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Bethesda Publisher Sale

Swords and sorcery, chainsaws and demon guts, madness and Lovecraft. All iconic duos in their own way. A wealth of experiences lay within the Bethesda library, boasting some of the most influential modern day games. Whether it’s the sprawling worlds of Fallout or Elder Scrolls, or the tight blood-drenched Mars bases of Doom, it’s hard to overlook the quality of depth Bethesda has under their name.

This weekend’s sale is all about celebrating those great games. Naturally, by celebration, we mean a sale. Explore the rich history of the Fallout series with Fallout & Fallout 2, both with 75% off. From its isometric past to its modern first-person view, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition paved the way for the series in the modern age.

Role-playing isn’t restricted to the post-apocalyptic world. The highly celebrated entries in the Elder Scrolls series are also part of the sale. Two games that defined their respective generations, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition Deluxe and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GOTY Edition, are both 50% off.

As for a taste of the old-school, Doom II + Final Doom, Return To Castle Wolfenstein and the Quake series are all included in the weekend sale.

Oh, and the return of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, complete with a 50% discount.

The sale ends August 20th, 10pm UTC.
I would like to see on day the Wolfenstein from 2009 in GOG library. It is almost a decade old now...
Does anyone know if the multiplayer modes in Quake 3 and Quake 4 are still alive?
Sarafan: Does anyone know if the multiplayer modes in Quake 3 and Quake 4 are still alive?
Quake 4 works in multiplayer online only with steam version...
Very nice discounts, grab it while you can :)

And I really hope rest of the Bethesda Catalogue will show here as well - Skyrim, Fallout 4, Heretic, Hexen series, etc...
greeklover: I haven't seen the -75% Morrowind GOTY in a long time
And you won't see it. Bethesda discount rules are simple, 66% off for semi-called-goty, 75% off for base game and 40% off for any dlc.
Thanks for the reply. I'll pass then.
Please add manual (Steam has one) and Russian language to Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.
Grabbed the game while it's still here :)
A week late and no new releases (though granted nice to see the return of Call of Cuthlu)

A big NEG from me... you dun screwed up GOG / Bethesda
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greeklover: I haven't seen the -75% Morrowind GOTY in a long time
Indeed. I picked it up on GOG only because it was at -75% off, which just about brings prices of 16 year old games inline with what I bought the retail disc GOTY versions of MW / OBV for about 10 years ago and they both came with those nice printed A3 sized glossy maps and had higher distribution costs. Both base pricing and mere -50% discounts for MW / OBV are still far higher than what retail discs on Ebay / Amazon have been going for.

Likewise, no new games = no new money to give to Bethesda. If Skyrim is being withheld due to the 'need' to milk at least 4 more re-releases out of it in order to constantly keep the price of a 2011 game bumped up to new game levels ("Skyrim HDR (2019) only $60!", "Skyrim 10th Anniversary Edition (2021) only $60!", "Skyrim Battle Royale Edition" (2025) only $60, "Skyrim 20th Anniversary Edition (2031) only $60!"), etc, then at least complete the missing Doom Engine collection here with Heretic & Hexen. If they can't even do that, then what's the point of giving them some massive premium banner on the front page as if it's some never seen before ground-breaking event, when there's literally nothing new to buy?...
Desmight: *Insert rant about a Bethesda sale without Skyrim finally being released here*
Who cares? The only thing I want is to be finally able, to play Skyrim DRM-Free on my Toaster, Bethesda! ^^
... meh.

To elaborate: Gog, get Skyrim & FO4 FFS.
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Thank you for not ignoring the Quakecon sale. 1 week later is better than no sale. Grabbed the Dooms for the 20th time.

Hope to see Wolfenstein 09 on Gog soon. There are many people who pay high amounts for the physical release, so Gog will most likely gain enough by adding it.

Would also be great if you could add the Heretic / Hexen and Soldier of Fortune series.
I got the fallout 1 ,2 and Tactics games as soon as i joined here ( back in 2014)
the rest are fpp or 3d games so i skipped those games.

Still have the original games and paper manuals .
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Ugh, Fallout 3 + NV + Oblivion still at $10! Not going to pay that just to have gog copies (which I'd like), but would be my 3rd and 5th copies respectively.
Experiment513: 'Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth'

w00t! Bought! (before it dissappears again...) Is it cripled or...?
It's still pretty buggy. I haven't played through the whole gog version yet but I did experience the bug in the hotel chase sequence, which made it unplayable for me without cheating. Once I was out of the hotel I didn't experience any major bugs, but I haven't reached the areas with other known major bugs yet.