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A grand collection of legendary classics up to 75% off!

Voodoo dolls, neon-lit speedbikes, sunken-faced desperados, intrepid archaeologists, a kooky cast of talking animals - the Disney catalog just has it all! Whether you've been gaming since your salad days or recently picked up the bestest of habits, this <span class="bold">Weekly Sale</span> is carefully engineered to bring back memories or help build awesome new ones!

Losing yourself in the world of TRON 2.0 is as easy and satisfying as riding a light-cycle. A fine-tuned fusion of FPS, intense racing sequences, and an intriguing story set inside this immersive digital universe that still captivates anyone who makes the jump.

It's hard for an understated gem like Loom to shine, while standing among such beloved point & click classics as the Monkey Islands or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. And yet once you enter its solemn world, deftly woven with music and wondrous acts of magic, you will never truly escape it again.

As always, there's more – including Outlaws, Armed and Dangerous, Sam & Max Hit the Road, and The Lion King, up to 75% off! Plus, stay tuned for a second batch of deals this Friday!

The <span class="bold">Weekly Sale: Disney</span> will last until March 6, 5PM UTC.
Cecco: I wonder who might want a Windows/Linux port today. Maybe some people like the idea of their children repeating their old game experience.
igrok: These are DOS games, not Mega Drive ports. And yes, there are people (like me, for example) who are very happy to have them here, in particular for linux. Needless to say, I purchased all of them on release date.
They really are Mega Drive ports. Maybe in your part of the world it was known as Sega Genesis. The Lion King, that I forgot to mention, also was a console port. At the same time, they are DOS games once they have been ported. You might be confusing porting and emulation.
Discounts are great, but if Disney wants money, they should just put the WWII flight sim trilogy on here, or even just Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. That'd go a lot farther towards opening my wallet than a paltry discount.
Don't mind me.
mistermumbles: You know what this thread needs? CHEESE!!! You're welcome.
Boo. Not gouda nuff.
mistermumbles: You know what this thread needs? CHEESE!!! You're welcome.
HunchBluntley: Boo. Not gouda nuff.
You're a very punny guy.
Nice to see the Star Wars games on sale even if the discounts aren't high enough to get everyone overly-excited. Not clear if it is the publisher that decides or GOG based on their USP versus the competition. I suspect a combination though.