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After announcing that we’re ceasing the active development for GOG Downloader 6 years ago, the time has come to disable it. We put a lot of work into making GOG.COM an up-to-date place for gamers. Supporting GOG Downloader, which became an obsolete tool some time ago, simply does not go hand in hand with the goal we mentioned above.

In a week from now, we will deactivate GOG Downloader entirely, and it won’t be possible to download any files with it. As of the 17th of March, there will be two methods of downloading games from GOG.COM – via the browser or with the GOG GALAXY app. For more information on how to download your games and digital goodies go here.
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Wasn't using it but this is sure to upset some people I guess.
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Good news!™
chandra: As of the 17th of March, there will be two methods of downloading games from GOG.COM – via the browser or with the GOG GALAXY app.
Because, as we all know, having two methods of downloading games is way better than having three methods! Having three methods only serves to confuse people.

This will no doubt go over well with the community!
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It's not that I'm in the know, because of course I am, but how do I explain to a friend of mine that's little slow what GOG downloader was and how the removal of it will affect us?

Edit: Looked it up, I tried to use it a couple of months ago but gave up since it didn't work.
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I wasn't using downloader either, but I wouldn't be surprised if that software was more more competent at it was meant to do than the forum software :-P.
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This is disappointing since it's still the method I use to download my purchases. I knew it was coming eventually but it's still a pain to have to download some games in browser when they have a dozen files for one game.
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I was mostly using the website anyway. Easy to save the installers, install the game, back up and integrate them to Galaxy for patch managing. So no loss here and yeah... Someone will complain. ;)
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We still got the Python-based tool
All hail Woolymethodman and Kalanyr!
I used it on my GOG early days when my internet speed was at a measly 3 mbps.
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It is kind of sad to see the downloader go, I was actually using it whenever I downloaded games from my library.

To be honest, I liked how it automatically downloaded all installer files with a single click, something which has to be done manually per installer part through the browser.

@GOG staff: I hope Galaxy goes well. Could you look into the possibility of making its backup feature "smarter"? As in checking the versions of existing files and only download if newer versions are found. Just my two cents.

(I know there is gogrepo which does all that (great tool indeed!), I have used it for some time, but I would like a more "official" way of backing up my purchased games that does not require the whole python and plugins setup.)
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^ this! Really need GOG downloader. Surely it is worth keeping customers happy by keeping it:)
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Well that sucks.

I get to click 10 times to download W3 installer files


(I hope this doesn't affect lgogdownloader)
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Nope, we don`t say goodbye, instead off to the wishlist we go:
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