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I'm in for "The Witcher".

Tomorrow's door should be about System Shock 1 +2 getting released as a special Saturday Advent Calender Promo sponsered by GOG.
In for:

- Alpha Centauri
- American Conquest + Fight Back
- Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich
- Outcast
- Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The

Next topic: Games deemed so worthless by GoG that they are sold bundled with their successors
Thank you!

In for American Conquest + Fight Back!
I'm in for:

American Conquest + Fight Pack

Tomorrows Door should be about the great GOG games, that nobody played. :)
I'd like to win Alpha Centauri.

Tomorrow topic: RTS.
In for Alpha Centauri.
Next topic should be games that are best played when you are snowed in.
not entering - thank you Ubivis :) +1
Not in this time but +1 and thx :)

Freedom Force


Tomorrows Topic..why aren't more people voting for Powermonger !
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich

Well, tomorrow's the 8th, which makes me think "ate" for some reason. Therefore, the door should be food...themed games?
I'm in for Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich.

For the next topic, all about RPG games.

Thank you for the giveaway! :)
Not entering but tomorrows topic, who actually reads the full opening post and follows the instructions (yes im a grumpy bastard no i dont care)

+1 to ubi for managing this.
In for Witcher!

Tomorrow: older golden oldies!

O Hai!! I'm in for:

Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich
Alpha Centauri
Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The
American Conquest + Fight Back

Since this is the Christmas season, we should have Christmas related themes. The topic for tomorrow should be favorite games with Elves in it. And I mean games where the main characters are elves, or a game where you can become an elf.
I'm in for American Conquest + Fight Pack.

Tomorrow is the 8th, so the topic should be about games from the 80s.