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I would like to try for
The Witcher Enhanced Edition

hmm tomorrows topic perhaps Obscure and Underrated
thank you very much for the giveaway
I'm here with American Conquest + Fight Back and would like to see RTS tomorrow :)
I want Witcher , next deal is maybe D&D themed :)
OMG.. I'm interested in all of them..
1. Witcher
2. Freedom Force
3. Outcast
4. Alpha Centauri
5. American Conquest

As for tomorrow's topic... Any chance of "Games in the Mac Catalog" happening?

Thank you!
I'm in for Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich.

For tomorrow... Summer themed games. Because Christmas isn't in Winter for everyone.
In for Alpha Centauri and Freedom Force.
In for Alpha Centauri or The Witcher.

Tomorrow topic: RTS

And here is a picture of todays chocolate...A...erm..I can't actually tell...

Thanks as always Ubivis and GOG donors! Good luck everybody :D
In for Witcher. +1 to you and tomorrow should definitely be all about the classics.
I love Outcast. I wish tomorrow was announced The Nomad Soul released on
I will enter for American Conquest.

Tomorrow should be flying themed.
swings_jo: And here is a picture of todays chocolate...
LOL ! At first, I thought it was a bullet :P
Trying only for Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich today!

Tomorrow should be "Games that everyone but Stooner has", to increase my chances... ;p
JK, maybe "Everyone's wishlist" ?

Thanks again!
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In for Freedom Force.

Since tomorrow would be for December 8, and 8 looks like an infinity symbol, then the theme could be "infinity" games that loop infinitely like old arcade games, games that you can continue indefinitely after winning, games with randomly generated or user created content that could potentially unlimited replay value, etc..
Alpha centauri :)
Topic: first video games ever beaten.
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