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Shine your light!

Alan Wake's American Nightmare, a standalone expansion to the gripping action thriller, in which we face America's biggest fears and urban legends, is now available for only $9.99 on That's a $4.99 permanent price drop for this action-adventure modern classic.

Alan Wake is one of the modern times most characteristic game protagonists. He's a character that would fit perfectly in a Stephen King novel--a writer facing a creative block, haunted by unexplained visions, losing his grip on reality, and being drawn ever closer by a dark, unknown menace. The setting of his spine-chilling adventure also reaches deep into the literary traditions of placing the most terrifying stories in seemingly idyllic American small towns, where everybody knows their neighbors, but everyone harbors dark secrets and twisted thoughts. The battle between light and darkness, good and evil, chaos and order, will be taking place in America's backyard, and you will be Alan Wake--the light bearer.

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a true action-adventure gem. With well-written gripping story, fantastic combat mechanics, and a gallery of intriguing characters it's a dark delight for any gamer's imagination. Reaching deep into the America's shared subconsciousness it creates a vision that will emboss itself into your memories, while the dynamic gameplay full of survival-horror will provide you with significant combat challenge. With a fascinating story mode and difficult arcade survival mode, Alan Wake's American Nightmare brings hours of fun and terror, now for only $9.99!
Fatal-X: Well, if Alan Wake had a clunky, unforgiving and hard combat system I could have agreed with such a view, but it actually didn't. The game was very easy on normal, I mean, just throw some light on those shadows for half a second and they get quite a long stun animation, control the crowd. Use shift a lot. At the end of each episode I had a stack of batteries, flares etc cause I often tried to save them. You know, save them for a harder battle. But those almost never came. So for me the game was mostly just clunky. The DLC eps had some harder fights, I can agree with that, but in the original they were easy.
How many times The Taken killed You in the first Alan Wake?... Honestly..
Digital_CHE: How many times The Taken killed You in the first Alan Wake?... Honestly..
For me, I'd say around 5 of the Taken managed to bring me down. Some of them, though, more than once. There was this fight in the forest, not long into the game, that took me around 20 approaches to win. But that was only because I decided I would get through that part 100% unharmed, so every time they got a hit on me I would give up, wait for them to finish Alan off and restart the whole sequence. I like to make such little "bets" with myself while playing, form time to time. :-)
All I can say is thank the lord that Nightmare difficulty was actually selectable on the first playthrough this time.

I liked Alan Wake, despite it being ultimately far too cinematic for it's own good and ultimately not very good; but it could have been just that little more tense and challenging if I could have played it on Nightmare first time round. It's not really a game that warrants a second playthrough.
What the hell? Is Viacom being a dick again? What does Alan Wake have to do with Viacom? They blocked the trailer.