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Lamentum (-60%)
Lamentum is a pixel art survival-horror game set in New England in the mid-nineteenth century. To solve the dark secret at the heart of Grau Hill Mansion, you will have to immerse yourself in a nightmare world full of terrible creatures. You can now get it alongside its Soundtrack, Artbook and Digital Deluxe Edition.
The Legend of Tianding (-60%)
Play as Liao Tianding (AKA. Liāu Thiam-Ting), vigilante of Taipei city and wanted by the Colonial Japanese authorities. Rob the rich, feed the poor, and fight for justice in the streets of early 20th century Taipei as Taiwan’s legendary outlaw. Based on real events, real people and real situations, The Legend of Tianding is an exploration of a place and time often overlooked and presented in the style of Traditional Chinese Manga. Don’t forget to grab the free Prequel Comic!
Simulacra 3
The once charming town of Stonecreek has seen better days. People are vanishing into thin air, leaving nothing behind but strange symbols where they were last seen. With the police baffled and the populace terrified, rumors swirl that it is the doing of the Beldam, the ghost of a witch that once haunted the streets of Stonecreek. Get it alongisde The Simulacra Trilogy Artbook and Deluxe Edition.
My Lovely Daughter (-75%) & My Lovely Wife (-50%)
The first of these titles is an alchemist simulator that explores the depth of a father’s grief and how far he will go to resurrect his daughter. Contains dark and disturbing subject matters, might not be suitable for children or those who are easily disturbed. With a similar concept in the further title, it all starts with a letter... A letter with a familiar handwriting and bearing a signature none other than hers—Luna, the love of your life gone too soon. In the letter, she asks you to perform otherworldly rituals to bring her back to life.
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