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12 days on the fringe.

Pathologic, a weird horror tale of major reality malfunction in a secluded Russian town, told by means of first-person perspective action and adventure game with RPG elements, is available on, for only $9.99

People are used to thinking of space and time as if they were solid. They're not. The thing we call reality is just a function of how the human brain perceives them, in its very limited capability. There's but a thin veil separating the world of men and the dimensions that were never meant for us to see. Sometimes those parallel universes will push against the veil, testing the integrity of its fabric. Sometimes the fabric will tear. When it does, insanity pours through the holes into our world. The rules cease to apply, everything shifts and twists. Most of the times we don't notice. The fail-safe mechanisms in our brains go off and filter out whatever seems off and unfitting. But once in a while the tear is too large and the worlds collide with such force, that there's no way to ignore the madness and horror. This is a story of such an event.

Pathologic aims to scare you, but not in the usual "monsters jump at you all of a sudden"-way. Everything in the Russian town that serves as the game setting seems off. Even the rules of geometry seem to have taken a day off in some parts of the landscape. The barrier between life and death isn't working as it should. A strange plague is attacking the townsfolk. Nightmarish creatures roam the streets taunting you with appearance so alien, that you simply cannot accept their existence. You have only 12 days to discover the towns secrets and find means of saving it from falling off the face of the Earth, and into the realm of madness. This is game is one of a kind, everyone, so if you enjoy weird and terrifying stories, surreal aesthetics, and gripping storytelling, be sure not to miss it!

A stitch in time will save you nine, so the sooner you grab Pathologic, for only $9.99 on, the more hope you can have to fix the fabric of reality before it falls apart.
Kunovski: but there's no "you need to gather flying lights hovering in the air and than dance around trees and choose the correct colours to live a couple seconds more" ;)

(just for info, I LOVE The Void)
Those are things you do in The Void? I never got that far. My record is picking up the 2nd heart and getting screwed by using it. I just wish the rules of the game were clearer. Good to know there's nothing that obscure in Pathologic.

Charon121: Kunovski is right. The most difficult thing is to beat the game's economy. If Day 1 lulls you into complacement, a certain event on Day 2 will catch you unprepared. The Plague is easy enough to avoid, but hunger, sleep deprivation and thirst will be your most urgent preoccupations.
That's exactly what I'm afraid of. I'm still on the edge about this. I guess the only way I'll know for sure is to play the game myself, but I really dread this...

Charon121: This excellent and lengthy review warmed me up for the game.
Argh, it's full of spoilers! Don't show me that without warning!

udd: I was a skeptical before playing this game, now I believe in God. Thats all I'll say.
Now that's just sad.
I've found the poor English translation to be one of it's charms. Then again, I haven't come across anything that's utterly bewildered me so much that the meaning was lost. Yet...
I am absolutely gobsmacked by knowerseeker's review of it!

He's never owned the game, yet he thought it was a good idea to add a review of it, giving it just one star from videos he's seen on youtube.

Anyone can review games like that. I've never played any of the Bioshock games, but apparantly, from vids I've seen on youtube, they're absolute crap - take my word for it, because obviously I know.

olemars: I guess I haven't posted enough to post links yet(?) but there is an unofficial widescreen support patch available on the Ice-Pick Lodge forums if you search for it.
You need to have at least 8 rep before you can post links.
Crap!, I'm late!

Anyway, fuck yeah!, I love this game.
Wow. Did you know that Ice-Pick Lodge successfully funded another game via Kickstarter the last year? Knock Knock.
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Mivas: Wow. Did you know that Ice-Pick Lodge successfully funded another game via Kickstarter the last year? Knock Knock.
yeah, and it looks nice (their art is just so beautiful)

and it's going to be weird as hell, that's great!

for this.
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