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viperfdl: Nothing.
What? I can listen to whatever I want. Even if it is... nothing at all...
BreOl72: No argument from me. Sometimes, silence is best.
Especially after a long shift, filled with machine sounds, and colleagues, blabbering without end.
It doesn't get any better than this, and with a retro gaming setting too!
Battle Garegga OST
The Secret of Monkey Island - Title Theme [Amiga]

Age of Wonders - Soundtrack
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Aftermour - Interstate Deluxe

Age of Wonders Music In the Company of Elves
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Angelo Badalamenti - Audrey's Dance (Twin Peaks Soundtrack)
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ElectronicEel: Me: Andy Timmons - Electric Gypsey.

Thisss! So many retro vibes! P I Z Z A H O T L I N E - L E V E L S E L E C T // レベル選択 (2022, Full Album)
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A Perfect Circle - By And Down (Live )
Profiteure des Leids
Inocentes - "20 Anos Ao Vivo"
Ave verum corpus, K. 618
Ibrahim Maalouf, Essentielles
BB King Merry Christmas Baby
Civ V OST - Salute to the Sun
Some late findings to (semi-)interesting bands or tunes:

1. Ghost

I wasn't aware of this band before, but I quite liked "Mary on a cross" when I first heard it like a couple of months ago.
The other songs ("Square Hammer", "Dance Macabre", "Spillways") sounded generally quite ok as well.

I don't know the history of this band, but there is certainly an odd discrepancy between a band looking like some Norwegian death metal band, and the kind of light pop rock that they play, even if the lyrics sometimes seem like they seem to be "edgy", apparently by poking on Christianity or something, dunno.

Anyway, I kinda got bored of the band and their songs already... That didn't last long. At first their songs sounded quite exciting, but it didn't take long to find out they are generally quite shallow and ho hum songs. Entertaining for awhile, but they wear off quickly.

2. W.A.S.P.

Yes I know the band, already from my childhood. "I wanna be somebody..." yeah yeah have heard that million times.

I generally felt, all these decades, it was kind of a ok rock band, but nothing particularly interesting to me. However, I don't know how I ever missed "Crazy" which I heard recently for the first time, and of the W.A.S.P. songs I've heard, it is easily the best and most interesting. I wish I had heard it before, instead of their other more well-known songs that I rate "ok" or "ho-hum" at best.

It is the same as with Pink Floyd, why the heck their most renowned songs are monotonous shit like "Another brick in the wall" or "Money", you hear those two shitty songs 90% time if some rock radio station decides to play Pink Floyd. (I guess the main problem is that many of the best PF songs are too long for radio play, no one wants to play a 15 minute song on radio...).

Or if some radio station plays Supertramp, it is always just the same old "Breakfast in America", when they'd have so much better songs like "Waiting so long" etc.
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