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Don't tell me what I can't do, Rob!
Don't worry, Things can only get better.
Diesel - Sausalito summer nights
Peter Frampton - I Believe
Heimataerde - Immortals

It's supposed to be some foals and london thunder

It wasn't on Life is strange but it still makes me feel sad, it's in my opinion better song than credits song in LIS. Still I found that song because of that game.


Game kinda sucks but that music is pretty good. (I mean silent hill 5) silent hill 4 was great.
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Vivaldi Chamber Works by Seattle Baroque.

Here's a sample:
Republic of Dreams
Your Lie In April
Yeasayer - Henrietta
Smogg: Heimataerde - Immortals
Hey, that sounds cool.
ZZ Top - Planet Of Women
OK Ikumi - Always Stays the Same
PainOfSalvation: ZZ Top - Planet Of Women
Now I know why they had to change the title for that shitty Duke Nukem game.
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Good call! Lo-fi ambient is perfect for the upcoming full moon. :)

Moons and Mythology

<span class="bold">OK Ikumi</span> - 12/10 - Europa (, [url=]Mythology)

<span class="bold">OK Ikumi</span> - 12/10 - Autono&euml; (, [url=]Mythology)

<span class="bold">OK Ikumi</span> - 12/10 - Ganymede (, [url=]Mythology)

<span class="bold">OK Ikumi</span> - 12/10 - Euporie (, [url=]Mythology)

<span class="bold">OK Ikumi</span> - IV​/​XI - Iapetus (, [url=]Mythology)

"<i>Home from Space</i>"

Derived from post 4497 "OK Ikumi - Spirits - Always Stay the Same"
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