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Thiev: I woud've noticed that... OK, maybe not Myst one ;)
On the side note, I think the quality of plain combo pack is too low. But it's just a personal opinion.

I agree, couldn't find a quality image of the MYST book, just delete that one, if I find a better image I will re-upload. The original book would be a natural for the cover . . =)
Just after writing a post about Tex Murphy covers I thought "Why am I asking people to do something if I should be able to do it myself?". So I also did a Tex Murphy Anthology cover, based on Thiev's (I think) Under A Killing Moon cover (as I like his template best) and using some banners from Unofficial Tex Murphy Site. If you like it you can add it to the list ;)
Tex Murphy Anthology cover ->
And many thanks to Stuff who so quickly responded to my post and did the cover ;)
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I approve of your shameless theft, Thiev, I'd have done it myself but you were faster :P
Now, for the covers.
There are still two older Driver: Parallel Lines covers left that are not on your list, Thiev. Click here to see & add them.
And seeing everyone likes packs, I've created a couple of Commandos Collection covers:
Cover 1:
Cover 2:
Cover 3:
Cover 4:
I carefully picked up the contrast / hue / saturation levels and made the images generally polished, hopefully you'll like it... I like the first cover the most, the one without any text.
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Thiev, please replace the existing Unreal Combo Pack with this one. I had the wrong 2004 cover . . . =)
Unreal Combo Pack :
GOG game collection:
GOG game collection minimal ink usage :
Mostly for backing up games to a minimum number of disks. Left a space to add a disk number and to list the games on the disk.
Any ideas for improvement appreciated . . .=)
Constructor :
MYST Combo Pack 2 (added URU) :
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Neat idea, but is the 'game' part necessary? Considering that GOG = Good Old Games already...
Thiev: Neat idea, but is the 'game' part necessary? Considering that GOG = Good Old Games already...

Good point . . .=)
I uploaded the edited files and replaced the links in my post above. Thanks for pointing that out.
Edit: Also added MYST combo pack 2 link with URU added to the mix.
Edit 2: Also added MYST URU, if more than one is submitted use the other since I couldn't find a high quality cover image . . . =)
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Arcanum :
Gabriel Knight :
Thiev, if a better cover is submitted, please use it instead of these . . . =)
Edit: Thiev, I usually don't have access to game wallpaper, I purchased this one so . . . I update the Arcanum cover with a much better image . . . thanks . . .=)
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Dark Fall 2 - Lights Out :
Vampire Masquerade - Redemption :
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Dark Fall Combo Pack :
Dark Fall Lights Out :
Edit : updated file links, removed Activision logo . . .= ^ O . . . seems I'm caught up in the Activision excitement . . .=) . . . sorry Thiev . . . : /
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Mob Rule :
Space Quest 4+5+6 :
Phantasmagoria :
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Caesar III
Cover 1:
Cover 2:
Interstate '76 Arsenal :
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Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within A
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within B
Kings Quest 4+5+6 :
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