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The only 2 games that are somewhat in my sights are Shadow Warrior 3 and Age of Empires IV. After these 2 happen, I have no idea.
That's a long list. If I may ask, does anyone know if there are any upcoming 4X space strategy games similar to Master of Orion?
With perhaps the exception of Kings Bounty 2, Godfall, Elder Scrolls VI, Dying Light 2, Half-Life 4, and Black Myth - Wukong I don't see many interesting games so far.

EDIT: Well, I did actually found more

Horizon: Forbidden West
Atomic Heart
Stalker 2
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None of them I've seen so far.
perablenta: Xenonauts 2
Colony ship
Kerbal Space Program 2
I don't recognise any games from the OP list, except from those above. Terra Invicta looks quite ambitious, hopefully it'll turn out to be a good game.