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Chance Thomas: The Lord of the Rings Online 10th Anniversary Commemorative Soundtrack (mp3).

The current song is
Two of the finest musicians in the history of music, jamming in air most rare.

Stanley Clarke & John McLaughlin - Desert Song .
Stanley, as only Stanley can....

Stanley Clarke - School Days
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Michael Giacchino - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Haven't finished listening to the whole album yet. Being halfway through I can say that for the most of the time it's quite a standard meh Giacchino score (still his meh scores are far better than many of blockbuster scores nowadays). Well, for most of the time... Then comes the Monumental Meltdown cue. It's simply awesome (don't like the word, but it fits here perfectly). Love the Medal of Honor games soundtracks vibe in it.

After the great Star Trek: Beyond score I think that Giacchino just needs a director who will kick him in his butt. He's got talent, but rarely shows what he is capable of.
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The Grandfathers of heavy metal:
The sound of the wind in the trees and the occasional car going down the road.
Aesop Rock without the flow, only instruments:

Any of his best songs instrumental versions while I download Mint on a 1Mb connection lol.
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Mich Gerber - Eros
Buckle up, shipmates. It feels like someone on this rocket has turned the knob to switch on the light, but instead something strange happened to the warp engine. :)

Careful with That Mic...

Clutch - Pure Rock Fury - Immortal (2001)
Cover of Leslie West - Mountain - Baby, I'm Down (1969)

Goatsnake - Dog Days - Heartbreaker (2000)
Cover of Free - Heartbreaker - Heartbreaker (1973)

Entombed - DCLXVI: To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth - Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes (1997) (Family Favourites Bonus CD)
Cover of Black Sabbath - Vol. 4 - Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes (1972)

Clutch - Earth Rocker - D.C. Sound Attack! (2013)

Clutch - Earth Rocker - Mr. Freedom (2013)

Derived from post 6770 Aesop Rock - Labor Days - Daylight (2001)
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Stanley, with a little help from Jeff Beck.

Stanley Clarke - Lopsy Lu
La Fee, Ring Frei