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Life of a Magical Circle is free but currently has no downloads available. Given Gog's current situation it's not really surprising.

Islands of the Caliph looks interesting but being keyboard only as a conscious decision - not too sure that's something I wanted to keep from old games.
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New games:

Alchemist Quest

New bundle and DLC:

Eastward - Between Two Worlds Bundle
Eastward - Octopia
Life of a Magical Circle's offline downloads seem to be finally up.
Leylines new? I don't recall seeing a newspost for it before.

Ditto Bus World

GOG's having a bunch of unannounced releases during this "planned" outage period...
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mqstout: Leylines new? I don't recall seeing a newspost for it before.

Ditto Bus World

GOG's having a bunch of unannounced releases during this "planned" outage period...
Yeah, I'd have missed the Eastward DLC if not for this thread, hopefully they get this sorted out soon.
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New games:

Bus World

New DLC:

Moonstone Island Designed for Lovers DLC Pack

EDIT: Bus World and Leylines got their respective news posts a while later.
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New game:

要来点百合吗 Love Yuri

New bundles:

Toaplan Arcade Shoot'em Ups 1
Toaplan Arcade Shoot'em Ups 3
Hardball + Hardball 2
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!
Gunship + Gunship 2000
Flight of the Intruder
Weird Dreams

Apparently all part of a new initiative called ATARI PRESENTS:

"ATARI PRESENTS is a series of titles geared toward the preservation of cult classics, forgotten favorites, and titles that would otherwise be lost to time. In the spirit of that, each ATARI PRESENTS title is presented unchanged from its original version other than providing the means to play them on modern hardware. Even the store description below is the very same language used to describe the title at the time of its release. Please enjoy!"

Official announcement
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New DLC:

House Party - Valentine's Day Holiday Pack

EDIT: The news post appeared the next day.
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New DLC:

Europa Universalis IV: Sounds from the Community - Kairi Soundtrack Part III
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New game:

Death From Above - Complete Edition

New DLCs (not mentioned in this post):

Clash - Digital Artbook
Clash - Lone Fighter Pack
Clash: Artifacts of Chaos Soundtrack
How did something like this end up here? Titles such as this should neither be made nor sold because it's bad enough that this war of aggression has been started and is still going on. There is no need for a German developer to capitalize on it and incite more enmity by selling this tasteless piece here, GOG. Keep politics, the Russian/Ukraine war, and fights between their peoples out of here, period!
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No front page news article, but MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries - Solaris Showdown DLC is coming March 14th
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New game, edition and DLC:

Simulacra 3 Deluxe Edition
The Simulacra Trilogy Artbook

New game, edition and DLCs:

Lamentum Digital Deluxe
Lamentum Artbook
Lamentum Soundtrack

New games, edition, bundles and DLCs:

My Lovely Daughter
My Lovely Wife
My Lovely Wife Deluxe Edition
Family Values Bundle
My Lovely Family Deluxe Bundle
My Lovely Daughter - Artbook
My Lovely Daughter - Original Soundtrack
My Lovely Daughter - The Inquisitor
My Lovely Wife - Artbook
My Lovely Wife - Comic
My Lovely Wife Soundtrack

New game and DLC:

The Legend of Tianding
The Legend of Tianding: Prequel Comic

EDIT: The news post showed up a while later, so the only ones left unannounced are My Lovely Daughter and My Lovely Wife edition, bundles and DLCs.
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New DLC:

Virtual Rides 3 - Ride Pack (Glider and Upside Down)
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