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Since a lot of games got pushed back from 2020 into 2021 it seams 2021 is going to see an above average number of new releases. I am personally mostly a strategy game fan but I will play and finish a good RPG, spend a lot of time in a battle royal I like and some other games form other game genres. So this would be my "short" list of games in 2021 which I am looking forward to*

What are the games you are waiting for?

Old World,
Kings Bounty 2
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Storm Ground
Blood Bowl 3
Knights of Honor 2
Xenonauts 2
Phantom Brigade
Terra Invicta
Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom
BOC: Birth Of Civilization
Songs of Conquest
Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen
Manor Lords
Stronghold Warlords
Starship troopers Terran command
Diplomacy is Not an Option
Global Conflagration
Dyson Sphere Program
War on the Sea
Iron Conflict
Cold War Game
War Room
Black Legend
Builders of Egypt
Dark Moon
Dust Fleet
Make Your Kingdom
Colony ship
TFF The Final Frontier
Age of Space
Builders of Greece
Dream Engines
Sons of Valhala
Pirate Commander
Para Bellum
Aztec Empire
Moduwar RTS
Drone Swarm
Against the Storm
Going Medieval

BTW if you would like to check out a video covering and showcasing some of these games by a really cool gamer girl you do so here:

And here is a video hosted by another female YouTuber with new RTS and base building games coming out in 2021 and beyond.

Additionally, third video, this one about new City building Simulation games in 2021

4th video, this one about new Management and Simulation games in 2021
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King's Bounty 2 would probably be on the top of my list if they kept it in that colorful, fairy tale-ish style of the previous games. Instead they went for a much more generic, "serious" fantasy tone and it looks rather boring.

Songs of Conquest looks really nice, but I don't really know too much about it, and whether it will really come out in 2021 is also not certain.

And that... that is kind of it for me I'm afraid. I'm sure there'll be some interesting stuff I'm either forgetting or don't know about, but mostly I've got a backlog and even more games I haven't even bought yet, so even if not a single new game was released next year I'd still probably not catch up with everything, so I'm not exactly preoccupied with upcoming releases.
Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered or Legendary Edition! Can't wait to talk to Vigil again and listen to that soundtrack masterpiece!
I can only think of 3 games, from studios with a really good track record:
- Baldur's Gate 3
- Deathloop
- Resident Evil 8 (but I still haven't played 2, 3 and 7 yet)
Most of the time, new games only start interesting me (for purchase) once I've read a bunch of reviews and watched some gameplay videos.
Colony ship rpg, because I liked Age of decadence. Nothing else really, I don't want to get too deep into gaming anyway.
Last year I said my favourite upcoming game for 2020 would be Hollow Knight: Silksong. And because it was delayed, I guess my favourite upcoming game for 2021 will be Hollow Knight: Silksong
S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2
I'm not sure about 2021, but the games I'm most looking forward to are:

The Fellowship Saga
Legendary Journeys
Aeolwyn's Legacy
Clam Man 2

Also interested in:
Colony Ship
D20 Dungeons

Curious about:
Balan Wonderworld
Knights of the Chalice 2 campaigns
Realms Beyond
Wrath of the Righteous
Baldur's Gate 3

I've been too immersed in RPGs, any promising 3D platformers coming soon?
I'm looking forward to Baldur's Gate 3 and Bloodlines 2. I'm hoping Wolfenstein 3 comes out next year.
Mostly some indie adventure games which GOG will reject as too niche.
I think Gamedec has been moved to 2021 too. Only "coming soon" game in my wishlist at the moment.

Humankind and Old World are much need competition for Civilization, although I don't expect them to be released DRM-free. :(

Age of Empires 4, after so many years, I'll believe it when I see it.
I am looking forward for The Witcher 3 new patch. Although it will not fix any bugs, I am glad that it will evolve somehow before my next run (I do not have Geforce RTX, so I also hope, that there will be something for people like me).

Not sure if it will be released next year, but I am also waiting for Blade Runner Restored Content by ScummVM team - this game deserves it!
To answer the title of the thread which is a question, here are the list of games I am expecting.

The games I like should be released to any console with PC hardware port Apple, Linux and Microsoft Windows.

Zone Of The Enders 3
New 3D Castlevania
New shooter Contra

Dance Dance Revolution For PC also make a USB dance pad for PC.
Dance Maniax For PC and create the accessory that will detect your hand movements.

Take back the license to produce new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hack N' Slash games and a new Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters in 2.5D comic graphics that will become the next big electronic sports fighting game rivaling the likes of Dead Or Alive, King Of Fighters, Tekken And Street Fighter.



Must port their old Breath Of Fire games On PC then make Breath Of Fire 6 & 7
Remaster Onimusha Samurai's Destiny. Demon Siege and Oni Dreams then Make Onimusha 4 a reality
Remake the Resident Evil 1996, RE: 0, Code Veronica and 4!


Revive Mighty Final Fight. Port on PC your Final Fight Games then make a new sequel like a Yakuza Mighty Final Fight.

Make a new game of Beat Down: Fist Of Revenge.

Make Mega Man 12 and Mega Man X9

Make new power stones game

Make a 3D fighter game

Then make more new games but I want you CapCom to focus on Breath Of Fire and defeat Final Fantasy and Onimusha

Cyberpunk 2077 hoping that soon CD Projekt Red will give us THIRD PERSON POINT OF VIEW! I ain't buying this day 1.

The Witcher 4. It could be Geralt Of Riva again or we have a woman protagonist Cirilia.

Sequel Door Kickers: Action Squad 2

Sequel to Iron Marines and Kingdom Rush 5 I mean a sequel not a prequel like Origins.

SEGA must port Yakuza games including spin-offs including Judgement on PC. SEGA should be the one to do the sequel of Streets Of Rage 5 and Shenmue IV. Make new Siining Force games. AND MAKE A NEW CONSOLE!

Octopath Traveler 2

Starcraft 3

Diablo 4 with offline single player.
Too many to keep track of. The ones I can remember right now:
Kerbal Space Program 2
Syberia: The World Before
Xenonauts 2
Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One
Bus Simulator 21

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown. I'm very excited for this.There's been nothing like this on the market since the last TDU game. It's being developed by the same developer who made the latest WRC rally games, TT Isle of Man 1 & 2, V-Rally 4, ... all of which I've really enjoyed. None of them have appeared on GOG though, so I don't have much hope for that ... might be too niche for this site anyway.
I'm not very good at keeping up-to-date with new game releases and video game news lol, but I'm really excited to see Demon's Souls remastered. I know that's possibly just a console exclusive, and the original game came out a while ago now, but I do adore it so much and I'm very excited to see it released.

Hitman 3, Yakuza: Like A Dragon, Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time Remake, Harvest Moon: One World, Nier Replicant all sound like really exciting releases to me. I'm also looking forward to Frogwares' new Sherlock Holmes game, I'm really enjoying their series right now.