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Today is Friday, today is the 7th, so it must be GOG Day (no clue what I'm talking about? No worries, so don't I):

There are 3 rules for today:
1. As usual, say what games you are interested in
2. You must have been signed up with GOG November 2012 or earlier
3. You must say, what topic the tomorrows Door should have :)

And here we go with the prizes:

- Alpha Centauri - Braussie
- American Conquest + Fight Back - maycett
- Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich - ErekoseDM
- Outcast - gandalf.nho
- Witcher: Enhanced Edition, The - cbean85

Good luck everyone
Post edited December 09, 2012 by Ubivis
Thanks,I'm in for Outcast!

The tomorrow topic...the most desired game that isn't on GOG yet.
I'm in for Outcast, thanks!

The next theme should be: Winter themed games!
Thanks, in for Witcher

Tomorrow's topic should be ideas about how to get System Shock 2 on GOG now! :p
Now that would be a great christmas present.
Post edited December 07, 2012 by jamsatle
In for The Witcher and Alpha Centauri.

next topic should be how to get more complete series on GoG!
alpha centauri

the next door should be door themed
I'm in for
- American Conquest + Fight Back
- Outcast

Tomorrow's topic........
How should GOG deal with expansion pack, DLCs and patches for new games?
Count me in for American Conquest + Fight Back. Thanks!

The next door should be Halloween themed. To confuse people.
alpha centauri

Post edited December 08, 2012 by te_lanus
Thanks! I'm in for Outcast, American Conquest + Fight Back, and the Witcher Enhanced edition

Tomorrows door should have..Sim games. Simtastic Saturday mayhaps?
next door should be about FPS games or an action themed promo

I would like

American Conquest + Fight Back
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich

on GOG, thanks!
Post edited December 07, 2012 by Roman5
I'm in for:
American Conquest + Fight Back
Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich

next topic should be how to convince Disney to let LA games here on GOG
The next topic should be about the Doors!

I'm in for Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich
In for Freedom Force please :)

Tomorrows topic should be including a pic of your Christmas tree or a Christmas tree if you haven't put yours up yet
In for
- Alpha Centauri
- American Conquest + Fight Back

Tomorrow: Meaning of Life