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STS - Irgendwann bleib i dann dort

Very untypical for me but right now it suits my mood pretty well and it's just a really nice song.
This lately:

Found it stashed away in one of my old collections.
image.jpg (54 Kb)
Killing Joke
Mighty Lemon Drops
School of Seven Bells

Fits my schedule.

Sigur Ros will fit that as well. Or Junkie XL

conjohn9: I've been listening to a LOT of Mogwai while sitting back and playing Freespace 2. Something about the droning post rock and the vastness of space really blends well.
Better than Driving to Damascus or Steeltown?
Ii haven't picked up the reformation album yet. Did see their video from Reading with Mike Peters on vocals (before Tony retired)

Egotomb: Big Country - The Journey

Yes that Mike Peters(The Alarm) on vocals!

To be honest the sound is more The Alarm than Big Country but I'm thinking, at this point, that it's one of the best things either band has ever done. I guess a critique would probably argue that it's a little generic for this genre, but I'll be damned if I care, just makes the thing easier to like right from the off.
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Moog - Street Hawk (Remix)
Mark Isham, The Beast ost.
The Fear Factory Soundtrack for Messiah, awesome.
Carter Burwell, Blood Simple ost.
Elmer Bernstein - The Flight to the Temple
Weird how one of my favorite pieces of movie music immediately follows a scene that traumatized me as a kid.
Baldur's Gate Credits Music
U.S.S. John Young Amiga Title Music

Fighter Bomber Amiga Title Music
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★ Perfect April 2013 Vocal Trance | Uplifting & Progressive!

good stuff. 58min.
Little Bitchard - Choose Zero Polys and Shaders
Deus Ex remixes by OC - get the album here