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STARFORCE - Stars In Your Eyes [MPM Soundtracks - Tribute Compilation]
Dessimu: Goldfish - Three Second Memory

Remember meee...
Good call on Goldfish! When I checked the thread I was actually eating Goldfish crackers - too funny. :)

bad_fur_day1: Welcome back.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - Jai Paul - Jasmine

Which was so good I decided to listen to Dan Croll - From Nowhere
It's good to be back at the house but I already miss the food. Check out this meta Strawberry Pop-Tart doughnut stuffed with a Strawberry Pop-Tart inside from Wake N Bake Donuts. But it's Casey's Buffet that haunts me the most. Here is a plate of just a few things from that spread (Eastern Carolina barbecue, fried spicy catfish, collards, rutabaga, deviled crab cakes, and hush puppies)

<span class="bold">Goldfish</span> - Perceptions of Pacha - Fort Knox (2008)

<span class="bold">Goldfish</span> - Perceptions of Pacha - Coming Home (2008)

<span class="bold">Goldfish</span> - <span class="bold">Three Second Memory</span> - Drive Them Back to Darkness (2013)

<span class="bold">Goldfish</span> with Monique Hellenberg - Three Second Memory - Trees and Jets (2013)

<span class="bold">Goldfish</span> - Caught in the Loop - Four Forty Five Blues (2006)

"<i>Soundtracks and Comebacks</i>"

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Heheh, nice seeing someone like 'em too. When I was first introduced to Goldfish, I heard their Washing Over Me song. And only the next day I saw the video clip. Ever since, it's been my most favorite Goldfish song.
Myl&egrave;ne Farmer - A L'Ombre
More great, crunchy, bubblegum pop punk from the 70s.

Alter Ego - Sandy
Circle Takes the Square - Decompositions: Volume One
Toy Dolls - Tommy Kowey's car
My current list consists of

Sweet: Ballroom Blitz
Sweet: Set Me Free
Slade: Run Runaway
Slade: Cum On Feel The Noize
Slade: Mama Were All Crazee Now
Mott The Hoople: All The Young Dudes
Mott The Hoople: All The Way From Memphis
Suzi Quatro: Skin Tight Skin
Robert Cray - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
Eurythmics - Sweet dreams
Some '70s schlager. :^P
The Innocents - One Way Love (1980)
Herbert Gr&ouml;nemeyer - M&auml;nner 1984
Stellardrone - Nightscape
Robert DeLong, Don't Wait Up