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My current playlist:

Nirvana - About A Girl (instrumental):

Taichi - Fired Up:

Nomy - Bring Your Guns:

Blues Saraceno - The River:

Ronald Jenkees - Guitar Sound:
"Oh Wonder" official playlist on Spotify. Repeatedly.
UFO Alien Invasion OST - Geoscape 04.
Def Leppard and Taylor Swift Full Concert.

I have mixed feelings. Taylor Swift is young and hot but doesn't really have a voice that fit the music. The Def Leppard guys are old and ugly but do fit the music both musically like singing and playing instruments.
A Def Leppard concert featuring a stripper with a good voice? I dunno but somehow it's great and I keep listening and watching.
Saints Row: The Third [Soundtrack] - Let's Pretend 1:
GosT - Nascency
There's quite a lot exactly. Here are some of them:

Michael Buble - Haven't Met You Yet

Michael Buble - It's A Beautiful Day

MechWarrior Online Soundtrack - The Boar's Head

Kraddy - Into the Labyrinth
Asphyx - Circle of the Secluded
Mega Drive – I Am The Program (Perturbator remix)

and its sick!
Cosmic Sand - 9h00
The Dead South - Gunslinger's Glory
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