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Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins, a classic point and click adventure with a dash of action, is now available for just $5.99.
Did you hear that sound? It sounded like a human. I'm a fan of humans, overall, because they're delightfully crunchy with a scream-filled center. And sometimes those humans are worthy of actually being a partner, a Dragon Knight to follow in battle and rage against the evil that infects the land.

Mostly, though, it's that awesome crunch when you bite into them that I love.

Things have apparently gone to pot since my human was betrayed and killed and I got banished. I hear that there's orcs running around and slaughtering peasants. Slaughtering peasants is pretty dumb. It's not much fun if they don't crunch when you bite into them. I suppose that slaughtering peasants is better than nothing, though, which is what I've been doing. I'm bored, but as I wait in my cave, hearing what seems to be a human, at least I have two things to look forward to. Either he's worthy of being a Dragon Knight, a scion of a bloodline that means he will rise to the challenge and help save the lands above and someone who will help lead me to restoring justice and resuming my place as one of the mighty and benevolent protectors of the Father's dream made reality--or else he's just some dopey guy with a sword and hopefully enough armor to make a proper crunch when you bite.

So which is it? Which are you? Are you worthy to lead something as mighty and powerful as a Dragon?

Or do you just go crunch?
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Always a joy for me whenever a Cryo game is added! This is the kind of news I'd love to read about on GOG every day!
My god. This game.

I was 11. I couldn't figure out how to progress past fairly early on. My first playthrough I couldn't get the /sound/ working properly.

...I think I want it.
One more Cryo/ Anuman adventure game? Yes, oh yes!
A shame the release got overshadowed by the the promo frenzy.
The only game with balls enough to feature a "Duck Dragon".
Loved/hated this game. As a kid I was stuck for months, maybe even years (the memory is fuzzy, but I put the game down multiple times until I found a solution). For a very long time I could not get past a giant man-eating plant. Eventually I discovered you can bypass it by walking backwards. This was before I had the internet! It killed me!
For years I thought that walking backwards through the man-eating plant was the solution to the puzzle, until I finally broke down and got my parents to buy the official strategy guide, wherein I found out the solution was something completely different. Yay bugs!
Love the game though! It was a pioneer in pre-rendered adventure gaming. Even if you had to play as someone named "Werner Von Wallenrod". ;P
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I remember buying this game for my 1993 Packard Bell 486 DX-2 50 MHz (when the Turbo button was enabled) on 4 megabytes of system RAM and a 283 megabyte hard drive on DOS 6.0 with Windows 3.11 and being blown away by the cinematic introduction (which still impresses me 20 years later). I still have the CD-ROMs and original instruction manual, and had been thinking about this game recently and how I'd probably never get a chance to run it again and get past the first 5 minutes. Thanks, GOG, for pulling this surprise out of your bag of tricks!
I have fond memories of this game. :)
Nostalgia slam.
I was a kid and I had to pick between two games at the shop.
This was one was running on a computer so we went for it.
I remember trying to figure what to do to cross a huge spider-web and most of my early games ended up with me attacking that friendly lumberjack.

I still have the original box somewhere around, I tried to reinstal it a few years ago to no avail.
Now I have the opportunity to finaly finish it.
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