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My Tetris and Super Mario track!
Lazerpunk x Rabbit Junk - Fight Like Hell (Doom Tribute)
Der Schwarze Fels - Gaby Weber im Gespraech mit Werner Ruegemer

Mick Wallace: The EU is Sacrificing its Own Citizens
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Antoine Berjeaut - Shadows
West prepares to plunder post-war Ukraine with neoliberal shock therapy
Dr. Hans-Joachim Maaz: Die Angstgesellschaft (Teil 1 von 2)

Guenter Theissen "Das Virus - Auf der Suche nach dem Ursprung von Covid-19" ǀ Tischgespraeche
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Within Temptation - Don't Pray for Me
Shadow Warrior 2 OST - Main Menu Theme
Udo Lindenberg - "Radio Eriwahn präsentiert Udo Lindenberg + Panikorchester"
Roger Waters Destroys CNN Host About Ukraine and Taiwan
Depeche Mode - Should Be Higher
meerkur - landspaces.

Super relaxing. My favorite track if you just want to try one is VI.

Also, Yeahman, Hajna, and Mina Shankha - Cariñito (link). The original by Los Hijos Del Sol is also good and has a different mood. Translation available here. Both full albums are good too.
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