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Set phasers to FUN!

FTL: Faster Than Light, an amazing blend of hard science fiction, strategy, and drama that sends you on a voyage through a procedurally generated galaxy filled with awe and danger, is available 66% off today, on That's only $3.39 for the next 24 hours!

Now, FTL here is a tough game. Some would say that at times it's unfair. To that any spacecraft captain would promptly reply: "life isn't fair, crewman! Suck it up. Now zip-up that red uniform of yours and go check the contamination levels in the second airlock". They would be quite right. Life in the depths of space has no place for such concepts of fairness. You need to be prepared for solar winds blowing in your face. You need to expect a sudden abordage by alien pirates. You need to have a backup backup backup reactor core. That's just everyday's reality for a starship commander. Although, hard as it may seem, you get to reroute power to the shields and launch photon torpedoes at stuff, so in the end it's way more satisfying than all other careers you could have.

FTL: Faster Than Light is a meticulous simulation of a spaceship commander's duties. The fate of the ship and its crew lies in your hands, so your performance has to be flawless. You have to track many of the craft's systems at once, issue orders to your men, and plan at least five steps ahead. The galaxy you'll be traversing is procedurally generated and full of danger, so the game provides infinite replayability and challenge. If you are a sci-fi fan and you enjoy difficult games, FTL: Faster Than Light will mesmerise you with its setting and unforgiving mechanics.

Boldly go, where several men have gone before and got their butts kicked by aliens! Grab FTL: Faster Than Light, for only $3.39 on The 66% off discount offer lasts until Thursday, November 28, at 10:59AM GMT.
nijuu: Whats going to be in the Advanced Edition? (surprised he has taken time out to do this)
Grargar: Taken from the official site:
Did they provide an ETA on that, or is it more of a "when it's finished" deal?

I played this in the beginning, but got sidetracked and now it sits beckoning. Having said that, I will probably wait until this AE version is out as I am not hurting for games to play at the moment.
jackster79: Did they provide an ETA on that, or is it more of a "when it's finished" deal?
The video on the front page of the FTL website says "Early 2014".
I watched some videos about and have one question. Is game shipped with new keyboard and mice? Or at least some be-calm pills? If not, my healthy is in danger :)
Bought! I was hoping it'd show up during the Insomnia sale, but it never did, so hurray! My patience is rewarded. :)
Oh, nice promo, though I got FTL for $1.66 from the charity drive a little while ago.
Its amasing how much depth and complexity, but in the same time, simplicity of gameplay and UI this game provides!
Its been a long time since I was amazed by game, and this is one that did it, and I played a lot of different game in that time.

Game is simply fenomenal, ingenious and hard :) But very much rewarding!

This is a must-buy!
Craig234: pretty much everyone liked it a lot. Except me.
Not just you.

I found the game was pretty much a 1-2 hour grind to a boss fight which, until you really know what you are doing, you will always lose.

My conclusion was that FTL is the world's worst checkpoint save.

I didn't hate it, but after a few hours with it I have no desire to play it again, and wouldn't really recommend it.

It's clearly pushing the right buttons for a lot of people, though, so YMMV.
Advanced Edition? With all those upgrades for free?

Okay, you´ve convinced me - bought :)
CatShannon: Same here.

It’s a fun game and I never thought that I’d enjoy it. But I do.

It’s not the kind of game that I come back to night after night. It’s far too simple and casual for that. But that’s also the reason why dying in this game doesn’t feel so bad and why I can easily fire this up and play a round or two whenever I feel like it.

I could imagine this game to be much more fun with more complexity; a space exploration game with proper crew management and more varied events with far more depth than battling drones and pirate ships. That would be a blast. But still, I already enjoy FTL the way it is right now.
P1na: Put your hopes here
Hey, the game sounds indeed interesting. But a year 2015 release doesn’t. Thanks anyway for pointing it out. *thumbs up*
jackster79: Did they provide an ETA on that, or is it more of a "when it's finished" deal?
AdamR: The video on the front page of the FTL website says "Early 2014".
Thanks. That should be a long enough time frame to clear out some backlog (though likely I said the same before about something else >.> )