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Zero Cult - Neokarma
Geechee Dan:

This guy's voice......
Been listening to a lot lately.

This is on right now and it's pretty awesome if you're even slightly into progressive rock:
Romeo Knight - Beat to the Pulp
Recently got into OC Remix & I'm REALLY loving this single:
Descent: Freespace The Great War OST

"Silent Threat" is the name of the add-on, stupid...
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Paniq - Nonstop Copyright Infringement
Romeo Knight (RSI) - Rise Up
Puritania (live) by Dimmu Borgir.
Space Oddity by David Bowie.
Tyrian 2000 - Soundtrack (Adlib)
Megadeth - How the Story ends
Sam Brown - Stop
Age of Wonders Soundtrack
Wisdom - Judas