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Amnesia series, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Clive Barker's Undying and more sensational scary games up to 75% off!

Boo! It's time to put up your Jack-'o-lanterns, buy an excessive amount of candy, and dress up in a costume that's a clever reference to pop-culture. All that, and of course--play some scary games! It's [url=]No Trick, All Treat on We've prepared a selection of terrifying titles to make gaming Halloween a one to remember. They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, they're games from GOG! Masterfully crafted thrills in Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, pixelated gore and terror of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, demonic dread in Clive Barker's Undying, and many more terrorizing titles, are all available up to 75% off until Friday, November 1, at 10:59AM GMT Are you scared yet? No? Well then, let the Enigmatic T set you in the mood with some creepy storytelling.

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But that's not all! Our releases today, will also put a white hair or two on your head. Just now, we've added , a terrifying stealth-based survival horror game with parkour elements, full of insanity and violence, to our DRM-free catalog, and it's available for only $13.39 for a limited time. In about six hours, we'll add yet another game well-suited for the occasion: [url=]Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut, one of the most bizarre thrillers ever told in a game, is coming your way, and will be available for only $22.49 (that's 10% off for a limited time). Have a horrifying Halloween, everyone!

PS. All those scares can prove exhausting, so we also give you the option to relax with some good old shooty-shoot action in The Chaos Engine, a legendary top-down shooter straight from 1993. It's available 50% off (that's only $4.99) until Friday, November 1, at 10:59AM GMT.
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ClaymoreFan: Should I get I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream or the first Gabriel Knight? Keep in mind, the story and setting is more important to me as I am DUMB and suck at adventure puzzles. So which one? Or should I get Phantasmagoria?
P.S. I have Undying, Alan Wake and The Cat Lady before anyone points them out, they are in my backlog.
They are all interesting and unique, with good voice acting and great stories, but all three are rather challenging.
I would recommend Gabriel Knight, but get a walkthrough and use it if necessary.
gandalf.nho: What about subtitles for the video?
This video was turned around on a tighter timeline than usual. Also, I had no script. So, um, maybe we'll make a transcript eventually. >.>
Finally, Sanitarium! :D
Schnuff: My first thought was *cool, something for Halloween*.
Than i saw the games offered. Well, 12 games missing but i was seconds away from buying IHNMAMS, Pathologic
and Penumbra. Lucky me i have a vast collection of game mags....and even if they sound good in the descriptions of GOG some didn't convinced the reviewer than. Still Penumbra is now in my ever increasing backlog.
IHNMAIMS is really worth picking up. You know you can believe me: blue text never lies. >.>
Great promo :D Everyone pick up Sanitarium and Undying !
TheEnigmaticT: IHNMAIMS and The Cat Lady are really worth picking up. You know you can believe me: blue text never lies. >.>
Fixed it for you :)
I really wanted Costume quest, but it's not on sale...
elendiel7: I really wanted Costume quest, but it's not on sale...
Yeah, now that you mention it, Costume Quest is a bit of a strange one to omit from a Halloween sale.
Blast it! Just bought The Cat Lady about 12 hours ago and now it's on sale for $2.50. Oh well.
Nostradamus right here:

Nice promo, GOG!
Hmm....Don't like horror&scary games but I'll pick Waxworks ..provided this week's classic release will be Entomorph NOT WCP.
Otherwise WCP wins :-P
The vídeo was quite good, reminded me of "The tell-tale heart" for some reason.
From the posts I've read the Cat Cady and IHNMAIMS seem to be mandatory purchases. Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
2 games off my wishlist bought, plus 5 more somehow sneaked into my cart. Probably my favorite promo yet. Thank you, GOG!! :D
tinyE: OT for this sale but not for the holiday, thanks to everyone who pushed the Dracula Trilogy on me. True it's little more than traditional point and click but it does just enough with the atmosphere to make it a real gem for any fan of classic (albeit no longer really scary) horror and of course fans of the book.
I'm jealous. The choppy audio I'm experiencing in the first two Draculas makes them unplayable for me.

I can't believe one of my favorite games of all time is almost here! This has to be good too be true - can someone pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming?