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Wadjet Eye Selection for only $8.96, Kain and Raziel Saga for only $5.96

The 13th day of our [url=]2013 #NoDRM Summer Sale, brings out some mysterious and ominous vibes in the middle of idyllic summer. There are some dark and blasphemous forces at move, forcing the dead to roam the Earth as elusive apparitions and driving the lust for blood in the monstrous denizens of forbidden planes. Scared yet? You should be. Vampiric lords and restless souls are ready to take over your computer screen. Don't be alarmed--all that they're looking for is some quality time in our realm. Play their games, and they'll leave you be. Oh, who are we kidding! You'll be coming back for more as soon as the thrill wears off. Let's see what's on the menu.

Wadjet Eye Games excel in point-and-click adventures that sport classic pixelated look that pleasantly tickles our nostalgia and deliver some deep, complex, mature, and thought provoking stories. In today's Wadjet Eye Selection bundle you get Resonance, Primordia, Gemini Rue, and Blackwell Bundle, for the amazing price of only $8.96! You did notice the Blackwell *Bundle* part of the deal, right? In this amazing package you get not one, but four Blackwellspirited crime & mystery games. A bundle within a bundle, what is this madness?! Well, that's no madness, unless you pass on such a great deal. With the 80% discount rate it would be mad.

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Going even deeper through the sphere's of insanity, we reach Nosgoth, the ancient land of wicked evil and dark desires. Visit it quick, before the swarms of tourists show up making a mess of the place while calling each other "noobs". In our Kain and Raziel Saga bundle, you get Legacy Of Kain: Blood Omen 2, Legacy Of Kain: Defiance, Soul Reaver, and Soul Reaver 2 for only $5.96. That's 75% off on your last-chance ticket to the authentic Nosgothian experience.

All of the above offers last for the next 24 hours, that is until Monday, July 1, at 12:59PM GMT. Enjoy our #NoDRM Summer Sale, and drop by tomorrow for more massive discounts and gaming excitement!
21minutes til the next daily repeat bundles (s) ;)
nijuu: 21minutes til the next daily repeat bundles (s) ;)
23 hours and 53 minutes now. Funny how a countdown counts up so fast.
And another bundle set ended. Don't think I'll buy anything else during the sale, as I already got more games that was initially on my wishlist. (Achievement unlocked: PayPal payment declined. ^_^;)
Many thanks to Tranquil.Suit for providing me with Primordia at promo cost!
teabow: You definitely should. Gemini Rue alone is worth the price.
Fred_DM: maybe so but you're overpaying. Gemini Rue has been in about a half a dozen pay-what-you-want bundles. I already own it like 3 times.
Well I only recently found out about the game and haven't had the opportunity to buy it through one of those "pay any amount" bundles in the past, so it's all good in my books. :)

Besides, you can hardly call this "overpaying".