling off the face of the Earth, and into the realm of madness. This is game is one of a kind, everyone, so if you enjoy weird and terrifying stories, surreal aesthetics, and gripping storytelling, be sure not to miss it!

A stitch in time will save you nine, so the sooner you grab Pathologic, for only $9.99 on, the more hope you can have to fix the fabric of reality before it falls apart.
Scary fans, rejoice?
Got this in an Indie Royale a while ago. Never tried it out. I hear it's good though and it'd be nice to see the rest of the Ice-Pick Lodge collection here!
So, Ice-Pick Lodge is on board? I think it's safe to assume that The Void and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity will soon follow.

Although it's a little bit lacklustre, as all of these games were already featured in multiple bundles.
Own that game already drm free digital on gamersgate for about a year....still nice its here too now.
avatar but not in the usuall "mosters jump at you all of a sudden"-way.
Not sure what mosters is, so I'm going to try and fix it.
but not in the usual "mobsters jump at you all of a sudden"-way.
See? Who needs to fear the mafia?
Interesting game. Have it on Gamersgate but never tried it. Should try it after I finish Amnesia.
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Oh my goddess, are you kidding me?! I never hoped for Pathologic to appear on GOG. Please, consider adding Czech version (publisher is TopCD). English translation is horrible.

The game is a hidden gem. Sort of survival surreal thriller dragged down by brutal survival elements and punishing rare auto-save points. A lot of characters around, many endings, random encounters depending on day and action, cryptic one-lines, heavy atmosphere, avant-garde visuals.
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Great! Had a physical copy a long time ago, and after I lost that I was just waiting for it to show up here. Thanks GOG!
Yes! I've been waiting for a long time for this game to show up here. I've already played through it three times, but I think it's time for another run...
Not familiar with the game, and fortunately I haven't bought it from any time-limited indie bundle nor GamersGate either.

So count me in! I like horror games, even though most of them aren't as scary as one would hope them to be (especially the ones which are mere FPS games under the horror skin, not survival horror).

Mind-fudgery horror games are the best, even if they were mere point-and-click adventures.
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Soooo...someone's got to ask...

Only one game today?
Looks delicious.
Good game, but this release... is kinda late.
Remember this game. I first read a mediocre review which was still intriguing enough for me to try it, especially since it was described as a poor-man's Stalker before Stalker was even out yet (and which I was a huge fan of since I read the first review). So I got the German version and it turned out to be pure weirdness. Just like their next game, The Void aka Tension. I disliked the German dub so much, though, that I didn't play it that much, hoping that one day I'd get hold of the English version. And yay! Here it is!