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LegoDnD: Oh hey, that's an end-game mini-boss from Brutal Legend!
That's the one!

Your go
Too easy?
Star Wars
Specifically one of the Knights of the Old Republic games, but I'm too rusty to be able to say which one
LegoDnD: Too easy?
Star Wars: The Old Republic?
Kalirion is the only one who's specific enough. Your turn!
Aight, next one!
Two more screenshots.

This game is the non-VR version of a VR title.
moss.jpg (159 Kb)
journey.jpg (277 Kb)
Is it a game about dreams?
Cadaver747: Is it a game about dreams?
I don't think so. Well, I only played the first couple chapters and not sure what the story is, if there even is one, but the game description says nothing about dreams, only "dreamlike".
Well, screenshots aren't doing the trick.

This game landed on Steam in fall of 2020. The original VR version did in Summer of 2020.

The game's title would be scared of fire.

The dev's name sounds like they should be making 2d retro games.
If neither screenshots nor text hints are enough, here's gameplay footage of me stumbling around! (HD still processing at time of post)
Still not enough?
credits.jpg (95 Kb)
parade.jpg (409 Kb)
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I think we need more clues
Looks like "Paper Beast".