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Something that probably only works for our Finnish members, but hey, I'm listening to it so what the hell:

Ismo Alanko - Hullun Paperit

This guy's a Finnish rock god, making music pretty much non-stop since 1979 and still going strong, dabbling with different subgenres and perceptively touching upon numerous down-to-earth yet important themes: the man himself says "For 40 years [he has] written songs reflecting on what all this is about. What it is to be a human, where that human originates and is heading, why the world is the way it is." No wonder the University of Eastern Finland granted him an honorary doctorate in philosophy.

As for this particular song (the best version of it, I reckon), it's the manic onslaught of a pacifistic narrator denounced for his views - because violence is so ingrained in society that any hint at the contrary immediately puts us on the back foot. But which side of the spectrum does madness truly lie?
The boss theme SolそしてPurple from Moero Chronicle
Slow Club - Complete Surrender
Kipp Lennon - Suspension (Buck Rogers In The 25th Century)
Fred Klett - "Listen at your own risk"
Pardoner's Dance, from the Momodora Reverie Under the Moonlight OST
Now I'm listening to a podcast about how to manage money.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Blue Moon Rising
Powerwolf's recent album
Guess I can add it to the possible choices of background music when I need to get something done, along with much of their previous stuff.
Kate Bush - Experiment IV
Swing Republic - Fall
Dead Can Dance - ACT I : Sea Borne - Liberator of Minds - Dance of the Bacchantes
Devil May Cry 3's Devils Never Cry, and Dissidia 012's boss theme God in Fire is queued next.
EXTRABLATT!! LEGO® erhoeht massiv die Preise!
101 ‎- Busy Zzee Is In Town!
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