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Orgrimmar Music & Ambience
Post edited September 25, 2021 by Arundir
Kloud - Autonomy
The Game Has Changed - Daft Punk
"Eat the Light" by Blue Stahli
Jay Sarma - Grass Blade (ft. Michael Barbera)
I Don't Know How But They Found Me - Mx. Sinister
Nightwish - The Islander
Lebanon Hanover
I enjoyed their concert yesterday (BXL).
Runaway Droid - Black Rain

Since I am reading the Sprawl trilogy.
Am Bautisch hooert dich niemand schreien! Bluebrixx Special Nave Nostro Teil 1

Im Weltraum hoert dich niemand fluchen! Bluebrixx Special Nave Nostro / Nostromo Teil 2

Hoert man mich am Bautisch schreien? Teil 3 Bluebrixx Special Nave Nostro / Nostromo

Great looking model that seems to be a pain in the ass to build.
Prager Handgriff - Roburit
Saint Motel - A Good Song Never Dies
Hocico just dropped a new single called "Backstabbers":
Listening to myself pass gas


Have recently discovered

Neon Trees
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Waveshaper - Victory
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