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muntdefems: No new files were updated since yesterday night, so I've posted a new Weekly Digest in the corresponding thread. :)
Wow! I did not even know such a thread exists. Thank you and bookmarked :)
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PaterAlf: I think that's because the changelog is missing several updates. A lot of the stuff the (update 2 - update 5) isn't from Patch 1.7, but from older ones that never made it to GOG and were now bundled with this one.
After taking a closer look, the devs Update 2 actually corresponds to Update 1.3, and their Update 3 is part of Patch 1.4, both released back in Oct 2017.

They don't even remember/know what state they had left their game on GOG...
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Update 1.3.2 Hotfix (12 March 2018)

Fixes distance sliders in the Advanced Graphics Settings.

Hard West

Update (12 March 2018)

We have added 3 high resolution printable posters to the bonus goodies section of Hard West.
Just got an update flag for The Witness. I assume that it is the Mac Version which was announced here.
MarkoH01: Just got an update flag for The Witness. I assume that it is the Mac Version which was announced here.
Correct :)
MarkoH01: Just got an update flag for The Witness. I assume that it is the Mac Version which was announced here.
JudasIscariot: Correct :)
Yay :D
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Treasure Adventure World

#### Update 1.05 (12 March 2018)

* In NewGame+ Chests with items you already have will contain coins.
* Changed the way TV functions to prevent crashing (also removed TV related achievement)
* Fixed various typos
* Added name to credits
* Changed underwater camera in treasure locations
* Fixed bug with King Boone on Jatko Island
* Chapter and Page text now pulled from Dialog file
* Lava pools in solfor prevent player from sequence breaking
* Adjusted platform sensor in Daunasal Rooftops
* Fixed bug - crawling when entering defensive mode caused player to run slow
* Fixed bug - down stabbing on cloud platforms
* Fixed bug - downstabbing when jumping into drill bot didn't turn off downstab mode
* Fixed bug - crystal cave barrel platforms get out of sync
* Lepidus NPC ? marker disappears after finding Treasure 11
* Updated menu description for Mushroom Cap Hat
* Add ? marker to Andrew NPCs
* Adjusted solid sensors in AngelOak tree to to prevent clipping when entering Hat Store secret area
* Added ring to Tenerife Temple 2 to prevent playing from getting stuck
* Enemy bees freeze during dialog
* Chests bounce of edge of screen to avoid missing them underwater
* Fixed diving/surfacing glitch on Kingstree Overworld
* Added dragonfly critters to Kignstree and Zwaan Overworlds
* Player is no longer frozen during sequence when getting Hook for the first time
* Fixed bug - Sprites not appearing at Grandpa Rondeau’s camp site
Into the Breach

#### Patch 1.0.20 (12 March 2018)

* More fixes for older Intel machines
* Fix for some players experiencing stuttering/lag since 1.0.17
* Enemies spawning from Water/ACID can no longer land on pods
* Spawn logic from Robot Factory, ACID, or Spiders improved
* Fixed some incorrect predicted damage on weapons
* Fixed repeated SFX when a unit in lava is also in smoke
* Fixed UI bugs at lower resolutions
* Some missions will no longer be valid for certain secrets that could be impossible
* Sidestepping onto a mine and undoing will no longer reset your attack ability
* Fixed: Silica and Archimedes would lose their post-attack bonus if they are saved from death by Nanobots
* Note: Units that die and are repaired later by a separate action will remain inactive

#### Build b105h (12 March 2018)


* New Job Trial / arena theme!


* Job Emblems no longer reduce JP gain. Instead, while wearing the emblem of a job, you gain extra stats. (+4 all stats per tier.) So, a Brigand wearing the Brigand Emblem gains up to +12 all stats.
* The types of monsters that spawn in each Job Trial is now dependent on the tier of the trial. Though ALL monsters are level-scaled to the player, you will generally no longer fight endgame enemies in a level 1 trial, or early-game enemies in a level 3 trial.
* Monsters in Job Trials should no longer spawn within 6 tiles of your start positions.
* Brigand’s Stealth emblem choice now grants +60% Stealth (up from +25%)
* Clearing a side area now only passes a day if you didn’t pass a day by _entering_ that area (I.e. it was the highest floor explored)
* Floramancer’s Bed of Thorns now deals POISON damage (instead of Physical), summon lasts 12 turns down from 14

##### BUGS

* Budoka’s ‘fear’ Tier 1 emblem effect should no longer affect allied creatures
* Budoka’s Tier 3 emblem effect (Qi wave on ability use) no longer causes game errors when using items
* Fixed bugs with the [redacted] encounter in the library if you went the ‘peaceful’ route
* Fixed a bug that could prevent you from starting NG+ on some save files due to a corrupt pet save
* Fixed bug where the chance of passing days in Item Dreams was inverted; easier dreams were more likely to pass days vs. more challenging dreams
* Fixed missing sprite for Bandit’s Thankful Echo (2nd boss drop)
* Fixed bug with the ‘Show Tutorial Tips’ checkbox not working
* Runic Garb now correctly receives a +2% dodge bonus per upgrade in the Dreamcaster
* Fixed bug where, on game load, firing a ranged weapon (with a melee weapon equipped first) would not switch back to the melee weapon.
* Quivers or other paired offhand items that are unequipped when swapping weapons on your hotbar should no longer be sold automatically when selecting “Sell All Items” at a merchant


* Floramancer’s “Photosynthesis” skill reworked. It now costs more Stamina (18 -> 24) but grants increased damage to all summoned plants (Floraconda, Spitting Plant, Bed of Thorns, Creeping Death) for 8 turns.
* Wild Child's tier1 innate reworked. Now grants +20% defense against any damaging abilities that you've already learned.


* When viewing items at the Dreamcaster, you will now see the % chance that a day will pass after completing a particular Dream.
I've added the full changelog here.

The offline installer for Heroes of Hammerwatch has been updated to version 63.
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And these are the first updates of the week within Legacy MaGog's scope:


Games included in this batch:

· Deadlight: Director's Cut
· Democracy 3
· Hard West
· Jade Empire: Special Edition
· Kerbal Space Program
· Production Line [In Dev]
· Witness, The


Deadlight: Director's Cut has changed

>>> Features changed *FROM* Single-player *TO* Single-player, Cloud saves, Overlay


Democracy 3 has changed

>>> Features changed *FROM* Single-player *TO* Single-player, Cloud saves, Overlay


* File changed: DLC: Clones and Drones: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_democracy_3_clones_and_drones_1.33_(17725).exe *TO* setup_democracy_3_clones_and_drones_1.34_(19238).exe --- Size *FROM* 7.0 MB *TO* 6.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.33 *TO* 1.34

* File changed: DLC: Electioneering: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_democracy_3_electioneering_1.33_(17725).exe *TO* setup_democracy_3_electioneering_1.34_(19238).exe --- Version *FROM* 1.33 *TO* 1.34

* File changed: DLC: Extremism: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_democracy_3_extremism_1.33_(17725).exe *TO* setup_democracy_3_extremism_1.34_(19238).exe --- Size *FROM* 5.0 MB *TO* 6.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.33 *TO* 1.34

* File changed: DLC: Social Engineering: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_democracy_3_social_engineering_1.33_(17725).exe *TO* setup_democracy_3_social_engineering_1.34_(19238).exe --- Size *FROM* 6.0 MB *TO* 7.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.33 *TO* 1.34

* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Name *FROM* setup_democracy_3_1.33_(17725).exe *TO* setup_democracy_3_1.34_(19238).exe --- Size *FROM* 181.0 MB *TO* 191.0 MB --- Version *FROM* 1.33 *TO* 1.34

Patch 1.34 (12 March 2018)

GOG fixes
- Added cloud saves and overlay support for the Windows version of Democracy 3

Developer fixes:
- fixed a bunch of translation, text, and stability issues.
(Full changelog)


Hard West has changed

>>> Supported OS changed *FROM* Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10) and Mac OS X (10.9.5 or newer) and Linux (Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04) *TO* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

>>> Bonuses changed *FROM* manual, Hard West localization kit *TO* manual, 3 posters, Hard West localization kit


* File added: posters --- Size: 162.0 MB --- Version: [empty]

Update (12 March 2018)

- We have added 3 high resolution printable posters to the bonus goodies section of Hard West.
(Full changelog)


Jade Empire: Special Edition has changed

>>> Supported OS changed *FROM* Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) *TO* Windows (7, 8, 10)

>>> System requirements for Windows changed *FROM* Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, 1.8 GHz processor or higher, 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), 8 GB HDD, DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card, 256 MB VRAM or higher (ATI X600/GeForce 6800+ or better), keyboard, mouse *TO* 7 / 8 / 10, Processor: 1.8 GHz or higher, memory: 512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended), Hard drive space: 8 GB, Sound card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card, Graphics: 256 MB VRAM or higher (ATI X600/GeForce 6800+ or better), Keyboard, Mouse


Kerbal Space Program has changed

>>> Supported languages changed *FROM* Text only: Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, Russian *TO* Text only: Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian


Production Line [In Dev] has changed


* File changed: Windows installer, English --- Size *FROM* 276.0 MB *TO* 297.0 MB --- Version *FROM* alpha 1.46 *TO* alpha 1.47

Patch 1.47 (12 March 2018)

1) [Bug] Fixed an issue with fit body where resources would be purged just before they were needed.
2) [Bug] Fixed some translation-related issues with certain special characters, and hacked in a workaround for others. Mainly affects Portuguese.
3) [Bug] Fixed bug, most notable with aluminium body, where even if a resource was not needed for any car, slots would pre-order it (and eventually refund it).
4) [Bug] Fixed bug where cars in showroom might seem invisible if you go straight to the showroom before a car of that body type has been drawn in the main world.
5) [Balance] Increased scientists wages by 25%.
6) [Balance] Doubled the cost of extra robot upgrades.
7) [Bug] Fixed broken customer awareness achievement.
8) [Balance] Quadrupled rubber cost, halved tire manufacture rubber requirements, doubled output and increased production time to make it less resource-hungry.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where marketing campaigns would persist in future games until the game was restarted.
10) [Bug] Fixed crash bug which eventually resulted from placing a new slot on top of a queued car on an existing conveyor. (Resulted in corrupt saves).
11) [Feature] A new blueprint placement mode allows you to plan a factory without spending any money, and then commit the purchase all at once.
12) [Feature] Factory walls now have signs showing your company logo.
(Full changelog)


Witness, The has changed


* File removed: Patch 964-Ansel [Windows]

* File changed: Mac OS X installer, English --- Size *FROM* 3.6 GB *TO* 3.5 GB --- Version *FROM* 964-Ansel (A) *TO* 21-12-2017


(Full changelog)
Edward_Carnby: Hard West

Update (12 March 2018)

We have added 3 high resolution printable posters to the bonus goodies section of Hard West.
This was very fast, thanks to F4LL0UT for this small but beautiful addition!
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Tooth and Tail has been updated.

Changelog for Patch 1.1.3: Diamonds (are a Lizard's Best Friend) (13 March 2018)
New Features

Players can now burrow to allied bases in 2v2

Balance Changes

Lizard - 7 HP (from 8); 2 range only covers a diamond shape rather than a circle shape (slight reduction in attack range coverage at 2 range)
Chameleon - 38 HP (from 40)
Boar - Flamethrower Coverage of 6 tiles (from 10); Boar bomb 5 dmg (10 to structures), no longer hits air (was 7/14, hits air)
Owl - 1 mouse per second up to 3, 7 second reload, leading to 3 mice every 10 seconds (was 1 mouse per 5 seconds), they live for 30 seconds (was 60), mice have 7 HP (was 10)
Barbed Wire - 24 HP (from 30)
Landmine - 12 Damage, 6 AOE (from 18/6); 0.4 second trigger (from 0.5 seconds); Can target cloaked Chameleons
Machine Gun Turret - 28 HP (from 32)
Artillery - 60 HP (from 50)

Bug Fixes

Campfires no longer push back gristmill territory as if they had gristmill-sized range
Artillery shots no longer remove decor objects (like trees) when they miss
Lizard no longer hang out in back, waiting for a reservation position to open up

Story Mode

Moved all single player unit stats over to Story Mode
Snikaree Liberation (Hopper 1) - Start with Chameleons not Lizards
Scrapetown Racket (Hopper 5) - Increase number of merchants by 2
Frozen in Noe (Quartermaster 1) - Enemy spawn rate ramps up more slowly
Howling Vell (Quartermaster 2) - Player starts with an additional mill
Defense of the Cold Mark Lows (Quartermaster 3) - Archimedes starts with an additional mill, one fewer campfire on map
Betrayal at Vacancee (Quartermaster 4) - Player starts with 2 additional farms
The War For Meat (Quartermaster 5) - Player can build skunks, not pigeons, Campfires have Skunks not Pigeons, number of enemy on enemy kills required for Heroic reduced from 150 to 60, Enemies start with 1 mill with 4 farms instead of 2 mills with 3 farms
What Might Be (Quartermaster 6) - Player can recruit falcon, boar and wolf instead of falcon, pigeon, skunk
Awash in Solawa (Archimedes 2) - 50% fewer enemy landmines
Vacancee Downfall (Archimedes 3) - Player can build mole instead of snake
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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! has been updated to version 1.6.001


Update v1.6 (13 March 2018)

Fixed issue with achievements not unlocking properly.


Fixed a bug that could cause the game to crash when reading emails under certain circumstances.


Added 22 additional seasonal items in the new Objects>Seasonal>Extras category of the Restaurant Designer.
You can now view unlocked historical items directly in any NAHPS email.
A larger and clearer font for ingredient displays can now be toggled on in Options>Gameplay>Large Ingredient Font.
Improved paragraph spacing for Linux, some Mac OS users and the upcoming PS4 port to better match the Windows version. Applies to all emails, restaurant and food descriptions.
Local co-op control settings selection (Type A/B/C) is now saved.
Punctuation can now be used when rebinding ingredient keys for any food (specifically: `[]\;',./). This should also help keybinding with non-QWERTY based keyboards that had errors binding standard letters.
Prepped a large amount of code for language translation handling (about 75% complete). News on translation support will be available soon!


Fixed issue with fullscreen mode being applied in the Options menu that would cause the game to display off center and not handle proper mouse coordinates.
Rewrote applying display settings feature to better clarify pressing ENTER when changing settings (and now also accepts right clicking and start buttons as accepting settings).
Fixed bug that could incorrectly display foods in the Food Catalog after using a filter in your Active Menu>My Pantry section.
Fixed a browsing error when reading all emails past page one, causing the game to display a No Emails Available message.
Fixed issue where scrolling through restaurant designer slots extremely quickly would visually glitch the game.
Fixed a few minor graphical errors in the menus.
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Avernum 3: Ruined World

Patch 1.02 (13 March 2018)
* Meeting Anaximander for the first time gives some experience. This will help you get to level 2 sooner.
* Added actual helpful signage to the Golem Spire to keep people from getting lost in there forever.
* Some mid-game quests were giving far too little experience.
* The quest The Bunker? will always clear when you talk to Ostoth.
* The achievement for getting 5 level 3 priest spells works correctly now.
* Enemy summons will no longer jump to your location.
* You can no longer get trapped in the Vahnatai Crypt.
* Some peculiarities about using the Orb of Thralni a lot have been fixed.
* The version number now displays correctly on small windows.
* It is no longer possible to be trapped inside the Vahnatai Crypt or Upper Golem Factory.
* The barrier to the item augmentor in Sharimik will stay up until you pay.
* There was a problem with the Shahpur quest. You can now do this quest again if you did it before this version.
* Creatures that can’t talk to you give a more appropriate response.
* You no longer need Tool Use to reach Bojar.
* Aranea fangs can now be sold.
* The Catch the Unicorns quest will now work correctly.
* The herb patch near Tevrono will no longer be so generous.
* Many minor tweaks and typo fixes.
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So I'm late... and looks like most of my job has been taken care of :). Just one extra update to report for today:

The offline installers for the following games have also been updated:
-> Ghost of a Tale to version 6.29
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WinterSnowfall: So I'm late... and looks like most of my job has been taken care of :). Just a couple of extra updates to report for today:

Schizm: Mysterious Journey
#### Update (13 February 2018)

* Added a map of the game's world to the bonus goodies section.
Emm... your script seems to experience a hiccup, this was already reported and posted back then.

@Judas - could you, please, fix the link to the Cook, Serve, Delicious! series forum on the game pages?
HypersomniacLive: Emm... your script seems to experience a hiccup, this was already reported and posted back then.
I am happy to report my script is still doing a fair job, as I designed it to do, while I am rather... hickuppy :). I have tried replacing myself with a far better AI counterpart, but Elon Musk told me I shoudln't or everyone will die. That guy...